Dozens of mortar shells hit south
Ilana Curiel
Published: 19.03.11, 12:15
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31. @ 18
AJ - Raalte   (03.19.11)
Yep, of course, you're for real, Salma. REAL DELUSIONAL. That's what's wrong with you, poor soul.
32. Why?
Tor Gnon ,   Here & There   (03.19.11)
My question is why and how come a sovereign State allows a bunch of bloodthirsty subhumans to terrorize its populations without lifting a finger? What are we waiting for: a go ahead from Moon or Hussein Obama? I have never called for Barak's resignation before but I do now with I-M-M-E-D-I-A-T-E effect with a possibility of a court action against him. For a so-called minister of Defense to sit down and watch animals attack civilian populations without reacting simply because he wishes to make a political statement is a war crime. I stand by what I've said. Shalom.
33. to no. 30 - Revenge? you are right but pls do not forget
that Gilad Shalit is in Gaza. Gaza should be erased from the planet earth, we might do it once Gilad is out of that hell. have a good weekend.
34. Salma and Hakim, I think you should be
This cannot continue ,   in Israel   (03.19.11)
worried for yourselves because the noose around Hamas's neck is tightening every day with every bombing of Israeli civilians, kibbutz, kindergarten, Thai and Israeli farmers, old people, sick people handicapped people and pregnant women. Basically why are you doing it? Because they are Jews and in your narrow terrorist islamo fascist intransigent minds this is the real norm. And, among all these terrorists, you Salma and Hakim condone it and encourage it. So much for your objectiveness !!!
35. Its time Israel to cut the palis loose.
Y ,   N   (03.19.11)
Let them have their dictatorship!! Palestine will become either a islamist dictatorship under Hamas or a secular one under Fatah. But that shouldnt concern you. Just put your guns on the border and fire away every time the palis let loose their terror-groups!
36. pier's morgan and nievete
mohson   (03.19.11)
bibi, will you be the one to be bold and take the iniative just like the eu and state department asked of rabin, barak, sharon, olmert and bibi again. They are blind. Nothing is asked of the palestinians who are given money, european promises who are scared st**less of its own arabs, and guns from the americans. No peace is possible and in fact ideas of peace are dangerous. Arabs have to go to jordan since they are foreign interlopers in ancient jewish land-all of it. Now, 50 mortars-knock out 50 gas stations, 50 metal shops, 50 government offices including haniyeh. The gazans collectively are guilty as sin passinig out candies on 9-11 and fogels' murders. They need to be smashed as much as haniyeh. As long as ehud barak is defence miiniser, idf will not let it go because he is scared and a raging pacifist whose heart is dear to the weaklinigs of haaretz writers. In one finger, ariel sharon had more bravery than this olmert in uniform.
37. #21; Bloodyscot and nonsense
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (03.19.11)
Bloody writes: "And yes there are people in Israel who would pay for this if it helps then achieve their goals." Yes there are, but they not Jewish, are they? The idea that Hamas is working with Israel is laughable. Again we have a blame the victim excuse maker. So "Bloods" theory is the Israeli government is paying Hamas to target it's own people hoping to stop Abbas and any peace agreement? Your a moron. How convenient, even when Hamas commits "War Crimes" Israel is paying for it? Yea, right! Hate to rain on your antisemitic parade but Hamas has been doing that for years, and Iran owns Hamas anyways. Everybody knows Hamas are lapdogs for Iran, Hamas is quite proficient at bending over and taking it from Iran. The length that the conspiracy theorists will go to blame Israel is laughable. Sadly, I have no doubt some out there will agree. I guess the old adage is true "Opinions are like...everyone has one."
38. Hi guys,
George ,   NSW, Australia   (03.19.11)
I am just wondering, Israeli patience how far can go? Clear retaliation will come only after 10-15 major buildings are collapsed in Tel-Aviv ?
39. salma
sam   (03.19.11)
I picture salma as this ugly 24 yr old girl who wears glasses and a burka and hasn't been able to get a date in yrs so she spends her time behind the computer writing talkbacks, eating fried food and ballooning up even more. A sad existence.
40. 39 Brilliant! LOL!
41. to 33.
stephane ,   france   (03.19.11)
my friend, i will never forget gilad. but, we can't remain with crossed arms because they have an hostage. if we don't fire back because of our brother GILAD, this will be a victory for terrorists and it will only motivate them to take more hostages. the pals also know that we have thousands of terrorists in our jails, so they need gilad very much ! anyway, and unfortunately, we don't even have proves that gilad is alive.the arabs always had hostages in lebanon or gaza, if we wait that they will be no israeli hostage nowhere in arab world to fire back israel will be destroyed quickly. we have no other option than punishing the terrorists, without, of course forgetting gilad and other missing israeli soldiers.
42. No, Salma and Hakim are not for real
Al Levy ,   Toronto   (03.19.11)
Salma and Hakim are clear proof that the Palestinians do not live in the real world. For the Palestinians are simply Arabs, and simple Arabs at that. For them, everything is a secret conspiracy, and they are responsible for nothing. The Palestinian blame game is very well known. If anything happens, it is always somebody else's fault. If a Palestinian terrorist walks up to a bus stop and slits the throats of four women then obviously somebody else did it, not the Palestinian. If the Palestinian leaders steal money from the till, then it's somebody else's fault. If Palestinians fire a rocket from Gaza and it falls short and kills Palestinians - you guessed it, somebody else must have done it. And today, of course, when Hamas fires dozens of mortars at Israeli civilians it could not have been the Palestinans - for they never hijack airplane, blow up buses, push knives through babies, blow up universities, blow up restaurants. In fact, all those Wikipedia entries for Palestinian terrorism must be faked by the Mossad. Salma and Hakim should know, right?
