Israel demands CNN apology over attack coverage
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 13.03.11, 18:14
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31. BBC & CNN-Rubbish
Louis Fried ,   Woodbridge, Canada   (03.13.11)
Both of these networks are known for their hostility to the state of Israel. To refer to terrorists as "intruders" is absurd. Accroding to these two networks it could have been a burglar. Both CNN and BBC deserve only contempt and derision.
I Tedder ,   Raleigh   (03.13.11)
I pray that this murderer will be apprehended, and is sentenced to the same death he carried out on this innocent Jewish family. I am appalled at CNN for making this a satire when it should have been treated with respect, and dignity. All of the Obama Media's are worthless, and cruel. I am an American citizen..and I find these networks to be disgusting...and heartless. I am so sorry . Israel doe not deserve such disrespect from American Medias. GOD BLESS ISRAEL. I LOVE YOU.
33. today they killed jewish family
g ,   israel   (03.13.11)
whom they willkill tomrrow? the history had teach us that those who begin killing us' after it kills their own people or those who said that to kill some jews is ok! remember they says that they are against the WEST CIVILIZATION.
34. Not calling this terrorism considers Jews' non-innocents.
Josh ,   NY   (03.13.11)
This is consistent with antisemitism, call it what you may. Including the terrible talkbacks which blame the Jews, the decades-old wave of anitsemitic renewal is getting worse and worse.
35. The post at No. 28 is a fraud
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.13.11)
36. You only have your own weak government to blame
Steve ,   boston usa   (03.13.11)
your government kowtows to the BBC and CNN and others year after year. Of course they will report this way and continue to do so. They have no respect for you because your politicians are so obsequious.
37. Israel demands CNN apology over attack coverage
Chana ,   Israel/USA   (03.13.11)
Why was an apology not demanded from the BBC, just before we kick them out the door?
38. together with the arabs,BBC&CNN write the best crap
jo   (03.13.11)
They write what THEY want, like it or not. The israeli press office can demand apologies t'il domsday. When a " juicy " jewish story emerges, all stops are removed and the real or the unreal english is examined. A killer, an assassin, a terrorist,a murderer ?, every word is dissected very carefully; and the winner gets the headline it deserves. the truth does not run into the picture All the objections raised by our Govt are nothing but 'hot air' in dealing with the subject. --- the norm, time after time. Thank you Bibi and Co.
39. #24, they are perfectly happy to report Palestinian lies
Danny   (03.13.11)
and who wants to bet when the Palestinian who did this is caught they don't post a correction? Did they wait before reporting the lies about the Mavi? The "entirely peaceful" aid workers?
40. Where is the proof?
Joseph   (03.13.11)
Why is everyone assuming a Palestinian did it? Where is the proof?
41. @24 CNN and BBC are 'news' only if you consider
Nahum Korda ,   Ein Ziwan, Israel   (03.13.11)
liberal, pro-Palestinian propaganda to be 'news'. They are 'news' agency in the same sense in which Soobshcheniye TASS was a 'news' agency.
42. the western media must see this so Bibi release the photgrap
zionist forever   (03.13.11)
Lets see those pictures plastered all over CNN then see what they have to say about the attack. If CNN won't show them then go to FOX, SKY, BBC even Al Jazeera and make sure that the western media sees whats happened. Jerusalem Post, Haaretz demand the pictures of the this disgusting act are released by the government and then put them on the front page of your english print editions. Then lets go public with these pictures and tell the world straight no more crap about how important the peace process is to the region like we have been hearing from David Cameron. No more Obama telling us how committed he is to the peace process and two state solution. Let them know jewish blood isn't as cheap as it was in 1939. If Obama wants his peace process legacy then its time for him to stop appeasing the stinking palestinians and islamic world. Start showing some leadership and being objective rather than blaming all the worlds problems on Israel and turning a blind eye to the arabs because that's what the muslim world wants you to do.
43. So suspicious-who are the owners of these companies?
noa ,   israel   (03.13.11)
44. tendentious Israeli media
Rina ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.13.11)
The only reason why these articles might seem tendentious to Israelis is because most of the Israeli media has lost all its objectivity. Any article that is not slanted towards Israel is therefore considered tendentious.
