Facebook page calls for 3rd intifada
Elior Levy
Published: 13.03.11, 17:13
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1. this would be the occasion that Israel
Barney ,   USA   (03.13.11)
should use to transfer massive arab populations to arab lands. 1 intifada, strike, 2, infitada, strike, 3 infitada and three strikes -you are out of here. enough is enough
2. if there will be
fad egypt   (03.13.11)
an intifada so netanyahu and barak must go intifada means moshe yaalon or uzi landau must be the prime minister while moshe yaalon or effie eitam must be the defense minister netanyahu can be the foreign or finance minister
3. c'mon, bring it on!
ed from atl--   (03.13.11)
this time we'll finish the job whether nobama likes it or not. pack your bags boys and girls, trans-jordan is waiting!
4. All those "innocent civilians" (roll eyes)
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (03.13.11)
5. May 15 - the anniversary of the Nakba .
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.13.11)
When people want it, no need for any political order.
6. Intifada
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (03.13.11)
Time to get the intifada people move the the other side of the Jordan River. They will find a lot of happiness.
7. Salma
Daniela   (03.13.11)
do you want it happen?
8. Facebook, third intifada
Shemtov ,   Montreal, Canada   (03.13.11)
A new intifada? Be my guest! Israel should then transfer all arabs from Judea and Samaria to Jordan. Please call me if you need help. Am Israel Hai!!!
9. Facebook should block this page
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (03.13.11)
10. 3rd intifada
RC ,   USA   (03.13.11)
If the Palestinians (fakestinians) start another intifada, then all of Yahuwdah will be annexed and restored to Yasrael, and Yarusalem will not be divided. Even if Turkey and the rest of the Muslim world come against Yasrael YAHUWAH will punish them for their greed and lies for history clearly shows to whom Yarusalem belonged to. Joel 3 (Yael 3).
11. #2 moshe yaalon or uzi landau ! Ya Mummy ; )
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.13.11)
Ariel Sharon Was the last king of "Israel" , he withdrawn from Gaza, the "princes" will have no other option but to withdraw from the West Bank.
12. In the quite words of Duke Nukem..COME GET SOME!
Dan   (03.13.11)
13. I missed something. When did the 2nd one stop?
Suzanne   (03.13.11)
14. To Salma # 5
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (03.13.11)
Dear Salma, please explain to me what is the west bank! I live in Yesha and have been looking around in maps, but find no west bank in them. Maybe you refer to the west bank of the Jordan river that has the east bank as the frontier of your country?
15. becasue the first 2 were so successful?
16. #11 Samaria and Judea are not Gaza
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (03.13.11)
17. Will the Prime Minister come to his senses ?
Gabe Yakmore ,   Canada   (03.13.11)
Erasing the "Green Line" and annexing Judea and Samaria is in line with the history of the State of Israel.
18. Why has facebook not removed this page
Rebecca ,   Modi'in   (03.13.11)
It is blatantly against facebook rules. Why is it not GONE. There have been enough complaints.
19. Peace Hi-jacked by Hamas and Cohorts
Douglas Fireman ,   Chicago, USA   (03.13.11)
Unfortunately. radical Palestinian leadership thinks more in terms of Intifada and terror than they do in improving the living conditions of their own people. Leadership has run rampant over the rights and freedoms of their people. In fact, they have killed more of their own people than they have Israelis. The right of peace-loving Palestinians to live amicably with their neighbors has been hi-jacked by Hamas and their cohorts whose political goals and objectives take precedence to the rights of their people. It is the blood thirsty terrorists, who specialize in slitting the throats of little babies, and who lob rockets into Israel, who re preventing peace in the region. How can anyone live amicably with those whose main goal is to kill in cold blood? The United Nations needs to speak out against the criminal acts of the radical terrorists in the region. The radical Palestinian elements have been rebelling for 60 years. Their bellicose nature has literally ruined any possibility of peace for peace loving Palestinians. Granted, the Israelis are not angels, but to give up strategic territory (much of which was captured during war time) to crazed and barbaric Palestinian leadership would be very foolish indeed- especially land that never belonged to these thugs in the first place. Yes, the Israelis are willing to share, but not according to the dictates of Palestinian leadership. Without a negotiated peace, nothing will be accomplished.