43. Ratcheting up the volume
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.19.11)
Iran is behind this, that's for sure. Perhaps Iran is really worried that Israel will take the opportunity of the world's focus on Libya and Japan to deal with the nuclear reactors in Iran. Now is actually the perfect time to do it -- the fuel rods have not been replaced in Bushehr, Iran's computer-controlled missiles may be infected by Stuxnet, and even if a little radiation is emitted into the atmosphere -- well, hell -- it's still only a fraction of the quantity of radiation released from the reactors in Japan (not to mention all the irradiated ocean water being released into the Pacific). Of course, Israel could also take advantage of the opportunity presented by witless Hamas in Gaza, and clean out that rat's nest once and for all. It won't knock Japan and Libya off the front pages of the world's attention. Strike while the iron is hot (and widely diverted).
44. #42 thank you sir,
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.19.11)
In fact, we had a doubt that all Wikipedia entries for Palestinian terrorism must be faked by the Mossad....It was doubt Now you assure us that we were right ....again thankyou : )
45. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.19.11)
Well, we know that Hamas takes an absolute rejectionist policy towards the State of Israel -- Hamas calls for the destruction of the State of Israel. Are you saying that Fatah is of like mind, and that it is pointless to "negotiate" with any ersatz "Palestinian" organization? Okay. So I guess you leave Israel with no choice but to annex Judea and Samaria and repatriate its Arab residents to Jordan, country of their citizenship. Works for me.
46. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.19.11)
Oh, he can go to Gaza any time he wants. Re-entry to Israel might be a problem, though.
47. #11 to salma from
Texan   (03.19.11)
salma dozen of mortars shells hit Israel Please do not complain when the I.D.F visit you .. i do not know what Our nation waiting , No peace tell salma when you going to quit writing you hatred in Israeli paper i do wondering if you not palestinian from Israel Time for the Mosad put you a littel bug under you bad .. Keep writing each of you comment represent the palestinian people . Long live Israel!!!!!!!
48. #8, #11 Dirty games?!
HaraldG ,   Germany   (03.19.11)
Dear Salma, dear Hakim, did you ever take the courage to have a look at your own "nation's" way of playing gaves? - E.g. maybe just have a short glance at ! If only 5 % is true of what is shown there - how DARE you even mention! I'd say, please mind your own business first!!
49. #11 Salma, what you didn't say was that
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.19.11)
Hamas was to do the rockets firing It's quite clear they want an excuse for Abbas not to make the visit Hakim, I would like for Hamas & Fatah to unify, then we can eliminate their leadership all at once
50. #1 !
paulo ,   brazil   (03.19.11)
sign a agreement ????? this is not dislexia , this is madness...
51. What the hell happened to the "magic wand" and"
Tony ,   Lima   (03.19.11)
the "iron dome"?? Were they not supposed to be working right know? I would lie to hear a response from the PM or the Defense Minister
52. Kol HaKavod Drorit, how much u r going to bill Am. taxpayers
observer ,   Egypt   (03.19.11)
53. Mortar attacks from Gaza
Michael Garkawe ,   Madison,NJ USA   (03.19.11)
I can't believe that Israel is tolerating these attacks from Gaza. What is Israel going to do? Bomb a tunnel? It's time for retribution. The more disproportionate the better.
54. I have consulted my Crystal Ball
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.19.11)
Cast Lead Two is almost on the way Gaza, don't forget to assemble your civilians for Human Shield duty
55. if only israel would do more....
benny   (03.19.11) promote peace and end its illegal occupation
56. F16 air or artillery bombardment of densely populated areas
observer ,   Egypt   (03.19.11)
can't be justified by self-defense. wouldn't even be justified if it were mentioned in the Torah. No-fly zone should be imposed on Israel. it worked before.
57. Salma, you're so depraved that even cynicism is beyond you
Al Levy ,   Toronto   (03.19.11)
Let's make this perfectly clear: The Wikipedia entries for Palestinian terrorism are all correct and factual. The reality is that Palestinians have carried out horrific crimes against humanity all in the name of "resistance to the occupation." Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and even Judge Goldstone agree that Palestinians have committed war crimes. Your leaders are the ones who send your fellow Arabs to kill innocent civilians. Your history of brutal attacks are factual and well documented. The most recent vicious brutality by Palestinians even revolted some of your own people - a Palestinian "hero" stabbing a knife into a 4 month old baby girl. Your flippant attempt at black humour is disgusting. You keep showing the world why there should not be another brutal Arab dictatorship - and the PA is just another one.
58. to#1
Jennie ,   US/Israel   (03.19.11)
Sign an agreement? Is this coming form a child?
59. Israel is weak and afraid of iran
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (03.19.11)
Israel is losing its deterrent power. Most regional countries respected Israel, however now Israel's leaders are weak and spineless. BIBI came to power vowing to destroy Iran's nukes but instead the Iranians are sailing warships off the Israeli coast with impunity and Hamas is lobbing missiles into civilian houses. BIBI should grow some balls and protect his people.
60. to#18
Jennie ,   US/ISrael   (03.19.11)
Oh, so you want us to keep calm, while you keep on kassaming and rocketing us, ha? Not even a week after you were so sorry for the savage carnage of our children in he WB.. Now you want us to stay calm, when your dirty paws are streching deeper into our country with harder raids, fulfilling your filthy dream....Not in your miserable life and your cohorts' either...Sooner rather then later, our government will get it and your bravado will dissapear into the thin air.....You better flee now to the place you came from. Remember: EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY..
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