Report: Turkey discovers weapons in Iran plane
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 22.03.11, 08:57
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1. Turkey is a riddle right now. Is it facing
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (03.22.11)
east or west? I am befuddled by its recent actions. Can anyone explain?
2. Dear Mr. Haymond
Israeli 2   (03.22.11)
with its present leader and current government, Turkey is not to be trusted. They are a turkey without a head. They face east and then west and then attack you when you least expect it. They are indeed very stupid without a head. In this particular case, it was not Turkey requesting to check out the airplane but the United Nations. Therefore weapons were found. Should the Turks investigate, they would again find no weapons.
3. Turkey discovers
Yonatan ,   Yerusalem   (03.22.11)
its playing bothsides of the coin answer to # 1
4. Now you see, now tou don't
jo   (03.22.11)
When are countries involved stop playing cat & mouse with Iran. You are the laughing stock of the world including the despicable mullahs, ayatollahs and other thugs. A cargo plane caught with weapons? blow up the plane. same with ships. Remove the crew, then boom at the bottom of the ocean. Put the crews in jail, hefty fines, They should know what they carry. they get plenty of cash for it.
5. Know the difference
Mark ,   TA, Israel   (03.22.11)
Yes, no one really trusts Turkey based on all the media reports, but it is important to differentiate between the media rhetoric (done for the "masses") and reality. In reality, all "noise" aside, Turkey does not want a war, does not want to be too closely aligned with Iran and other fundamentalist states. Turkey is in essence a 'western" state and to that end coverts western support. When all is said and done, Turkey will not support Iran and will not support the goal of the destruction of Israel. With a gun to their head, they would turn on dinnerjacketman in a New York second!!!
6. Cat and mouse between US & Iran with Turkey&Israel in middle
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (03.22.11)
The US does not want Iran by way of Syria supplying weapons to Libya's rebels or more likely to only certain groups there. The Israeli stopping of the ship and now Turkey stopping planes are likely the US working in the background. When the US pulls out of Iraq at the end of this year then it may get very tricky.
7. Dear Turkey,
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.22.11)
What the Hell are you Doing?!!!!!!
8. hhhmmmm
yaniv ,   United States   (03.22.11)
Could it be that Iran put those weapons on a plane, only to purposely tip off Turkey about it. Maybe they think the world will see that turkey is good by stopping Iran and use that to there advantage. We all know about the joining of forces between iran and turkey aimed at Israel and the US. Iran took the hit on this one for a later cause...
9. Exporting death, war and tragedy
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (03.22.11)
This is Iran. Exporter of Hell! Arm the Palestinians to be used as their proxy army. We in return, respond with massive force, and the process continues. Death, saddness, loss and tragedy for both sides. The worst enemy of Palestine is not Israel, it is Iran. Their fellow Muslum.
10. Salma no 7
JUDAH THE LION   (03.22.11)
Turkey playing games
11. #8..You are a genius...
was passing by   (03.22.11)
12. Turkey has chosen but NATO is wearing blinkers!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (03.22.11)
The Turkish people democratically chose to go in the direction of Muslim Fundamentalism and their government has allied itself with Iran, Syria and probably North Korea. The big problem is that Obama blind to Turkey's actions and the UK and the rest of Europe will do anything to appease the Muslims!
13. #9 - there is a lot of money to be made
seadog1946 ,   ArthurKill, NJ   (03.22.11)
in "Exporting death, war and tragedy". Just ask anyone in the arms/weapons industries.
14. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.22.11)
Interesting thought, except that the plane was searched at the demand -- yes, it was a demand; not a request -- of the United Nations. Since three of the permanent members of the Security Council are also members of NATO, and since Turkey is frantically trying to forestall its departure from NATO (although that is coming), it is only with great reluctance that the Turks searched that plane. Understand that weapons -- whether loaded aboard a sea-going cargo vessel, an airplane or an overland truck or train, have a very distinctive aerial signature, easily spotted by satellite. A few minor shipments may get through, but larger and more complex shipments are fairly readily detected. The level of conspiracy that you seem to imply is crediting Iran with far more advanced thinking than they are capable of. Remember those second- and third-generation centrifuges which allegedly surpass anything developed in the West? How about the missile defense systems which they allegedly reverse-engineered from their out-of-date Soviet system in a matter of several weeks, managing to produce something which they claim surpasses the most sophisticated missile defense system anywhere in the world? Do the foregoing make you think that Iran has the capability of playing out a ruse? It doesn't me .... and Iran, crippled as it is by sanctions and internal woes, isn't going to willingly risk even deeper sanctions for the sake of "taking a hit for a later cause." They're in pretty desperate straits as it is.
15. #5, know the difference between the Turks and their gov
Danny   (03.22.11)
16. The reality is Turkey has no hatred towards the jewish state
Ibrahim ,   Ankara, Turkey   (03.22.11)
Israel is treated like any other State by Turkey. Neither Turkey nor the Turkish people have any ideological grudge against the State of Israel. Do we have our differences? Most definately! Do we want to destroy each other? Absolutely not! Are we allies? Officially yes as neither party has revoked the intelligence sharing and Military pact treaties between the two countries. Turkey's criticisim of Israel should be distinguished from that of Arab hatred. Our problem is not ideological nor theological. Our problem is political. Our military to military contacts are also alive and well. Turkey is providing intel to Israel and vice versa. Our support during natural disasters is also evident.
17. 1 and salma
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (03.22.11)
dear raymond things are not white or black turkey has its interest in west as well as in east but turkey is leaving the idea of gettin in EU thats true salma turkey cant allow weapons being transferred via its soil we are not on israel side anymore but we just cant let terrorist get weapons and fire them occasionally onto civilians in cities
18. #17
Susan ,   DC, USA   (03.22.11)
You say that the Turks "can't allow terrorists to occasionally fire weapons into civilians in cities" Okay - fabulous! But now tell us : when have they ever fired them ANYWHERE ELSE? If you can answer that question, maybe you can then explain an actual, genuine, fair, reasonable & logical reason why you "aren't on Israel's side anymore".
19. #15 and are wrong
aydin ,   istanbul, turkey   (03.22.11)
it is true that historically turkey as a state was a friend of the west and friends of israel. unfortunately the current AKP government is staunchly anti semitic and anti israel. through incitement in government controlled media and public speeches, erdogan has successfully created a monstrous picture of israel among the turkish people. this is the same government that welcome the sudanese president with open arms despite kiss genocide in darfur, with the explanation that the sudanese president is muslim and muslims are incapable of genocide. you never hear him criticize hamas or the massacre of innocent children in Itamar by a palestinian last week. erdogan needs a boogie man to boost his own popularity at home and among arab nations, and israel is the perfect choice.
20. truthfullness of article
Sanja ,   Croatia, Zagreb   (03.22.11)
I am sorry, but this news seems to be unable to find in any other source of news in the internet... i have spent hours already... if some one has better knowledge on this subject, please respond in comment. All the other reports say that plane was landed but no weapons found ...
21. Trukey is a friend of the Sunni Arab nations.
nero ,   nyc   (03.22.11)
Turkey could care less for Israel but is trying to be a friend of Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Arab states. Turkey does not respect the Iranian Shiite ruling class, and are very concerned about them. Saudi Arabia is very concerned about Iranian intentions.
