Lieberman visits Itamar following terror attack
Omri Efraim
Published: 15.03.11, 09:52
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1. Lieberman visits Itamar !
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.15.11)
There is no wisdom in heaping one calamity upon another.
2. seeing the name of #1 in print is enuf of a calamity
3. Now it's an outpost?
Ben Yisrael ,   Tel Aviv   (03.15.11)
Is ynet trying to delegitimize the settlement movement?????
4. Is this news?
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (03.15.11)
Tuesday must be a very slow day for the media.
5. Where were all the politicians whenn 44 were killed by fire?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (03.15.11)
In Israel we have Governent by right wing fanatics who are only interested in their seats in the Knesset and the power that goes with it! They know the only way they can retain their power is to bow down to the right wing extremists who put ideology before reason, preach hatred against Jews who have different points of view and who consider the survival of Israel paramount to the survival on the Jewish people. Cabinet Ministers are falling over backwards to appease the "settlers" but were totally absent at the houses of mourning 0f 42 of our finest, one being a 16 year volunteer, who perished serving the country. Obviously the ordinary people of Israel just don't count in the eyes of our Government. Indeed, a terrible atrocity was committed in Itamar and it is time that PM Netanyahu told the USA, the EU and Russia, to stop bullying Israel and force Abu Mazen and his terrorists to stop talking with a forked tongue! They want peace then recognize Israel's right o exixtm forget the refugee nonsense and accept the Jeruslaem will never be divided again!
6. Israel's borders will be expanding, not contracting.
7. FM Liberman 4gets Kfar Saba is a suburb of Tulkarem!
Baruch ,   Kfar Saba   (03.15.11)
and as such is a front line community inside the green line of Israel. Enuf! with the hatemongering rhetoric it tires already
8. Salma you brought it upon yourselves
Ari ,   Romania Israel   (03.15.11)
You had ten months of no construction, but you decided to wait 9 and in one month put conditions, as if you were the upright winers in this conflict to put conditions. Arabs i Palestine had the posibility of a State in 1948 has the posibility of a state and chose war. Chose to anhilate the Jews and end with Israel. Another 4 wars were made to finish Israel, and you want to put the conditions? In most countries that there were refugees the matter was settled by absrving them, which arabs countries could have don thet, but they prefered to mainten them as a political game. For 19 years the Jordans anexed the Wset Bank and e, Jerusalem, there was no Palestine. WE had allmost 19 praceful yeras with Jordan but Husssein decided for war. You were the loosers and want to put all the conditions including unsafe borders and thereturn of 2 or 3 million refugees according to your figures, and destry Israel withiin side? And to conclude by killing unarmed babys you are wellcome in Gaza like heroes and sweets are being distributed. You chose the wrong way for peace 5 wars must have a price like it has been in Europe and other parts of the world. When wars happen the defeated pay a price. You cannot be compensated for being the agresors
9. Regardless what will happen
David ,   On this planet   (03.15.11)
A one or a two state . Israel should never allow a connection on it's territory between Gaza and Samaria. That for sure will put an end to the three states Palestinian dream
10. The Sad Truth
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (03.15.11)
How quickly this is slipping off the radar, it never really got any coverage in the Western Media, and those that did cover it. misrepresented the story. They toned it down or made excuses for the attacks, many refusing to even come out a say it was terrorism. So far to my knowledge none of the Arab leaders have made any renunciations on any Arab network, speaking in Arabic. Only a few remarks (lip service to appease the Western media) Made in English, period. I don't think it has even been repudiated to an Arab audience in any venue, spoken in Arabic. Again as I've always said, reverse the situation, what would be the news coverage, look what they did for fake stories, like Gaza beach, Al-Dura the poster boy in the intifada that later investigation proved a complete fake, both fake stories but we still don't read that do we?
11. #7 small correction
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.15.11)
I don't know if you are really from Kfar Saba but Tul Karem (built on the ruins of the Samaritan city Tur Karma) is as north as Netanya. That big Arab city you see 3 kilometers away from Kfar Saba, that is Kalkilya (an Arab city built on the ruins of the Second Temple outpost of Kalakeliya). Under the Saudi plan supported by Obama, Livni and Barak, mortar shells fired from Kalkilya will hit Kfar Saba with about 10 second warnings. Spotters on the high ground will make sure that each shell hits accurately. If you support the Left-wing, I suggest you move.
12. enemy from within, transfer not needed
observer ,   Egypt   (03.15.11)
The terrorists first ran into a house that was bereft of its inhabitants at that moment. They decided to proceed to the next house of the Fogel family. How could this terrorist act take place in a Jewish settlement that seemed to have been so well protected? Itamar is protected by an electric fence that sets off an alarm even if the shrubs move. It is patrolled by defense ministry civil guards who replaced the IDF but who were trained by the IDF previous to taking this post. The procedure during the night of the massacre was fully followed. The town is equipped with gates, fences, lighting, cameras, security, vehicles and more. Alarm was set off by the fact that the fence was not touched, but as the Itamar security guards did not find a break in the fence — it APPARENTLY had been jumped. So the terrorists in the return trip either used the "Jump" with its all risks of being caught inside if failure of "jump" occur OR use guard uniform, ID badge and fluent Hebrew to walk through Settlement gate; that is impossible. Considering that TWO houses were broken in, who knows blind spots of the cameras except within enemy. Most terrifying than the abominable act is thinking that the terrorists could be from within. Man hunt INSIDE settlement seemed to bring more terror and anger to settlers especially when that stirs Itamar fervent settlers' religious fear from this "WITHIN". So, they sufficed themselves with the OUTSIDE hunt.
13. #11 This is called looking the other way
Ilan ,   Ariel   (03.15.11)
For some ideology trumps reality. So what does someone ignorant of history and geography cares whether it is Tulkarem, Kalkiliya or Salem (Oregon), If it doesn't match the ideology then just discard it down the memory hole.
14. Start a campaign to replace barak and build, build, build.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.15.11)
15. To 12
Simon ,   London   (03.15.11)
The PLO Fatah Group Gdudai Al Aksa proudly accepted responsibility for these killings. Even Abu Mazen and the PA admitted this. You are a deluded individual!
16. #15 through a leaflet that lacked authenticity?
observer ,   Egypt   (03.15.11)
that's not a perfect way to rule out that Shabak did issued the leaflet and handed it out to reporters. You Know Israel has Never denounced and has never demanded PA's denunciation's over Itamar massacre, why? because Israel reserve the right of revenge for itself?!!
17. to salma-1
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (03.16.11)
Your brain is your calamity.Go to a rest home.
18. Kill the effing terrorists! Slit their throats!
chicagoan ,   IL   (03.16.11)
19. #15 and there was NO second alarm
observer ,   Egypt   (03.16.11)
the killer must have not left the settlement, but the IDF was still adamant on NOT conducting LOCAL inspection.
20. #14 build in CA instead
observer ,   Egypt   (03.16.11)
it is not the perfect timing to build in occupied WB
21. #14 Bunnie Israeli internal politics not your concern
Avi ,   Israel   (03.16.11)
Thanks but we dont need the advise of an arm chair zionist or lectures on how to run our lives from the lobby of the hilton. You are not an Israeli citiizen so prehaps you should direct your comments to parking on Rodeo drive.
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