Dozens of mortar shells hit south
Ilana Curiel
Published: 19.03.11, 12:15
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1. Soo what are we waiting for ? We should
dyslexic ,   Israel.....   (03.19.11)
hit them hard,none stop untill they sign a agreement to stop bombing us.
2. Dear Mr. Barak, State of Israel, Jerusalem.
jo   (03.19.11)
Sir, why don't you write 49 separate letters of complaint to the UN. I am certain that they will be impressed by your thoroughness, your diligence, your effectiveness. They can then proceed and plan for 49 " urgent " separate, security council meetings in order to investigate the impact / location / damage of each claimed "hit", with the full IDF staff in attendance. Mr. Barak, Are you still in the employ of the Defense Dept ,in the State of Israel.?
3. Bibi, I expected more from you
Eyal ,   USA ISRAEL   (03.19.11)
Are you going to take all of them out or you going to sit on your ass telling Israelis that you are not going to tolerate this? What are you afraid of?
4. Can someone tell me why Israel left gaza??
david ,   uk   (03.19.11)
5. Proportionate response called for?
Al Levy ,   Toronto   (03.19.11)
Does this mean that Israel should immediately indiscriminately fire 49 anti-personnel mortar shells at Arab communities in Gaza? There seems to be a large population of thinkers out there who agree with this idea. Then, of course, there are those who see this as a military attack - which it is. A military attack calls for overwhelming and decisive counter-strike to eliminate the aggressive threat. That's what is fully supported by international law. If it weren't, then we'd all be slaves in a world controlled by the Nazis and Imperial Japan.
6. South
Ralph levy ,   USA   (03.19.11)
I was on the border of gaza yesterday can anyone tell me why barak still has his job?
7. What if this landed on Ben Gurion Airport?
Yossi ,   Australia   (03.19.11)
What if…. What if … these mortar shells landed in the Ben Gurion Airport vicinity instead of the Negev? The airport would be shut down for hours at an end, destroying all commercial activities. What if … The West Bank defenses would be then rebuilt just like South Lebanon, with a heavy reliance on their civilian population to absorb heavy casualties. What if …. then Goldstein creates a new UN Resolution to boycott Israel if it defends itself. What if … Egypt cancels the Peace Treaty, and we have to refocus on both Gaza and Egypt? Did anyone mentioned these to the now new post Zionists in Labor and the new far left party that is now Kadima? If they are not happy they can move to France, leave us to live in peace.
8. Israel
Hakim ,   Palestine   (03.19.11)
is scared of Hamas and Fatah Becoming one. Israel is always playing dirty little games!!!
9. Act at last!
Alexandre Chinovich   (03.19.11)
Israel must occupy the Filadelphia corridor. ZAHAL must enter Rafah, destroy all the tunnels, and stay there. Do it until it's too late.
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (03.19.11)
Despicable people those living in Gaza. Keep provoking Israel and you will get a harsh answer. Don´t complain later. Babacas.
11. I told you,
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.19.11)
"Israel" will do everything possible to stop Abu-Mazen's visit to Gaza !
12. #8 Welcom back, Hakim : )
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.19.11)
Exactly true.
13. what took the armee so long to respond?
Gerry ,   Holon   (03.19.11)
14. @ Salma and Hakim
Aj - Raalte   (03.19.11)
Okay, so - in your distorted view - Israel apparently FORCES Hamas & co. to BOMBARD Israeli civilians on Shabat morning, in order to play "dirty little games"??? Are you for real?
15. but why now Hamas?? and at this time??
MR. Ahmed ,   Gaza Strip   (03.19.11)
JEW1 ,   ASH & IL   (03.19.11)
Hamas and Abbas unity? You arabs/ Muslims first blame everyone else around except your won people for your failing's and poverty. First you blame Jews then you blame Christens, then you blame your gown government, then you blame shia-sunni in your own group but never have any courage to take responsibility and take positive actions. Why blaming Israel? What is happening all over the world is not showing a mirror to you? See what is happening in Pakistan, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Irak, Iran, Livia, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and in many many more not above listed countries. If any agreement is reached between them then it will lead to a positive peace agreement with Israel. Palestinians will get their own country and then all the money pouring in; in the name of poor Palestinians will stop!!!!! Why you all would work hard to build a country when the whole world is providing you? If you make a calculations, all money poured in till now, four times Dubai would have been constructed in place of Palestine. It's not Israel afraid of such unity but it's your own leaders? As i said- see the mirror...