22. @18"let me try answer why Turkey is not with Israel anymore
Turkish   (03.22.11)
1. We have been countlessly insulted by the Israeli government and media in the last two years, rather than trying to find an objective and friendly middle ground. 2. Our historic good relations and past has been disregarded at an instant by Israel after its policies have been criticized by Turkey, just like the rest of the world (maybe sometimes too harshly and undiplomatically but still) 3. Relentlessly trying to put forward Turkey as the new muslim evil and enemy state, (a very short sighted and arrogant approach I must say) 4. Discarding all the pro-Israel and Jewsih public in Turkey when it is convenient and viewing everyone in Turkey as a monotype society comprised of islamic extremists, uneducated and terrorist like thugs just waiting for the right show their true faces. Refusing to see the sophisticated and intellectual forces in the country. 5.Wanting to believe and brainwashing the Israel public that Turkey is in fact a banana republic, without no true character, institutions and intellectual background to understand what is truly going on in the region and is devoid of making smart and interest oriented decisions for herself, without the support of US or Israel. 6. Obsessively focusing on Turkey policies, again with too much emotion, refusing to understand the basic drives in international relations and approaching all Turkey actions( including sending two planes during the fire) in a paranoid manner. 8. Comparring the Turkish PM with dictators like Ahmedinecad , while just a few years back awarding the same Erdogan with the highest Jewish honor medal. Giving us the impression that you are too rash with all your decisions and policies which is not suitable for a long term alliance on our part. 9. Considering Turkish efforts to normalize ties and upgrade economic relations with its neighbors like Iran and Syria as a hostile move against Israel or Turkey changing its direction from West to East, when if would be seen under a different light could have been a possibility for a more understanding and peaceful future for Israel, too. History shows that the worst of enemies can be friends or vice versa. 10. Killing 9 citizens of a country, ( which has never harmed Israel) claiming they are terrorists trying to delegitimize Israel ( citizens of a country that was the first to recognize the state of Israel) and most of all showing no remorse or regret over the deaths. That is why even the most staunchest Israel supporters in Turkey find it difficult to understand you anymore.
23. #19 Aydin
Maurice ,   Montreal   (03.22.11)
Excellent analysis! That is eaxctly what is happening with the AKP and Erdogan. It's a pity that a large portion of the Turkish population (mostly the religious and the uneducated) are falling into this trap and accepting the demonization of Israel by Erdogan. Turks are a great nation, and I am saddened to see what Erdogan it's doing to its reputation.
24. To: Aydin at No. 19
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.22.11)
Thank you so much for your forthright and realistic observations. I am truly grateful for your honest assessment of the sad turn that the Turkish government has taken.
25. Israel, Greece will be your new best friend
Tali ,   Istanbul   (03.22.11)
they would not be enemy to you :)) forget islamist turkey
26. About Turkey
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (03.22.11)
Aydin made a very good comment showing the modern and civilized side of Turkey. Anton, Ibrahim and Turkish #22 show the angry and therefore irrational face of the modern Turkey. There is also another face of current Turkey which is the AKP followers, the fanatic Islamists and they seem to be at least 25% of the population and an additional 25% who may not be fanatic but influenced by the AKP (AKP vote base is 47% which is close to half of Turkey) . The fact is that today the world is exposed to that fanatic AKP supporting Islamists who are (and I am saying this as a irkish born 61 year old American Jew who lived 30 years in Turkey, educated and served in Turkish military) straight out anti Semites by upbringing. The government before AKO under the leadeship of PM Ecevit and FM Ismail Cem had painted a great western civilized, fair picture of Turkey. This image allowed EU to sign the EU access documents to Turkey. This face of Turkey is what western countries should support. Unfortunately this i snot happening.
