Report: Palestinian stabbed near settlement
Elior Levy
Published: 21.03.11, 10:07
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1. revenge should be against the real murderer
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.21.11)
Not against the suspicious murder! idiots.
2. 1
First, no revenge should be taken. Second, We Israelis do not see the Itmar Murder as an event by one/two people. We see it as an attack from all Arabs because in your society you sensationalize murder and name streets and squares after murderers.
3. Let's wait
Eli ,   Yerushalayim   (03.21.11)
until we know who it was. What does it mean "apparently Jewish"? Maybe it was an Leftist or an so called Palestinian in order to blame Jewish people.
4.  salma
salma ,   israel   (03.21.11)
nobody is interested in your one-sided, hate spewing crap. nobody likes you. go live in syria. there is no such place as palestine.
5. # 2
Hakim ,   Palestine   (03.21.11)
We can name the streets of PALESTINE as we wish....
6. Not in my name. Stop that !
Yossef   (03.21.11)
It is morally unacceptable, and politically so dumb and so counter-productive. BTW I have arab friends in Hevron, I would not like that one of them would be wounded by an idiot, a fortiori if this idiot is jewish.
7. Apparently "Jewish settlers". Maybe they
jason white ,   afula, israel   (03.21.11)
were arab settlers living illegally on our Jewish land? Why does Ynet use the words of these arabs as a fact? They do not know the meaning of truth.
8. #5 Maybe,
Eli ,   Yerushalayim   (03.21.11)
but 1st there is no such thing like Palestine (maybe you mean Pakistan) and as long as you celebrate the killing of civilians, you only demonstrate, that you don't want peace and that you are not interested in coexistence. Our gov. should declare once lod and clear: We don't return to any negotiations, as long as our "partners' teach their children to hat and to kill Jews!!!! Then lets wait, see and build.
9. investigation strategy
ale ,   italia   (03.21.11)
now following idf investigation strategy (that we saw in nablus last week) ALL MALES of illegal settlement will be arrested and questioned about assault. AH AH AH AH . in jewish world are 2 laws:1 for jewish and 1 for goim/arabs/others. it is a democracy!
10. #7 wake up to reality...
Yitzchak ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.21.11)
If an Arab said it, then it is the God-given truth!!! Arabs DO NOT LIE!!! And they do not steal or kill!!! ...according to Ynet!!!!
11. Salma (like always) 0n the go again
Moragh   (03.21.11)
Since you appear to know whom the murderer(s) is (are), how about doing an about turn and help the Israeli Police. You are an arab, aren't you?
12. #10 Yitzchak, Tel Aviv, Israel
German   (03.21.11)
independently of who assaulted the victim, your comment is the lowest of the low. Period! Back in 1933, der Stuermer also claimed Juden cheat lie kill and steal little babies. Yitzchak of Tel Aviv how old are you? 12?
13. What do the doctors say?
OJ ,   USA   (03.21.11)
After the many lies from the "Pals." I have lost all faith in what they have to say. What do the doctors say? Why aren't they in this article?
14. Palestinians must say in Arabic that murder of Jews ieItamar
Observer ,   World   (03.21.11)
is 1000000000000000% wrong and evil. Then we can talk. In the meantime stay the heck away from Jewish towns. 2000 murdered Israeli civilians later, after 10 years, you are not trusted any more.
15. to number 12
TJ ,   USA   (03.21.11)
There is a tremendous difference between the Nazi claims of 1933 and Yitzchak (and all of us who do not believe Arab claims) The Jews were never found to harm themselves in order to blame the German people, Pal arabs have been shown to do so too many times for me to list here. But do some research (dig deep, they are not reported by MSM and therefore harder to find) and you should find them.
16. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.21.11)
That's okay. After Judea and Samaria are annexed and its Arab population repatriated to Jordan, we will rename them all.
17. To: No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.21.11)
Please keep in mind that there have been -- and continue to be -- Arabs who are willing to sell their children to be suicide bombers. All throughout the first and second intifadas, the Arabs deliberately put their children to manning the ramparts, so to speak, because it made such a wonderful photo opportunity. Then, we have Hamas in Gaza, who refuse to allow civilians to leave areas that Israel has leafletted in advance to inform that these areas will come under bombardment. Again -- what's a few dead children when you can make political hay out of flaunting photographs of dead civilians and falsely accuse Israel of being responsible? You analogy to what the Jews had to endure in Germany in the 1930s is beyond low. The Jews never attacked Germans; can you say the same for the ersatz "Palestinians?"
18. to number 15 TJ, USA
German   (03.21.11)
let me tell you something: Back in 1933 there have been thousands and thousands of germans ("Average Joe, Ordinary Joe, John Doe, Joe Sixpack and Janes") who also defended the Der Stuermer (as you defend Yitzchak now) by saying things like - "no, no, its not as bad as it sounds, Der Stuermer is only generalizing the issue in order to make more profit and other lame excuses"-. TJ : Instead of teaching me lessons about Muhamad Al Dura and similar Pallywood stories (of which I am well aware of without your help) I wish you would have lesson-ed Yitzchak of Tel Aviv about the danger of generalizing, and libeling a population as a whole. It seems to me Yitzchak must be 12 and really needs a lesson. There are good and bad people all over the world, in the Westbank (Judea and Samaria) in Germany in the USA in Tel Aviv as well as in the "settlements" or in Japan. If you seriously believe that all palestinians are liars cheaters and terrorists, then this place, (Ynet), must be the wrong place for me to be.
19. Ouch Too BRAZEN again?
Brazen   (03.22.11)
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