Netanyahu: No one is above the law
Ynet reporters
Published: 22.03.11, 12:06
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1. Laughing stock of the world
Yobo ,   Australia   (03.22.11)
What a disgrace. Israelis should put their head down in shame to have allowed their President now a criminal, a serial rapist devoid of morality and decency to represent its people. It is indicative of the present sub standard and dysfunctional political system that has emerged over the past years which promotes graft, greed and corruption of the leadership of their Presidents, Prime Ministers and Ministers. This is a poor example of individuals that should be responsible and accountable to their citizens and way of life.
2. Rape is a terrible crime
Ilan ,   Ariel   (03.22.11)
As much as I would wish that no one would ever commit such a time so that no one could be found guilty of the crime, it is sadly a fact that rape does occur. He was found guilty so he either must appeal and prove his innocence or serve his sentence. It is not a sad day for Israel nor a happy one though. It is a sad day for Katsav but if he committed the crime then he should have thought of that sooner.
3. His lawyer said it's a day for mourning?
Talula ,   Israel   (03.22.11)
For who exactly? We are reeling with embarrassment and shame. The world will have a field day with this. And, if his wife was smart, she'd file divorce papers. I feel most sorry for her right now. She's been humiliated enough – at least she should have the last laugh – or is she worried she won't get to share his pension? Which is also a disgrace. What other nation would continue to pay a convicted rapist. Oh the shame of it all.
4. No one is above the law even
Chaim   (03.22.11)
judges in the so-called high court who think they may play G-d and judge just by word of mouth from good actors without any evidence or proof.
5. He will keep his pension???
seadog1946 ,   ArthurKill, NJ   (03.22.11)
It's good to be a figurehead.
6. The reverse is true Bibi
J K ,   NYC, USA   (03.22.11)
The shame and sadness belong only to Katsav and those around him that let this go on for so long. The kudos belong to Israel for prosecuting and convicting someone of a status that would generally be above the law and who'd never have had to pay for their crimes. While I'm not calling for a celebration, Israel can certainly hold it's head high that it did the right thing by his victims and put someone who belongs in jail, in jail
7. The day of sadness was the day...
Moshe ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.22.11)
that Netanyahu's party ran this man for President when they KNEW about his past. And Netanyahu appointed Lieberman as Foreign Minister. Not much change in Netanyahu in all those years.
8. To #4 Chaim - You are on the wrong
miri ,   israel   (03.22.11)
track ! Too many women have come forward with complaints and katsav will pay the price.
9. If you think this is bad, wait until Olmert is convicted
Rachel ,   US   (03.22.11)
10. A sad day when his pals in the Likud voted him for president
Avi ,   Israel   (03.22.11)
Knowing only to well his shady past. Although it is a good day as the court has clearly proved not only his guilt but clearly demonstrates no one is above the law and that women who have been sexually molested can obtain justice despite the odds against them.
11. The state pays him NIS 45,000 a month
Eddie ,   NY   (03.22.11)
Gee i see in the state of Israel crime definatly pays !
12. Example for the world
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (03.22.11)
This is a good example of Israel for the world. I have not heard many countries judging misconduct of their goverments. This is how the Justice has to work.
13. katzav
miriam ben-ezra ,   Karmiel, Israel   (03.22.11)
seven years is not enough. In some contries thieves get their hands cut off. Need I say more?
14. #6 + #7 - you guys are right
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (03.22.11)
Today is a day to be proud of the State of Israel and it's justice system.
15. #5 - Not everyone pays for their crimes
Talula ,   Israel   (03.22.11)
The Supreme Court also judged and convicted Samir Kuntar for killing and murdering Israelis. Where is he now? He was pardoned and sent to live a long and happy life in Lebanon. More shame for us - and particularly the families of the victims.
16. #4 Chaim - you are in favor of Hilul Hashem?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (03.22.11)
Katsav admitted to repeatedly cheating on his wife. Despite what a few stupid rabbis say, his sins are against Hashem and Mrs. Katsav, and against the women other than his wife with whom he had sexual relations, and the nation for which he was supposed to be setting an example. Shame on you for pretending that Katsav is innocent. You need to do some serious tshuva, buster.
17. wrong! 45000 is not pension!
to 11 ,   Il   (03.22.11)
18. Maybe not so shameful
Andy ,   Canada   (03.22.11)
Perhaps most importantly this shows Israel to be a country ruled by laws. Meanwhile Bill Clinton went after interns, got away scot free and earns $150,000 per speech.
19. No one is above the law
yoel reuben ,   Israel   (03.22.11)
Very true Mr. PM.. before the elections for a New President the 2 contenders were our present President and Mr. Katsav- was there no background investigation carried out, it seems that a number of people in the government were aware of Katsav's failings why did they not raise an objection then instead of this very long stage show.
20. His statue should remain
DavidT ,   Dallas   (03.22.11)
As was said in the article, we shouldn't hide history but learn from it. He was President and his statue should remain with those of other Presidents to remind us that nobody is immune from the law, not even the President. It does not take a revolution to remove a President, the rule of law works. That is what makes Israel different from the Arab world. We should not forget that.
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