Palestinian 'price tag' victim recounts attack
Elior Levy
Published: 17.03.11, 20:59
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1. hey- they wanna masacure, this is the cost and probably just
the beginning, and eye for an eye. actually he ought to have perished from the attack same way the poor family did. This is an all out war, and as with all things, are fair in love and war.
2. #1 champagne
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.17.11)
If this guy was attacked by one or two people, maybe you could believe it was a "settler" getting revenge. But then, would they spray him and run away? No broken bones? 8 men come out of nowhere, spray him, and disappear without a trace? It is a police or GSS set-up.
3. I was driving home when Arab attacked me
Golan ,   Modiin   (03.17.11)
but you don't see me on the news when my car was peppered by rocks the size of golf balls, base balls, and melons,
4. how do they know they were settlers if they were masked?
martin   (03.17.11)
masked men sounds more like one of their buddy israeli left or arab.
5. Something sounds fishy here
Jay3 ,   Israel   (03.17.11)
Wheres the account from the Jewish security guard???
6. I know who were under the masks
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.17.11)
Those Thai's that the Arabs are using as whipping boys for their own crimes
7. Too far gone
Jacob singer ,   NYC usa   (03.18.11)
Reading these talk backs is pretty frightening. Justifying harming innocent workers because of a crime that your not even sure who committed it. Furthermore, these workers are helping to build the settlement! This is nothing more than a hate crime.
8. and this is why
Shmuel ,   Au   (03.18.11)
Israel tried to make capital of the Itamar murders nobody gave a hoot.
9. don't know if it is true or not but
Barney ,   USA   (03.18.11)
i hate for Jews to sink to the level of pali terrorists. i think a better solution is building and transfer. leave violence to the animals. if we become what they are we all lose.
10. 1- eye for an eye
Chaim   (03.18.11)
and that is exactly why there will never be peace in Palestine or Israel . because of revenge. this guy did not have anything to do with the murders except he MAY be of the same ethnic group. You dont even know that. ( it could be a Thai person) but the vengeful and cowardly attack by the jewish settlers with MASKS no less on a random 'Arab" is sheer ugliness. and... anyway from the Palestinian point of view, IF it was a Palestinian- he was murdering out of revenge for all the muders the settlers and IDF have done to their children and families. JUST stop
11. price tag
Al ,   USA   (03.18.11)
Its sad that when Jews kill Palestinians it's called price tag.. seems like such a soft word for violence. But when a palestinian kills a jew... shoot its torrist attack!.. this is the problem with you jews.. that you will never get it through thick heads.. only time will tell where your future lies
12. My solution?
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (03.18.11)
Tie all 8 settlers together. Put a 1,000 pound bomb in their midst. Explode it. Circulate photos of the pieces of settlers. I wonder how many settlers would do that if they knew they would get the same treatment?
13. A rotten and evil act
Ilan ,   Ariel   (03.18.11)
I think it is quite possible that this was done by Israelis looking for revenge and I condemn this unequivocally. The price tag philosophy is a scourge that contradicts all morality. It does no good and is a godless act.
14. Price tag victim "recounts"?
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.18.11)
That is something the victims of Itamar will never be able to do; they will never be able to recount their attack. If one can call this criminal act a "price-tag" then the value of Jewish blood is severely undervalued.
15. #'s 11 and 12 think before you write
Josh ,   Israel   (03.18.11)
Hey Al not sure how your reading comprehension is but this alleged "Price tag" attack was not a brutal murder like the terrorist attack in Itamar thats a pretty big difference right there. And Mr Jerrold Cohen your suggestion is exactly the idea of the price tag except much more brutal, guess its easy for you to say sitting there in Seal Beach USA..
16. to jerrold 12
Barney ,   USA   (03.18.11)
your understanding of the situation is all cockamamie. you present a terrorist solution to some people who have been victimized by terrorism. yours don't sound like the words of a Jew. it is natural that the absolute horror of the attack is causing some irrational responses. the solution is to build safe Israeli towns and transfer arab populations.
17. Cry me a river.
sk ,   USA   (03.18.11)
18. Thank you Jacob Singer
HS ,   brooklyn ny   (03.18.11)
What does this construction worker who does his job have to do with the terrorists?
