IDF seizes Gaza-bound arms vessel
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 15.03.11, 19:27
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1. this shows why the blockade is necessary
2. kol hakavod!
3. Germans are brazen & callous. Keep the vessel & bill the
Moshe ,   Usa   (03.15.11)
German government for the Israeli effort to prevent itself harm. Moshe
4. Huh!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.15.11)
Did Iran and Syria think that Israel had fallen asleep at the switch? Let this incident be an object lesson to all state sponsors of terror who would aid and abet terrorist groups that act against Israel. We know who you are and we are watching you. KOL HA'KAVOD SHAYETET 13!
5. Bottom line, Turkey aids terrorists
Morris   (03.15.11)
Why doesn't Israel cuts all its ties with Turkey? A country with a regime that supports terror and de-legitimizes Israel. Turkey, shame on you! Ataturk is turning in his grave.
6. Turkey not involved.
Uzziel   (03.15.11)
And in other news the Sun is square...
7. Moshe @ 3, how do you know Germans or Liberians have
leo ,   usa   (03.15.11)
anything to do with it. Shouldn't you wait for more information before drawing conclusions.
8. EU`s contribution to a dreadful global future
fdsafdsa   (03.15.11)
A future of population explosion, of young men, without jobs, without education, wishing for sahidom, with lots and lots of arms, - which is the oly thing EU has to sell so it seems, while they sweetalk in the media about a no flying zone and saving the Lyubians from Qadafi.
9. So THAT's what those Iranian ships were carrying!
10. Victoria Secret
Iran, Syria and Turkey are aiding terrorists in their global Jihad. Not a secret.
11. Oh boys - you've gone and done it again
Talula ,   Israel   (03.15.11)
you've made us proud - awesome!
12. these weapons were shipped to....
jacob ,   munich   (03.15.11)
Syria with the Iranian ships that were visiting last month
13. Ship From Turkey to Egypt ....ohhhhhhhhhh really ?!!!!
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.15.11)
What`s the Big Deal ?! Tamir Pardo & Benny Gantz want to prove their existence. ....okay guys we too have been informed : )
14. Interception
Joel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.15.11)
I hope that the Government of Israel will display all of the weapons for the foreign press to see and not miss its opportunity as was the case with the Karin A. This is proof that the other side intends to wage a hot war against Israel. Unfortunately, talk of peace is not supported by the reality.
15. To: No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.15.11)
Aww, too bad your little terrorist friends in Gaza will have to do without their weapons shipment. You are congenitally incapable of seeing the big picture. If those arms were carried to Syria in the Iranian warships that transited the Suez Canal, it means that Iran is in serious violation of the terms and conditions of transit through the Canal. You will recall that Egypt represented to the world that Iran had assured it that its two vessels were not carrying arms or weapons. That might be the last time in a long while that Iran will be allowed to transit the Canal. It won't be just Israel protesting to Egypt, either. The other part of the big picture is that Israel has served notice that it knows exactly what is going on in every Arab and Moslem port, and it will take the steps necessary to enforce its blockade. That's a pretty big deal -- for us. Not so much for you.
16. Another Act of Piracy In International Waters
World Citizen ,   the world   (03.15.11)
Israel just digs itself in deeper and deeper. Your government leaders are the top henchmen in a country run as a criminal enterprise. In the end it will be your downfall.
17. Weapons for Terrorists
Max ,   Washington DC   (03.15.11)
Israel might consider selling the weapons to the opponents of the countries that are supplying weapons to terrorists.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (03.15.11)
Why Israel needs the legal blockade in place. Israel has enemies that want it's destruction, they constantly are trying to smuggle weapons they don't need, over making life the best it can be in Gaza. While they could be improving infrastructure which would create jobs, and lower unemployment, they would rather waste money on unneeded weapons, since they face not outside threats. If they gave up the goal of destroying Israel, they would make life better than it already is in Gaza. Instead they choose hate over better the lives of their people.
19. seize vessel 200 miles off Israel's coast
observer ,   Egypt   (03.15.11)
bound to Gaza? bound to Hezbullah, Lebanon? either ways it's piracy because seizing vessels by Israel 200 miles off coast has not been not mandated by the UN.
