Settler woman acquitted of assault charge
Aviad Glickman
Published: 14.03.11, 20:50
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1. Yifat Alkob, the Face of Settlers
Nour ,   Palestine   (03.14.11)
Totally uncivilized, uneducated, lazy, and provocative.
2. To #1 Nour
Rachel ,   US   (03.14.11)
She's not sophisticated like your baby killers.
3. Is Yesh Din really anti-Jewish
John Phee ,   Sydney, AUSTRALIA   (03.14.11)
I only ever see Yesh Din advocating for West Bank & Gaza Arabs against Jews or the Israeli Government. Does it ever advocate for Jews in the West Bank? If not then it is not impartial & should be seen as a biased organisation & its comments reported as such.
4. Gosh she's ugly and full of venom ,...
split ,   US   (03.14.11)
5. # 1
Just because she is not "your cup of tea" in looks, doesnt mean to say she is uncivilized, uneducated,lazy & ....... If she was a he, I bet you'd love her to bits......................
6. Freedom of speech
Dan ,   Brooklyn   (03.14.11)
In which democratic nation on earth would one get arrested for calling someone a whore?! Kids are having their throats slit and the leftist and their enablers within the police and courts are concerned with a simple slur that flies around the streets of Brooklyn a thousand times a day.
7. #3 follow the money
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.14.11)
Yesh Din is a foreign funded organization. No one knows who funds them (rumors are the Saudi government) and Yesh Din refuses to say. The bottom line is that Yesh Din persecutes Jews (including doctoring the video tape of Ms. Alkobi) because they are paid to.
8. To #1 Nour
Jewish Warrior   (03.14.11)
"Settlers" have created a thriving economy in industry, business and agriculture. They are also one of the major sources of employment for "Palestinians". "Palestinians", on the other hand, produce nothing but ingenious ways to hide bombs, clandestly infiltrate towns and murder, and even murder each other over suspected collaboration with Israel or for family honor. Even other Arabs hate you. Until you take Israel's example and become civilized, you can never be a state.
9. #1 Face of the Palestinians
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (03.14.11)
The monster who stabbed a 3-month-old infant and a 3-year-old to death in their sleep. Totally uncivilized, barbaric, savage, and evil. I'll glady take Yifat over your baby stabbers any day. So she called someone a name. Big. Fat. Hairy. Deal.
10. #1 Salma, take some time off
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.14.11)
Answer just a few of my easy questions Yifat Alkobi called it like she saw it I would wager that you sympathize with Sharmuta because you and she work for the same boss
11. gosh no. 4 is ugly and full of venom and not just now but
all the time , this woman just had a one time melt down, no. 4 has it all the time
12. I did an illustration of this
Katie Miranda   (03.15.11)
13. disgusting
shoshan ben-tal ,   kiryat arba   (03.15.11)
there is no escuse for behaving in the manner that this woman behaved! i am a proud modern religious israeli, i served 5 years in a combat unit in the army and i choose to live where i live becuase i believe that it is israel. there is no need to speak to any human being in the manner that this lady spoke to this arab lady! we are better than this and when our own people behave in this manner, it rubs off on our entire people!!!!!!!!!
14. Nice video
David ,   Israel   (03.15.11)
What a nice, kind woman she is. Clearly she would never harm the hair on any Palestinian's head. She has nothing but love for Palestinians as you can witness in the video. Being acquitted by the Israeli "injustice" system is not surprising at all.
15. coment
fg ,   uk   (03.15.11)
you r wrong
16. To shoshan ben-tal (comment #13)
Rach ,   UK   (03.15.11)
How refreshing to read your comment. As a foreigner, I have been disgusted reading the racist bile coming from a lot of Israelis on this news site. But not so you - someone who seems fair-minded and better than this. I visited Hebron last month (and hence my sudden interest in these issues) and I must say I was utterly disgusted at the conduct of some of the Hebron settlers. I urge every decent Israeli to stand up against this cruel and outrageous behaviour and to demand that the government and military puts a stop to it. Do it for the sake of decency and do it for the sake of securing peace. It's the best outcome for everyone.