19. So many options other than Price Tag
rebecca ,   Modiin   (03.18.11)
The victims assume they are Jews, but have not told us why they think this. Other options - Remember that the PA has banned Arabs from working for Jews in that area. Was it the PA police? probably not as they dont leave people alive. Could it be Arabs, upset that other workers have taken their jobs? Possible. Jews, also possible but only 3rd likely on my list. But the Itamar attacks follow the style of Palestinians, and there appears to be tracks back to the Arab village. Case not closed, but at least there is a thread to follow.
20. Another jewish terrorsit attack
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (03.18.11)
Both side have terrorists, no one can claim a higher moral ground
21. All of Israel is and has been a 'Price Tag' operation? ..
Edithann ,   USA   (03.18.11)
Think about it, as it's over most of your heads I know, but 'think about it' anyway, and connect the dots... TATA
22. They dont even know if it were palestinians, think before ..
time4Revo ,   london   (03.18.11)
... you speak you extremist fool ! And even if it was a Palestinian why punish a whole nation for the act of one person. ALSO ... the idf constantly kill innocent Palestinians and the extremist right wing settlers are committing crimes as we speak Absolute Chutzpah !
23. 22. HOW DARE YOU!
Enough!   (03.18.11)
Our people are being MURDERED left and right for the crime of being JEWS! Isn't Jewish blood red enough for you?! These people are living on 1.9% of land that is under dispute. Why is it that JEWS can't live where the hell they want but EVERY other people can live ANYWHERE?! Those animals don't like JEWS living next door??? TOO DAMN BAD!. We are just as good as any other people and we're not taking this crap anymore!!!!!! We have the RIGHT to live as JEWS and be PROUD of who we are. We are sick and damn tired of being told that we are arrogant for self pride!!!! We have worked hard to survive and acheive AND GIVE back to society. We will REMAIN strong and PROUD and too hell with you haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24. let the terrorists pay the price NOT the civilian
Sean Greene ,   Pasadena, USA   (03.18.11)
This man killed nobody. He got up went to work and obeyed the law. Why should he suffer? Kill the murderers, not the bystanders.
Brazen   (03.18.11)
26. To Enough! (comment 23)
Georgie ,   Edinburgh   (03.18.11)
No, other people cannot live wherever they won't - far from it. If UK citizens want to migrate to, say, Canada or Australia (or pretty much anywhere else), we have to go through a difficult application process and may or may not be succesful. If we wanted to move to Israel - as non-Jews - we couldn't. And here you are suggesting that you can move wherever you want on someone else's land. No-one in the international community recognises the Jewish settlements in the West Bank as legal - no-one. You are trespassing on Palestinian land yet you still have such a sense of entitlement. Shame on you.
27. you said it
Deborah ,   Wichita, USA   (03.18.11)
it is a hate crime in a country swept away with hate generated by their moronic politicians
28. sitting in Seal Beach blah blah blah
Deborah ,   Wichita, KS USA   (03.18.11)
Being Jewish is not the same thing as being an Israeli citizen or living in Israel, and no one has to feel guilty about it.
29. cleansing as a "jewish" word
Deborah ,   Wichita USA   (03.18.11)
Transferring Arabs is not a Jewish word. It's racism.
30. #22 time4Revoall people fools just because
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.18.11)
You are the fool, you haven't kept up-to-date with the news Palestinian's ADMITTED the slaughter, If you want to call them liars, you have my permission to do so "Ma’an News Agency, 12 Mar. 2011: An armed faction calling itself the “Imad Mughniyya Group” has claimed responsibility for stabbing to death an Israeli family of five in the illegal settlement of Itamar in the northern West Bank. . Palestinian's that attack Jews aren't innocent Since you use your civilians as Human Shields, you must acknowledge the fact that you're the one that's causing them harm, Fahti Hammad made a video, it’s on You tube, listen to it!! Your leaders have made fools of you; it seems you're just too dumb to realize it. The following is three pages long, I doubt that you have the mental capacity to absorb it, try anyway, there is always hope of a miracle So far you have only displayed Absolute ignorance !!
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