Natalie Portman promotes Hadassah
Sarit Rosenblum
Published: 24.03.11, 07:33
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1. Isn't she cute!
Samuel Prime ,   Canada   (03.24.11)
She's lovely.
2. Famous name, notoriously bad service
Ariel ,   Israel   (03.24.11)
Time for another expose on "Sharap" and to get Hadassah to clean up its act. Doctor no-shows, cavalier attitude... so much mediocrity. They don't value their patients or their patients' time. People waiting all day for C-sections to be told that the doctor "had to go home"... oy. The list goes on and on.
oferdesade ,   israel   (03.24.11)
portman should really make sure that it isnt being donated to the same person who okayed hadasa funds being channeled into the pocket of the maddoffs
4. Whatever
5. Modest . . .
Joshua ,   Jerusalem   (03.24.11)
Did you even SEE Black Swan?
6. well, modest relative to britney and lindsay
david ,   uk/rsa   (03.24.11)
7. Too bad she did not donate two years
jason white ,   afula, israel   (03.24.11)
of her time to do her service in the I.D.F.!
8. maxima and madhima!!!
there are different types of ambassadors and she is one of the best!!! israelis- be appriciative!
9. Jason, #7
Scott ,   TA, Israel   (03.25.11)
Portman, and Bar for that matter, are doing more for Israel than 80% of the women 'serving' in the IDF. Though I do not mean to knock their contribution, those beautiful faces are doing much more for our state than a bullsh*t stint in the IDF. Don't even try to lecture me on the options that women have, because trust me, despite these options the majority sit at a desk. Our women at home are wonderful, but our women abroad are equally, if not better, for The Land.
10. Thank you Natalie
Lena ,   US   (03.25.11)
Hadassah Medical Center is an incredible facility. Once again you make us proud.
11. Kol hakavod to Natalie
Natalie is a lovely young woman and we know that she loves Israel and is willing to help us in various ways, but in other ways she is not a good example for young Jewish women. She is single and pregnant from her non-Jewish boyfriend. Bar Rafaeli is also not a good example. She had a false marriage in order not to go into the army and she too has a non-Jewish boyfriend.
12. Love Portman
David ,   Australia   (03.25.11)
love Portman but i don't think ill see "no strings attached"
13. to #9 Are you mentally ill or what?
jason white ,   afula, israel   (03.25.11)
portman and raphelli are the two worst examples outside of the the hara-dim and the ones that get prego to avoid army service. Those female soldiers that sit behind desks free male soldiers to serve in the field. There are also female combat soldiers. They are worth a million portmans each. At least they do not get pregnant with some goy or avoid the draft with a fake marriage. The women that serve give two or more years of their lives and are not compensated enough. WTF does portman do that would make the whole world love us or even hate us less? Nothing. G-d bless the women that serve in the I.D.F. and let portman keep her draft dodging butt out of Israel and the same for raphelli!
14. scott
oferdesade ,   israel   (03.25.11)
would also have had her start her career at channel 6?
15. Well Done, Natalie you are connected.
David Sharon ,   Toronto, Canada   (03.25.11)
It is very kind of you to get connected to your roots and your contribution brings light to every jew to contribute to our Iand of Israel. Contribution can also be a PRAYER for Israel. Which Israel needs in this unstable world scenario.
16. No. 3 Jason White
NYC Girl   (03.25.11)
I'm not sure why all the venom toward Natalie Portman or why you refer to her as a draft dodger. She was born in Israel, but her parents moved to the U.S. when she was only 3 years old. So, not surprisingly, she moved with them. Was she under an obligation to return to Israel to serve in the Army? There are a lot of Israelis who've left the country as children and don't go back to serve in the military. At least Natalie Portman didn't go to America and bash Bar Rafaeli did. In fact, as a college student, she was active in speaking out on behalf of Israel...something that isn't easy to do these days.
