Holyland affair: Olmert to be indicted
Aviad Glickman
Published: 14.03.11, 14:56
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1. politicians resume now has to carry indictments
wow ,   IL   (03.14.11)
2. Google Ehud Barak involment in British Gas deal
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (03.14.11)
3. tear down that ghastly project. doesn't belong in J'lem or..
dante ,   uk   (03.14.11)
this monstrosity does not belong in Jersusalem (or, for that matter, anywhere else in Israel.), especially not in Jerusalem. while, you're at it, get rid of the crowne plaza, formerly the hilton. it breaks the beautiful, distinctive skyline, and is inconsistent with the architecture of the city.
4. "Olmert To Be Indicted"...
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (03.14.11)
Is that a weekly headline? Or part of the masthead? The most corrupt prime minister ANY country outside of African kleptocracies has ever had. with the possible exception of Sharon who beat his raps.
5. Yerida
Yobo ,   Australia   (03.15.11)
This sordid indictment of greed, graft and corruption of the self serving Israeli leadership of former Prime Minister Olmert and his cronies who should have been responsible and accountable to their citizens is an example of how that country is morally slowly and surely self destructing. There is no future for my hard working children who I naively encouraged to make aliyah with this squalid political and economic leadership. It is time for them to leave.
6. If only lie decector tests were mandatory...................
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.15.11)
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