Netanyahu: We'll reconsider nuclear power plans
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 17.03.11, 20:06
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1. CNN is interested in Nuke Power but not murdered Israelis!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (03.17.11)
Time the international press were told: You report the truth or GET OUT. CNN has been warned a number of times of the twisted and anti-Israel bias it screens on CNN International. Anyone who knows someone in the USA will confirm that the CNN viewed here with its pro Arab bias is totally different from CNN in America. The international press corps in Israel cause our country so much harm and damage that it would make no difference if they were thrown out! If an Israeli had killed 5 Palestinians in their beds at home all hell would have broken out. Freedom of the Press is NOT a license to appease shareholders! No one expects them to lie but merely tell the truth.
2. dont base long term decisions on knee jerk reactions
zionist forever   (03.17.11)
Yes its terrible whats going on in Japan but lets remember that considering nuclear power is about 60 years old and the only major accident have been 3 mile island in the 70s, Chernobyl and now this nuclear has a pretty good record. The Japanese one had this accident because it was built known fault zone which wasn't smart. Israel needs to diversify its electricity supplies and as the population grows we need more of it. Currently its mostly gas with some coal and some solar. the gas will run out eventually, coal polutes, solar is not yet a mature form of power generation because you don't get much out of it. Soon Egypt will stop supplying gas and we will be reliant on our own gas fields, what happens if there is a problem there? Already we are having to resort to coal because of the disruptions in the Egyptian supply and lack of alternate sources. As long as we build a nuclear reactor thats built as far from earthquake fault lines as possible, able to withstand a large quake and well maintained then I see no reason not to use nuclear power and we shouldn't base our own energy needs on a knee jerk reaction from somebody elses problem.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (03.17.11)
Airplane crashes the past sixty years ,but people continue to fly.
4. If b.s. was energy, then we could supply
jason white ,   afula, israel   (03.18.11)
the world or even the universe. bibi shows his incompetence on a daily basis. He unfortunately talks before he thinks.Is he expecting a tusnami to hit the Negev? If we build a nuke power plant, then we should build it to withstand an earthquake. If the quake is so massive, it will kill us all before the radiation. Besides that people exposed to some radiation have lower amounts of cancer.
5. Nucluar power s an evil. Solution is to limit
Sami ,   Lebanon   (03.18.11)
and more wisely calculate the consumption of energy ,that most of it is spent toward our comfort than necessity.US alone spend more than 30% of worldwide energy that pollute 45% of the planet climate not mentioning here china with its fast developing industry. We still want change the fridge that is still perfectly working just because it looks like little outdated .We all look for choices and more choices to fulfill our ego that we have to pay for it sooner or later tsunami, polluted climate .earth quake etc...
6. A lesson for Iran
zooog ,   US   (03.18.11)
Don't play around with nuclear energy, especially with unknown computer viruses floating around.
7. 100% quake proof
Kabala.Chabad stdt. ,   Niles.IL.USA   (03.18.11)
...either there is more reporting of earthquakes these days or this nuclear era is approaching new dimentional levels / earthquakes, tremors are increasing and in regions that were dormant in the past...btw: the next prediction for the end of the world is May 21, 2011 which can be found thru any of the search engines.
8. Saw the interview tonight Bibi & CNN
Claudia ,   Tampa USA   (03.18.11)
I only watched it to see what Bibi had to say. The interviewer is Larry Kings replacement Piers something or other. Very poor interview with Piers constantly not allowing Bibi to finish a thought or statement, and dwelling on the "peace process" trying to coax Bibi to make some grand gesture to Abbas to achieve a settlement. Fortunately Bibi didn't take the bait, which was the only thing right he did. I am wondering why CNN, and the rest of the liberal biased against Israel hasn't been kicked out of the country. It was a terrible interview, and mostly the fault was Piers.
9. Natural gas
Robert ,   Brisbane Australia   (03.18.11)
"Fortunately, we found natural gas" Evidently from the bulk of posters here.
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