17. Quick! Bomb some empty fields.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (03.19.11)
Bomb a tunnel or two or a few empty buildings. Be sure to telephone in advance. Better yet, send SMS messages. Quick, Mr PM, make a speech. Have Barak make some empty threats. Then, hope everyone forgets about this until the next incident. A government that refuses to protect it's own citizens is no government. Our politicians are paralyzed. Our next step is to remove the Magen David from the flag & replace it with a bull's-eye.
18. #14 We're for real.
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.19.11)
prove us wrong by keeping calm.
19. Israel should invade Hamastan
Brod ,   USA   (03.19.11)
Israel should invade Hamastan. Make it a one-day operation. Dethrone the fanatical destroyer of Israel-Hamas. Effect a regime change by supporting and arming the true Gazans against the fanatics.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (03.19.11)
They are trying to get into the news, they need PR. Basically with the natural disaster in Japan and the riots around the region the Pals are not getting any PR. So they're trying to bait Israel into war to get into the regional PR cycle i the Western MSM. Fortunately they also prove they don't want peace, and Israel has no partner for peace. At the end of the day Israel may be forced to give them a week to evacuate the women and kids, then level Gaza, go in with a ground force and completely eliminate Hamas in Gaza. Even though that's exactly what Hamas hopes for, because they believe they will win a PR victory even if they lose the war. Right now they think Israel doesn't have the guts, so they don't respect Israel and that emboldens them. Who else, and why else would an army intentionally fire mortars targeting civilian centers...War Crimes...under all International Laws.. These are clear cut cases of War Crimes, but as usual the world says nothing and will criticize Israel for any response they might make.
21. This was likely to stop Abbas and unitification talks
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (03.19.11)
Some in Hamas or other groups don't want to unite with PA or they got paid to do they either from Iran or someone in Israel. And yes there are people in Israel who would pay for this if it helps then achieve their goals.
22. #8; Hakim, Scared??
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (03.19.11)
Israel could at any time in a literal sense eliminate Hamas completely. The restraint shown by Israel, in 100 years, will be looked at, as the greatest restraint ever shown in history by a superior force. Or the dumbest? I'm always impressed by how the male ego of the Arab needs inflating. So keep deluding yourself.
23. #11; Salma, You are a strange one
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (03.19.11)
How does Hamas targeting civilians with mortars (a War Crime) become a plot by Israel to stop Abbas from visiting Gaza???
Or are they spitting at us ?? (answers on a postcard s'il vous plait .)
25. #8 and #11
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (03.19.11)
We are sooooooo scared that we recommend Haniya and all the gangsters to go underground in hospital just in case.
26. Gaza
Stan ,   Sydney, Australia   (03.19.11)
It's time for Israel to bomb Gaza with a spirit level
27. Cowards
Rachel ,   US   (03.19.11)
When your PM and DM are spineless cowards that how you are treated. Hamas has no fear of Israel, can you blame them? Look who they have to deal with.
28. Salma why do you send missile to ISRAEL?
Daniela   (03.19.11)
29. salma israel is not madrid,london or twin towers
30. where is the revenge ?!
stephane ,   france   (03.19.11)
i don't understand what are you waiting for to retaliate ! these terrorists are bombing every day israeli civilians in gaza, they are slaughtering baybies (!) in judea samaria, and our only retaliation is to bomb the sand of gaza !??? stop sleeping bibi !!! make them pay a real price ! israel should bomb the palestinian tv in gaza and in judea samaria, cause they use it only to incit their people to hate us ! bomb their electricity ! they don't deserve lights ! and eliminate scores of terrorists ! no mercy ! i'm fed up with this bullshit " retaliation " !
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