45. The word "terrorist" lost all meaning
It may refer to someone who intentionally kills civilians as well as someone who attacks military targets. The usage of the word "terrorist" thus has no particular meaning and only indicates a displeasure felt by the person who uses the word. Sorry, it used to mean something but now it means nothing.
46. Network News
WadiAra ,   Karkur ,Israel   (03.13.11)
Is this not an over-reaction? Why is it necessary for such a reaction everytime the broadcast media uses words that we disagree with? As a former BBC journalist I can tell you that it's seen as 'the boy who cried wolf' syndrome. It we want to be treated seriously, we must choose our complaints carefully. Let's stop this siege mentality...
47. honest news senders - where?
A ,   Belgium   (03.13.11)
Sadly enough, it seems that Al-Jahzeera is the most even handed of all the news senders.
48. The Arabs are not our only ennemis. The West too !
49. I noticed this myself this morning!
Jason ,   Israel   (03.13.11)
I had the exact same reaction this morning - totally appalled and completely done with CNN. For what it's worth here is what I wrote to them: "It is not enough that has let its talk back forums become a swamp for anti-semites, it's insensitivity in covering the slaughter of innocent citizens in Itamar is too much to ignore. The coverage was so neutralized as to willfully ignore the brutality of the attack, and then within hours the same headline was replaced with a headline that the government will approve new housing projects? When the coverage becomes vile and sinister, it moves from the unfortunate position of anti-Israel bias to the ugly, unacceptable level of anti-semitic. It is obvious who rules the roost at your organization, its biases have without doubt changed to sinister and the neutrality of this organization if ever existed thoroughly done for. It is sad that Fox News is picking up the slack at wind speed. I can only assume Arab money has corrupted the organization to accept its fascist anti-semitic line, or simply the growing trend of anti-semitism in the world has caught up with CNN." In either case this story is one insult too much too bear, I call for banning CNN in Israel and am completely in favor of the government throwing them out of press coverage. Dignity must be restored to the nation and the people of Israel, that is why we voted Olmert out of office and we will never justify such vile relations - GO TO HELL CNN!
50. This is a MURDER not a KILLING!!
Israeli 2   (03.13.11)
This is a MURDER!! רצח May the Lord God have mercy on us all.
51. Makes one wonder
BH ,   Iowa   (03.13.11)
how the US media can be completely in the bag for the ersatz palestinians - whose popularity is under 20% here.
mario ,   brazil   (03.13.11)
tey are pay by saudi money ,so what is it new.
53. Paranoia and Schizophrenia
Shmuel ,   Au   (03.13.11)
Basically characterize the Israeli government. it would be funny but there are millions of Palestinians living under the jackboot of this loony regime.
54. Close down CNN's Israeli bureau
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.13.11)
... and send them packing. Maybe that way they'll learn their lesson.
55. CNN news
Galit ,   Israel   (03.13.11)
You're talking of biased media. Not only media practices double standard when it comes to Israel . Tonight on Israeli TV 9 channel showed a very short documentary of the inhuman murder of this family. They just told in brief about the tragedy and showed 2 photos of each of the murdered family member - one when alive and the other taken by the police, stabbed, mutilated in the pool of blood, the three months old baby girl including. The authors asked FACEBOOK and TWITTER to show them for the world to know but both refused. one when
56. #44, how should the murder of a family be "slanted"?
Danny   (03.13.11)
What is the correct "spin" on killing a baby only a few months old? Or you coming from the school that thinks they deserved it?
mario ,   brazil   (03.13.11)
why our democratic country do not send them out for once en for all.
58. CNN coverage
mary shelley ,   Chicago, IL USA   (03.13.11)
I agree with CNN. Nothing indicated that the killing of the settlement family was a terrorist attack. There could be many other reasons for it. We need to know all the facts before making a pronouncement.
59. CNN and BBC
Uzi Hill ,   London, UK   (03.13.11)
They are both anti-semitic propoganda broadcasters, who'se silly little anti Israel reigime is sickening and wrong.
60. Barely Made it to NY Times page 5
Michael ,   NYC USA   (03.13.11)
Headline was extremely deceptive. Couldnt tell what or whom was attacked If you didnt read entire article, you never would have known five Israelis were murdered.
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