Safed: 2 cars torched; anti-Arab slurs sprayed
Hagai Einav
Published: 16.03.11, 15:54
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1. Violence
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (03.16.11)
After 62 of virulent Anti-Jewish, Anti-Semitic and Anti-Zionist cheap propaganda, we, the Jews, cannot tolerate any more atack. Even that it is not good the violence, but they put against the corner and we need to react and show that we can atack too. It is time for all of the people against us to leave us alone. This situation happens because of the 11-3-11 massacre that the world did not condem like in 1939.
2. It's zefat and not safed!!!
Moran   (03.16.11)
3. fascists and racists in Israel
Western European   (03.16.11)
The same phrases have been written on walls in 1939. The world is watching you
4. to #3 Are you worried that your proxy killers
jason white ,   afula, israel   (03.16.11)
of Jews will get hurt? There is nothing that Israel can learn from the primitive butchers of eurabia! you killed people on almost every continent and robbed them of their wealth, resources and culture.
5. to #4 Jason White
Western European   (03.16.11)
Oh no! It seems you've learned pretty good from our past. Soon you'll be better than we were back then
6. Disenfranchisement
BH ,   Iowa   (03.16.11)
Patriotic Israelis are not represented in government. As the voters keep moving more conservative/patriotic direction, the government mover further leftist. Remember when Netanyahu was Likud? Israel, like the US is leaderless right now and people aren't happy. They demand action. If the government won't act the people will.
7. Kol HaKavod, Palestine is nearing
observer ,   Egypt   (03.16.11)
like the creation of Israel, the only difference is that it has started here before, not after
8. #2 Not Quite
Yonatan ,   Rishon Letzion   (03.16.11)
Actually your both wrong. It's Tzfat. I'm just spelling it out phonetically. The letter Z (as you spelled it with) would correspond to a Zaiyin. TZ corresponds to a Tzadik. The city's name begins with a Tzadik NOT a Zayin.
9. big deal
Tom ,   New York , USA   (03.17.11)
I'm sure the Fogelmans would have been happy if their car was burned .
10. Violence in Israel
Israeli ,   Jerusalem   (03.17.11)
Hatred brings hatred, and violence brings violence. Don'tforget allthis ishapenning inside Israel.It is making Israel a very bad name. Israel because of this behavior became a very hated country in the world.God also is not pleased. Those who torch cars of Arab students( what a shame for Tzfat and it'sinhabitants), will also torch the cars of the Jews, including members ofKnesset and Netanyahu himself. These are the oneswho killed Rabin. Where Israel is going, the violence will decide, or the wisdom!!
11. the heros of violence
David ,   Israel   (03.17.11)
I agree with the Israeli: Make no mistake, every violence act taking place inside Israel, against Jews or Arabs, is turning violently against Israel itself. In Israel, and in the whole world.
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