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250,000 kids study Bible for Shalit
Tzofia Hirschfeld
Published: 23.03.11, 14:26
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1. Lets all place a light around Gilad Shalit.
Av ,   USA   (03.23.11)
May he soon be home with his family. The light is for protection against the evil creatures around him.
2. Gilad
JJ ,   BFN, South Africa   (03.23.11)
Let us pray for Gilad's life & freedom. Let us all go to the Creator of heaven and earth and plead for his freedom. Also let us not forget those that are suffering in Yerushalayim at this moment after the bomb explosion. Pray for Yehuda & Yisra-el.
3. Beautiful!
Proud Israeli ,   Israel   (03.23.11)
4. Knowing the foundation of Israel
Brod ,   USA   (03.24.11)
The foundation of Israel is knowing the GOD of Israel and the Land of Israel. A true Jew is one who knows the GOD of Israel and the Land of Israel. Studying the Bible is a Must because it leads to knowing the GOD of Israel. The GOD of Israel is Israel's Rock, Fortress, Deliverer, GOD, Strength, Salvation, and Stronghold. Psalm 18:2.
5. Prayer protection for Gilad
Ingrid ,   Melbourne, Australia   (03.25.11)
We pray that God will lift him up and surround him with protection in his terrible situation. We pray that God will bring him home, in the precious name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (03.25.11)
The problem with Galit is that the people of Israel has elevated his status to a national cause that has dramatically increased his value as a hostage/prisoner. Most people wouldn't agree with me but the facts are the State of Israel will not pay the price for having him released. I hope he is freed to his family soon but it doesn't look good because the State of Israel ( GOVERNMENT) has not made his case a national one.
7. Gilad IS coming home!
Marilyn Ling ,   Hermosa Beach, Calif   (03.26.11)
How beautiful is this? The coming together around God's Word in support of Gilad WILL make a difference. The one thing God wants more than anything else is to see His people, Israel, come together in unity trusting Him, and Him alone. It changes everything! Know that there are many, many Christians in America praying for Gilad along with you. He IS coming home.
8. I'll pray for Gilad
Octavian ,   Romania   (04.11.11)
even if I'm christian orthodox. Hashim bless His people and Japheth's sons.
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