Captured Gazan 'suffering in custody'
Associated Press
Published: 21.03.11, 22:03
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1.  Gilad Shalit
arie ,   bagolan   (03.21.11)
Everything else is smoke and mirrors
2. Unless
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.21.11)
... it can be conclusively proven that he is suffering more in custody than Gilad Shalit is, methinks y'all just better shut up.
3. Abu Sissy
A ,   Belgium   (03.21.11)
He's suffering? Aw, how TERRIBLE!Whats Gilad Shalit doing, having fun? The solution is simple: Abu Sissy for Shalit. Even trade, no conditions. Come on, gazans, you want your Sissy back, don't you ?
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (03.21.11)
It just doesn't make sense. But they can have him back for Shalit.
5. Captured Gazan 'suffering in custody'
dusty ,   Israel   (03.21.11)
I wonder if he knows were Gilad is
6. Palestinian human rights groups
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (03.21.11)
I wonder if you were so fast when you guys kidnapped Shalit Any news from him?
The expendable ,   Gilad Shalit   (03.21.11)
8. End his suffering today! Trade him for Gilad Shalit.
Brian ,   Judean Peoples Front   (03.21.11)
The Palestinian Center for Human Rights can make history. I have absolutely no doubt that Israel will immediately release Aub Sisi in return for the release of Gilad Shalit. If the PCHR is indeed in favor of human rights, then they will immediately present this idea to the Hamas government and demand that it be carried out. But of course, we all know that the Palestinian Center for Human Rights is simply the Palestinian Center for the Excuse for Palestinian War Crimes Against Israeli Civilians.
9. The real mystery in this story...
Tahl   (03.21.11)
Is why a young and pretty Ukrainian woman would want to convert to Islam, marry an Palestinian man, move to Gaza, and have 6 children with him.
10. Oxymoron:The Palestinian Center for Human Rights
Tsvi ,   Ashkelon   (03.21.11)
11. Changing deffinitions
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (03.21.11)
Well if you change who you define as human, you can change who you defend and who you persecute.
12. "just in touch with Hamas for his job"
William ,   Israel   (03.21.11)
So are those firing qassams towards Israeli civilians. so what? According to Hamas, EVERYONE who is a member of Hamas can and is urged to fight Israel using violence, whether political, civilian (like police officers), or terrorist.
13. #10 - a lawyer in PCHR admitted he lied to Goldstone
William ,   Israel   (03.21.11)
He admitted he is a member of PCHR and was a lawyer for Hamas, and fed false information to Goldstone during the investigation. He felt perfectly safe to tell this story because the "Palestinians" are neither rebuked and Israel is never believed, by the UN. Besides a few instances where PCHR actually complained about Hamas' treatment of Gazans, including journalists who uncovered the fake "blackout" that Haniyeh claimed back in 2009, they have towed the Hamas line to the letter.
14. More irony, more hypocricy
R ,   Israel   (03.22.11)
"He is experiencing serious psychological problems after going into long and continued investigation sessions," Gilad Shalit has been held by Hamas for almost 5 years without any visitation, lawyer, or rights of any kind. Do you suppose that he is not experiencing serious psychological problems? Do you suppose that Hamas has not abused him? Where has this Palestinian human rights group been all this time? Or for that matter, the Red Cross, Amnesty, the U.N., etc.? Abu Sisi has already had access to a lawyer."
15. Sick? I'm sick of Shalit being held prisoner. Release him.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.22.11)
16. re: hamas mr sisi
joel ,   usa   (03.22.11)
mr sisi is a good asset to be exchanged for for the israel ISF soldier shalit
17. When Shalit Walks Out
Ron ,   OC, US   (03.22.11)
So will the engineer.
18. Since when does "Palestine"have human rights??
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.22.11)
19. so you say kidnaping an israeli engineer is ok?
ivan ,   haifa   (03.22.11)
20. captured Ghazan 'Suffering'
Irit ,   Canada   (03.22.11)
Where do you think Gilad has been spending the last few years at a resort!!?? Maybe now your 'suffering' will make some Palestinian talk GILAD Shalit and show his way back home!!
21. He was looking for nuclear material for dirty bomb.
nero ,   nyc   (03.22.11)
Hamas is looking to put nuclear waste or medical material in their rockets to increase terror in Israel. They are looking for any type of nuclear waste, and I'm suspect that it was what Abu Sisi was looking for.
22. Kidnap goes both ways: Gilad suffers in "custody"
23. Don't be a Sissy! FREE SHALIT and you'll get your Sissy back
24. So-Called Palestian Missing
Lou ,   Rishon le-Zion   (03.22.11)
On no account must this so-called Palestian be released without us first getting Gilad Shalit. Enough is enough. We must stop being the world's whipping boy. Let him suffer like Gilad Shalit is suffering.
25. Hamas Rules!
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.22.11)
Hizballah and Hamas are very very Right.
26. Oh please - stop with the whining
Talula ,   Israel   (03.22.11)
Who knows what about anything regarding this case. I reckon he's just another good bargaining chip to get our boy back.
27. Better Health Care in Israeli Prison!
Zanvele der Treger ,   Meah Shearim   (03.22.11)
thank in a Ukrainian or Gaza hospital!!
28. Unbelievable!
Robert ,   Brisbane Australia   (03.22.11)
Gilat is a prisoner of war, Abu Sisi is a civilian. Do you think most of you would be able to get your heads around that?
29. #28 Gilad was not engaged in war
Cynthia ,   USA   (03.22.11)
He was kidnapped from his base, held against his will and deprived of all rights. No visit from Red Cross or an attorney. Abu Sisi is a member of Hamas, the terrorist organization waging war with Israel. For all you know, he was on a mission to smuggle weapons to Gaza. Still, he was allowed to speak with an attorney.
30. Gosh Rob of Brisbane! If what you say is true, then...
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (03.22.11) admit that there is a state of war between Gaza and Israel. My oh my, that certainly does change the legalities, doesn't it?!?!? Obviously, you concur that under the state of war Israel is obviously allowed by international law to impose a sea and land blockade. Thank you, and please remind those "Free Gaza" organizations that the war has to end first. And, of course, if he is a POW, then you're obviously going to demand that Hamas obey international law and immediately allow the Red Cross access to Shalit. Right, Robert? Please send the links to your letters/talkbacks in the Arabic press websites so we can confirm that you are indeed a man of conviction. Are you able to get your head around that?
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