20. Stay vigilant!
Michael ,   USA   (03.15.11)
IDF, please stay vigilant! Great job!
21. well done
alexi   (03.15.11)
reticence and reluctance have to be discarded in the middle east. Blockiing weapons and terrorists require bold moves and not worrying about responses though preparing for them. continue on. This is better than say clinton negotiating with syria and Turkey to stop weapons transfer which is livni's way which is bloody useless. her whole term in office along with muti indicted olmert was resolutions, requests to the UN, EU and US which led to more rockets, and more demands for concessions and no bloody help, zero, and zero. That sums up livni. Don't let her law degree full any of you. She is absolutely useless.
22. Ship
mahirbek ,   tanzania   (03.15.11)
The ship is registred with a German maritime company and sailing under the convineince flag of Libaria as the big majority of maritime company do.
23. Piracy
Mahirbek ,   Tanzania   (03.15.11)
Of course the US has the right to arrest somali pirates and condemn to life in prison but israel has the right to stop smuggled weapons to aterrorist organisation
24. To: Moshe at No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.15.11)
Moshe, that is not how it works. The vessel is owned by a German company; the vessel is flagged in Liberia (it's a flag of convenience -- certain jurisdictions are shipping-company friendly; Liberia, Panama, the Marshall Islands, Isle of Man, Belize, Vanunu, to name but a few). The vessel would have been bareboat chartered by a third party; this is how cargo is moved throughout the world, by the way; nothing illicit about it -- the shipowner is not responsible if the bareboat charterer lies about the cargo content; nor does the shipowner have a right to inspect the cargo to make sure it is what the charterer says it is. You can fault the Turkish port authorities for not inspecting the cargo -- they certainly had the right to do so when the vessel docked in Mersin -- but you really cannot fault the flag state of the vessel nor the owner of the vessel. Find the bareboat charterer, and that is the object of your wrath. My money would be on a Syrian shell company. As to whether the Turks were complicit -- maybe yes; maybe no. Hard to say. Turkish port authorities could have inspected the cargo at Mersin -- it's relatively common practice in most countries, particularly in these post-September 11 days -- and Mersin is not as busy a port as it used to be. There may have been some collusion with the Turkish government -- a message from on high not to compare the bills of lading to the actual cargo -- but that is speculative. What you cannot do is blame the German government. Nor can you blame the German vessel owner.
25. To: No. 19
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.15.11)
But well within Israel's officially-recognized and fully-legal blockade. Moreover, the vessel was found to be carrying contraband destined for an internationally-recognized terrorist organization (that's a big no-no). Either way -- not piracy at all. By the way -- before making stupid blanket statements about what the United Nations does and does mandate, you should take the time to look up which countries are signatory to various treaties. That way, you won't make such a complete ass of yourself, you know?
26. To: No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.15.11)
Wrong. It is not an act of piracy because Israel is enforcing a fully legal and internationally-recognized blockade. Secondly, it is not an act of piracy because the vessel was found to be carrying contraband. Hamas is universally recognized as a terrorist organization, and shipment of weapons to a terrorist organization is prohibited. You're just upset because Israel has humiliated both Iran and Syria. Too bad for you; Israel will continue to do so. Why aren't you grateful that Israel has saved the lives of innocent civilians by preventing a shipment of arms from reaching terrorists, oh so-called "world citizen?" That says considerably more about you than I believe you realize. None of it particularly laudatory.
27. Israel's intelligence must attend geography class
observer ,   Egypt   (03.15.11)
Syria DOES NOT have common border with Iran. But with Israel, Syria DOES have a border engulfed by Israel. Is the Source of weapons Israel?
28. What to do?
Yehuda   (03.15.11)
If some is coming after you with a gun, you stop him and take the gun away. Iran sent the ship (their gun) loaded with arms to attack Israel. Take the arms and the gun (ship) also otherwise it will be used again against Israel.
29. Show the goods!!
Michael ,   USA   (03.15.11)
Show the arms and identify the source. Let the world know what Iran and Hamas are up to. Make a big deal of the fact that Iranian ships passed through Suez and into Syria for the purpose of bringing arms to terrorist organizations. Please!!!
30. weapons ship....
les ,   canada   (03.15.11)
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