20. 3rd intifada
RC ,   USA   (03.13.11)
If the Palestinians start another intifada, then all of Yahuwdah will be annexed and restored to Yasrael, and Yarusalem will not be divided. Even if Turkey and the rest of the Muslim world come against Yasrael YAHUWAH will punish them for their greed and lies for history clearly shows to whom Yarusalem belonged to, Joel 3 (Yael 3).
21. to salma
fad egypt   (03.13.11)
sharon wasnt a hawk yes he built many many settlements yes he was strong millitary man but actually he was leftist when joined the politics and ran for a knesset seat in 1977 he first established a left wing party called shalom zion with yitzhak yitzhaky the party called for the establishement of plo state in judea and samaria and gaza late prime minister rabin refused to run with him on the party list for opposing the plo state yossi sarid refused to run because he saw that the party isnt leftist enough after the elections he merged with the likud party when he appointed defense minister in begin government he agreed to evacuate the yamit community in sinai when he was a minister in netanyahu government in 1998 he participated in wye accords when he became a prime minister he convinced george bush to propose a peace plan which lead to the establishement of a PA state he advocated for the expulsion from gush katif and from judea and samaria unilaterly when he ound no peace partner on the PA side so sharon hawk uzi landu and moshe yaalon are considered suitable for that job
22. Time to turn Jordan into Palestine
Rachel ,   US   (03.13.11)
23. the withdraw from West Bank won't help we both know Salma
jihad will go on to get the whole cake, right? No my dear, we know our enemy very well, after the withdraw from the 20 settlements near Gaza you proof what your intensions really are. We don't trust you. Do whatever you want, you will never get anything from us. you have moved 99% of the israelis to the right side !
24. salama
zionist forever   (03.13.11)
There is no Nalkba the arabs were not all forcibly driven from their homes by jews with guns to their heads. The bulk of them left by choice, sure they planned to come back once the fighting was over and the jews were all dead as was the culture at the time. Leave during the war come back afterwards enjoy the spoils. This difference this time is the jews won not the arabs and the arabs paid the price for leaving. Tell me do you look forward to a thrid intefada? By the time your people saw sense last time round about 5000 arabs were dead and you were further away from statehood than ever. Billions of dollars of damage was caused. Look at what was once Gaza airport. It cost hundreds of millions to build and now all its good for is scavenging for building materials. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs and poverty drastically increased. Abbas himself said the intefada was the biggest mistake your lot ever made Wake up Salma all your people do is fantasize and get yourselves killed. Stop embracing death for once and start thinking like adults rather than children throwing a tantrum if your told you can't have a new toy and you might actually get somewhere.
25. @Salma: kindly remember your post and don't complain about
EST ,   Miami USA   (03.13.11)
the Israeli government when the people of Israel decide to "want something."
26. And Zuckerberg ?
Michel ,   Jerusalem   (03.13.11)
Should we congratulate him for having invented Facebook ?
27. until they do, disallow their journalists in israel,
ralph   (03.13.11)
we do not need them since they distort, lie in their news gathering.
28. Like The Last Two, They will Use
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (03.13.11)
Their kids as human shields. It's what they did in the last two intifada. Usually they let the kids stand up front throwing rocks, then the adults hide behind them shooting at the IDF. They hope their kids will be shot on TV, so they can use the PR to elicit sympathy. We've all seen the pictures of the Arabs doing exactly that. The media is only to happy to oblige. As we see when the Pals kill a family of Jewish people they don't report it, or tone it down, or blame Israel and the settlements. You see that is the excuse for everything, the settlements? It's like free pass for Arabs to kill Jewish people.
29. salma no 11
JUDAH THE LION   (03.13.11)
Ariel Sharon was great soldier and he was brave,but as politician he is not good.We need strong PM like BEN GURION,MENAHEM BEGIN,and we will have one very soon. Israel will withdraw from JUDEA & SAMARIA, NO WAY IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.
30. Palestinians stick sign on their butts: KICK ME A 3RD TIME!
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (03.13.11)
Just how stupid are these Palestinians? Exactly what do they want to achieve with a 3rd attempt at a failed strategy?
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