27. Response to #22 to Turkish
Maurice ,   Montreal   (03.22.11)
1. You are talking about "insults". Is there bigger insult than addressing the President of a country in front of world media as "child killers" the way Erdogan did in Davos? 2. Indeed, the historic good relations between Turkey and Israel were disregarded at an instant by Erdogan at Davos when he insulted Israel's President! 3. I agree this reaction is a bit too much, but the endless statements by Erdogan against Israel and his embrace of dictators such as Ahmadinejad warrants that. 4. I follow closely, talkbacks on Hurriyet (yes I speak Turkish), and I see that the majority of talkbackers even of Hurriyet which is a pro western paper, are against Israel, and they see Israelis as murderes of children like their prime minister has told them. And Jewish people that I know who live in Istanbul, are telling me that they have to be very subdued and quiet these days from fear of reaction from fellow Turks. 5&6 If there is obsessive focus on Turkey, it is simply because Erdogan does not stop badmouthing and blaming Israel. There is something new almost every week. You should read Aydin's talkback here to understand why Isarelis see Turkey now in this dark light. 8. If you lie in bad with bad people you can not be a good person. If Erdogan is compared to Ahmadinejad, it is because he seems to be his buddy these days. Though Erdogan is not a dictator, what he has been doing with the whole Ergenekon scandal is not exactly democratic either. I hope you will agree to that. 9. Turkey could upgrade its relations with Syria and Iran without badmouthing and blaming Israel week after week. But when the two are done simultaneously, one can not but consider these moves as hostile. 10. Regarding the Mavi Marmara, here is what it is said on Wikipedia under IHH: "On the MV Mavi Marmara, one of the ships owned and operated by the İHH, passengers violently resisted the Israeli forces with deadly weapons; iron bars and chains knives, and with the fire arms sized from the overpowered Israeli commandos. Three Israeli soldiers were temporarily taken captive where they were savagely beaten and stubbed with knives by the Turkish activists. Seven soldiers were injured, three seriously and one critically with broken skull and cut stomach. Eventually the Israelis were forced to opened fire with live ammunition to save their lives. Nine Turkish "activists" killed, and dozens injured." Need I say more on this topic? I tried to give a reasonable answer to your points, because I respect the Turkish people and culture (you have some of the best food in the world!), and I hope that you will reflect on my answers before rejecting them outright. Iyi gunler!
28. @ David Israel
Turkish ,   @26   (03.22.11)
Better call me the frustrated face of modern Turkey, who is sick and tired of the never ending injustices, brainwashing happening in, out, around, towards, against or because of my country, The policies of Israel has been making our position against AKP (which we both see as a threat to modern Turkey), harder to defend. Didn't want to come across as an angry nut job towards Israel, a country I have supported genuinely. And I am not irrational, thank you very much.
29. @ Maurice
Turkish   (03.22.11)
Thank you for your reply. There are many things I agree with and already was aware of among your points. I will not go over them again. Rather I would like to put forward that it is important that both sides, (talking about the moderate minds in both countries) that have sincere intentions to revive or at least normalize the once important relationship, be more objective and understanding, even if it means criticizing our long held views sometimes. I can honestly say, when I look from your side to the incidents, of course I find certain truths in nearly all your points. Both your comments and David Israel's have made me reconsider some of my views and most importantly understand your position better . Similarly, I can only hope you will also try to see things from my point of vantage , which is somewhat representative of many fair minded people in Turkey currently. This does not mean we support the Islamist IHH ,or the ship sending, provocation to Gaza, or the undiplomatic and unprecedented language of our load mouth PM uses so frequently. I am just saying that Israel, putting all things in perspective, could and should have handled things better, as should have Turkey. Thank you.
30. Turkey needs a change in government now.
viva ataturk ,   occupied kurdistain   (03.22.11)
Yes its always the Jews , turkey has done nothing wrong, to upset Israel in any way. We should lessen to turkey and just leave our self open to terrorist act from Gaza and do nothing like good little Jews. Sorry no . Respect is a two way street. Don’t forget how much we helped you when you had that Earthquake. Also don’t forget what we are doing in northern cypress . The only country in the world to have any relations with this Turkish occupied land. So please spare us the lecture. Turkish people might not all be the same but your head man is a rotten corrupt man anti Semite , who is trying to score points in the Arab world by bashing Israel. Turkey needs a change in government now. Than maybe Israel and Turkey can start to build trust.
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