17. To Katie Miranda - no. 12
Rach ,   UK   (03.15.11)
Beautiful work Katie - keep it up.
18. To Nour - comment 1
Rach ,   UK   (03.15.11)
Couldn't agree with you more. We have the internet now so with these kind of images circulating around the world, the word is getting out and I pray the Israeli government will eventually bow in to international pressure over these thugs.
19. #12
thanks for being so sensitive to the "plight" of the "poor" palestinians, kate. since you post postcards to show the "situation" in the west bank, let me encourage you to create a postcard showing the horrible murders of a three month old jewish child, an 11 years old jewish child, a 10 year old jewish child and both their parents....INNOCENTS IN THEIR SLEEP! by some arab barbarians. now, this is a little more grusome than a child with some missing teeth. at least he has both his mother, father and all his family in tact. where is your postcard about this, that is if you care so much for humanity. hameed aboughaze, iranian
20. 11 - Thanks for reading my posts ;) ,...
split ,   US   (03.15.11)
good news ,   palestine   (03.15.11)
22. Headline says it all
Shalom Hartman   (03.15.11)
Look how this story is represented: Settler Woman . . . Dehumanization at the hands of the Israeli media .
23. I'd be locked up forever
Talula ,   Israel   (03.15.11)
if I was arrested and sentenced each time I swore at someone.
24. 21 Good news
This BARBARIC ITIMAR MASSACARE is th TRADE MARK OF ISLAM,by sliting throats of human being especially INFIDELS,LIKE JEWS. The Palestinians are trying to switch that this barbaric massacare was done by foreign worker.
25. language is not the issue
Sam M ,   UK   (03.15.11)
The language this woman used is a separate issue. Hebron is the site of the oldest Jewish community in the world and includes many Jewish sites of religious and historical significance. The Cave of Machpelah is the second holiest place for the Jewish people after Temple Mount Jerusalem. Moreover Jewish settlement in Hebron has endured for thousands of years to the present day. It is not a modern day phenomenon. The real issue here is the racist policy of the palestinians and the international community which supports the exclusion of Jews from Judea and Samaria. See the massacre of Jews in1929 for a relatively recent example of arab racism. They have attempted to airbrush out of history the legitimate and cast iron Jewish claim to their homeland. The saddest sight of all is to see Israelis and Jews support the bogus assertion that the Jews have no right to settle in their own land. It's as bizarre as claiming that the Australian aborigines or American indians should only be allowed to reside in designated areas. Little wonder then that the language used is extreme.
26. This woman should be punished
There is no excuse for this kind of behaviour especially from a religious women. Regardless of what argument was going on she is in the wrong for behaving like a hooligan with a filthy mouth.
27. rach
shoshan ben-tal ,   kiryat arba   (03.15.11)
unfortunately i do not think we can have peace. if you give an arab a finger, they want the entire arm. why should we give the arabs land (not give back land, becuase it was always ours) if they want to live here, they have that right, just under our political system. i do not agree with ignnorance either, such as this woman from hebron, as i believe that her beaviour is not far off that of an arabs beaviour living in hamasstan!!!! i am right wing, but i am a realist more than anything. i do not believe in shalom achshav because i am thinking about the futures of my children and grandchildren and my grandchildrens children.
28. After seeing Yifat's picture... GUILTY!!!
seadog1946 ,   ArthurKill, NJ   (03.15.11)
What has been seen cannot be unseen. yuck.
29. settler aquitted, no surpise
Elsie ,   gush halav   (03.15.11)
Such a nice woman, so educated, one you would invite into your home,!! why am i surprise that she was aquitted!!
30. Her face is not her choice, her act is !
Indigenous ,   Nablus Palestine   (03.15.11)
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