Syrians call for revolution; UN: Probe protestors' death
Roee Nahmias, AP
Published: 22.03.11, 23:27
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1. getting rid of Assad could be bad for Israel
zionist forever   (03.22.11)
If these people topple Assad it could be very bad for Israel. If Assad feels his back is against the wall he might decide to start a war, the old tried and tested way of buying support is going to war with Israel. Even if he looses he will have put on a good show for the people. There is also a real risk he will talk Hizbollah into joining in the fun in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza. There is even a risk Iran would like to try take part the ayatollahs can try and get a little support by attacking Israel for a just cause. If Assad is toppled there is a real chance the Muslim Brotherhood will move in to take his place and they are alot more radical than the Egyptian branch. Its even possible that Hizbollah will take over form an Iranian proxy government. They pulled it off in Lebanon why not Syria? Even if it turned out to be another Egypt which it almost certainly won't be just watch Obama start kissing the new Syrian governments ass. What the Syrians want from Israel then they get. We saw it with Abbas. I have no love of Assad but he is the enemy we know and know how to deal with polticially and millitarily. Get rid of him we don't know who will replace him and it could be alot worse.
2. Who the hell cares?
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (03.23.11)
It will be another idiot who will hate us again.
3. Baby dictator is sad, what else can he do for work?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.23.11)
4. #1, why do you think Hamas is upping their game
Danny   (03.23.11)
in Gaza all of the sudden?
5. #2, but they maynot love Hizbollah
Danny   (03.23.11)
Syria itself is not a threat, Hizbollah is.
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