17. 2 jews 3 synagogues
Dan ,   Boston, USA   (03.25.11)
Fellow Talkbackerz, Can't we all agree that Natalie is pro-Israel in a very anti-israel world. Who can deny that hearing her speak (somewhat broken) hebrew on youtube warms our hearts. So many Jews/Israelis in the entertainment industry are so quick to abandon Israel and cover their eyes to the hate that is directed against us so we should respect those such as Gene Simmons and Natalie Portman who fight the flow. There is no reason to bash IDF girls, Natalie Portman, or any Jews who give something of themselves to our nation. I would hate to think that the anti-Israel people out there are laughing at our pity arguments as they plot our destruction. One last thing: My Abba always said, "the Arabs are so dumb, if they just let Israel live in peace for a couple of decades, we would destroy ourselves". Is he right?
18. #2 totally agree -
Devorah ,   Beit shemesh   (03.27.11)
Natalie although we really appreciate your donation we have other hospitals that need the money and your efforts. Unfortunately, Hadassah hospital has become to big for it's britches and has a reputation for treating its patients very badly. After having and hearing of many bad experiences at Hadassah I will do anything to avoid it. If anyone else would like to donate please, please donate to one of our other very needy hospitals they will really appreciate your help and pass on that appreciation to their patients.
19. Love you Nat!
Talula ,   Israel   (03.28.11)
20. Her parents ...
sk ,   USA   (03.28.11)
Her parents are "former Israelis?" Which nation do they owe their allegiance to now?
...DACON9   (03.29.11)
22. #21, You're without sin that you can say that?
yehuda ,   Israel   (03.29.11)
23. #2
Jane   (03.29.11)
If it were not for Hadassah Ein Kerem, I don't know if my beloved daughter would have been born. Best problem pregnancy unit in the world. Full stop.
24. to #16 Until the law was changed,
jason white ,   afula, israel   (03.29.11)
yes she was supposed to show up at an army induction center at the age of 18. The same with rahm emmanuel and his two brothers, since they were the sons of an Israeli citizen and therefore were citizens of Israel. Many avoid the draft and hopefully those that do will never make alyah.
25. Ha,Ha,Ha! #20, They’re Israelis.
Joseph ,   Israel   (03.30.11)
They did not take a Pledge of Allegiance to the flag when they were young like you. The Pledge of Allegiance was an oat that all the American kids took before the school day started. "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." And it was rendered by standing at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. It seems that you still owe your allegiance to the United States of American and that you believe that any Israeli or American Jew should even if it conflicts with the Torah otherwise you would support Israel and live here also. I am sure that Natalie and her parents do a lot more to support Israel without this oat than you do with this oat.
26. She procreates and sleeps with a non- jew
andy ,   orlando   (03.30.11)
She reminds me of Bar- Rafaeli. Both are not really jews.
27. #13 Jason. You tell the truth how it is! thanks!
andy ,   orlando   (03.30.11)
28. Many pots here calling the kettle black!
Liad ,   Israel   (03.31.11)
You diaspora Jews who are condemning Natalie Portman from being pregnant from a non Jew should make a hesbon haNefesh (accounting of your soul). How many times did you make love to a non Jew, look at lust on a non Jew and even on someone else’s wife, lust over porn and spilled semen in vain, etc? If you have been so righteous and have not done any of the above, then you are guilty as hell for supporting the anti Jewish American administrations and state sponsored University campuses with your hard earned tax dollars all of whom are and have been supporting those Arabs who want us all in Israel to be pushed into the sea. Natalie is using her dollars to support life in Israel by donating money to Hadassah hospital whereas you are giving your dollars to those who want to end life in Israel. Give her some credit for not aborting the baby like so many do these days in America for no good reason. Natalie honors life so much that she wants to keep it and let it live. Who knows, the baby may grow to be a great zadik (righteous person). Don’t forget from where King David, founder of the dynasty of Judean kings, came from a father who was born from a convert. Natalie’s child will be born from a Jew. May HaShem make Natalie and the child to be healthy and live lives of peace, health and truth (Torah).
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