Ahmadinejad: God has chosen my successor
Dudi Cohen
Published: 19.03.11, 14:27
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31. #21 Imposter
Ron ,   US   (03.20.11)
The Iranian people call Ahmadinejad monkey. If you were Iranian you'd know that.
32. You people should love monkies because
reza shah ,   tehran   (03.20.11)
Monkies has something you could relate to Darwin reverse engineered the evolution theory so you can be comfy with Banana any one food for thought !
33. Interesting elections
Miche Norman ,   Hod Hasharon Israel   (03.20.11)
I thought there were supposed to be elections to choose the president - but if G-d does the electing and he is tied up in Japan does that mean that the Ayatollahs do the work for him - so how come they elected the spawn of satan last time round
34. If "God" chose Ahmadinajad
Sagi   (03.20.11)
then it is certainly one of his major errors.
35. Yeah... A disciple of the devil himself to replace this one.
Batman ,   Gotham city   (03.20.11)
36. No. 32, Yes we love monkeys...dancing in the Zoo with banana
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (03.20.11)
In Tehran true Iranians call Ahmed Jihad a monkey and hate him. If your were a true Iranian residing in Tehran you would know that.
37. Mohammad, #21 and Avi...
Persian CAT   (03.20.11)
Calling Mahmoud Ahamdinejad "monkey" is an the monkeys. I know exactly what he said in Farsi, and I agree with Mohammad's interpretation of it. But right now we are on an Israeli publication and we know how hated Mahmoud is around here. So what do you expect, aside from the fact that he's probably the UGLIEST Iranian one can find in the entire country with a mouth to match. How could you expect warm and fuzzy from you staunch enemies, the Zionista? It's important to remember the Jews are not racists, the Zionists are! Avi, you seem to be having trouble seeing Ahamdinejad carries a lot of family resemblances with you! Get over it, kiddo.
38. To Iran #1
Dean ,   Reno, USA   (03.21.11)
Ummm, yes I would. If one looks like a monkey...they, ummm, look like a monkey!
39. A-jad's successor
bobby nonek ,   New York City   (03.21.11)
His successor will be another inbred little lemur..
40. Ahmadinajad is right
jpw ,   Texas   (03.21.11)
According to Daniel, he's right! Another Cyrus is due . . . just about now. The little horn was Medes and the big horn is due. Sorry, but he's right this time.
41. More monkey business
dam ,   usa   (03.21.11)
No just to you monkey-boy!
DEATH ,   EARTH   (03.21.11)
43. the 12th imam will be his successor.
look it up people
44. sooner rather than later
b mezritch ,   philadelphia   (03.21.11)
45. Iran
miguel ,   arlington,va usa   (03.21.11)
I have seen the light, and the revolts in Egypt & Libya will be upon Iran very soon; and this revolt will make the others seem small by comparison. I see big change in Iran. The students will rise and swallow the current regime. They will not stop until they succeed.
46. Assyria and Persia
JohnFLob ,   Angier NC U.S.A.   (03.21.11)
I am aware of the long history of Assyria and Persia before it/they were overrun and confiscated by the marauding Bedouin tribesmen under the banner of Islam. Your so-called Iranian culture is but a recent phase of the centuries old history of that geographical area. The Iranian culture you are so proud of only began when the Ayatollah Khomeini returned form exile.
47. Right and Wrong
David L. ,   Louisville, KY   (03.21.11)
Right theology, wrong god.
48. Reply to # 21
David from San Diego ,   San Diego, Californi   (03.21.11)
There is nothing racist about calling Ahmadinejad a monkey. That's the term the Iranians use for him when the Revolutionary Guard is not around. Here in the United States, we had a monkey, too. George W. Bush bears an uncanny resemblance to a Rhesus Monkey. Fortunately, our monkey was subject to term limits. Iran's monkey is going to go out the hard way.
49. Moron
Rly ,   santa clarita, usa   (03.21.11)
what a Troll !!!
50. Jews are the chosen people
david tomson ,   st petersburg, Fl   (03.21.11)
Mohammed is a false profit
51. I saw him in my toilet bowl
Smert Muselmanam ,   kansas city, usa   (03.21.11)
right before I flushed after a bowl of habanero chili.
52. successor
ralph lewis ,   los angeles USA   (03.21.11)
I thought it was obama
53. Opposite meaning?
Tom ,   Honolulu, Hawaii, US   (03.21.11)
Yes, I realize he was probably speaking in Farsi, and yes, I realize that I'm being an obsessive grammarian, but he's quoted as saying, 'Don't you think God knows who's next.' If there's no question mark, that would make his meaning something like, "You should not think that even God knows who's next." That's the opposite of what I assume he meant, but it might well be closer to the truth.
54. Teheran Successor
John Dodge ,   Tucson USA   (03.21.11)
Satan has Chosen his successor. It's Obama! After he is discarded from America!
55. Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo
Sean Patriot ,   TEXAS   (03.21.11)
Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo is the only one qualified to take his place
56. Allah be praised for taking Ahmadinejad!
Observor ,   NYC, USA   (03.21.11)
At least now we can be assured his reign will end! Good news. for the world and the Iranian people. Oh, but do you think the Revolutionary Guard will prevent Allah from taking him?
57. Bring on the successor
Thurston Howell III ,   Deserted Island   (03.21.11)
God in her wisdom has chosen Mahmoud's successor. Charlie Sheen was in need of a job and his rants are slightly less ludicrous than Ahmadinnerjacket's. Is it my imagination or were Ahmadinejad and Gilligan separated at birth?
58. #21
Tuborg ,   new world order   (03.21.11)
Perhaps you didn't see the article about Iran launching a monkey-doll into space recently. That ismost likely the monkey they refer to..., but to comment on Iranian politics, it is the Iranian Mullah's who run the country and "select" the presidential candidates that the voters can vote on. If you only choice is from a pre-selected don't really have a choice.
59. Violent End
KipNoxzema ,   USA   (03.21.11)
Something tells me this guy wants to go out in a very bloody and violent end, taking as many people along with him as he can.
60. Michael Jackson's Pet Monkey......
Nana ,   USA   (03.21.11)
BUBBLES!!! Mahmoud and Bubbles are twins...separated at birth.
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