Keep Gaddafi in power
Yigal Sarna
Published: 23.03.11, 00:43
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1. correct article
fad egypt   (03.23.11)
that i what i believe in if gaddafi is out who is going to rule libya ? the rebels ? are the rebels liberal and freedom fighters ? no one knows there is a qaeda in west africa in algeria morroco nigeria and mauritania what if the qaeda or any radical forces took over the country after gaddai it will endanger egypt and of course israel the western desert in egypt can be a suitable environment for terror and that prove the stupidity of obama adminstration he destroyed egypt his ally by forcing mubarek to leave before september without knowing who will rule the country and closed the door to omer sulieman mubarek deputy who would ve run for presidency if mubarek hadnt left without omer sulieman all the other choices are useless and wont be able to stop the MB in the same time obama adminstration forced egypt to open a dialouge with the MB they ve achieved many achievement till now before any election takes place mrs clinton herself said that the us wont worry if the MB rules egypt !!!!!!!! thats beside the stupid policy of obama in bahrain he wants the kong to appease iran supporters against the will of the gulf states !!!!! and in syria although the assad regime is supressing the opposition with brutality obama didnt condemn or comment on that !!!!!!! he may be preparing behind the scenes to force israel to give the golan through mr john kerry !!!!!! so the crisis there will end and the people will be loyal to assad !!!!!! shame on america and on hussein obama !!!!!
2. What a stupid article
Sidney ,   USA   (03.23.11)
If Gadhafi survives, how many "Lockerbees" will result? And given his position on Israel this could include El Al planes. One can make a good case for the West not getting involved but it is too late now.
3. great Articale
Rani Hirch ,   Canada   (03.23.11)
I agree with you 100%
4. unknown outcome
hairy ,   EU   (03.23.11)
A difficult situation for western leaders, help Muammar or fight him, both ways have a bit of "wrong" in it. No one can tell, but it seems quite likely, that all sorts of Islamists now seize the opportunity. Like #1 fad points out in a detailed way, Obama just might be their enabler. Now, it seems bad, but those are the necessary pains of childbirth and with children I don't mean the future arab regimes, little rascals in the making.
5. #1 oh, sadly, so true!
6. US Wants Out - You're Welcome To Lead
Mark of Lewiston ,   Lewiston USA   (03.23.11)
The US is looking to hand over the leadership and withdraw. Get your gov to volunteer to take over leadership of the coalition. Then you can guarantee the outcome you want. Then you can tell the French, Brits, Norwegians and the rest of the coalition what to do and how to do it. And you'll get to negotiate with the Iraqis and Kuwaitis and Egyptians and Emiraties and Saudis on putting boots on the ground to assure what you desire. Good luck with Sarkozy.
7. Problem of Gaddafi
Adam Helberg ,   USA   (03.23.11)
While there are lots of dictators and we can't change them all, the problem was he explicitely threatened to massacre his people. Zenga zenga was not just a youtube video.
8. Wrong wrong wrong
Carl   (03.23.11)
The situation in Iraq has stabilized quite a bit over the past year. Also, if you were one of Sadam's victims or a Kurd I don't think that you'd think that the situation is worse now than it is then. As for Israelis, the situation is better. Remeber who fired missiles at us in the Gulf War?
9. Not so difficult a choice
Ilan ,   Ariel   (03.23.11)
At this point a Ghadaffi victory will be followed by a blood bath, something that can not be allowed to happen. As to how active the West should be in preventing the use of Libyan army to put down an internal revolt, that is indeed a matter of debate. Pity that the many now trying to depose Ghadaffi once gave him credence and prominence. Libya was a major diplomatic player in the UN, was on the UN Sec Council and in the Human Rights Council. And all while everyone knew that he was a psychotic tyrant.
10. Third way solution
Moshe ,   Netanya   (03.23.11)
USA should send arms to Gaddafi and his rebels. Gaddafi is supported by Blacks in US and by blacks in Africa. The problem is to kill more people from Qatar/Al Quada. As to French, I do not live in France and do not vote in France. Hence, don't care if Sarcosi wins or not.
11. An opportunity.....
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (03.23.11)
to learn about the so called wastern democracies; how ineffective and decadent they are! The have attacked a foreign country without having a defined plan and without knowing the outcome and ignoring a lesson learned in Iraq. The same ineffectiveness will cause huge problems in Europe and in the U.S. too if Obame gets reelected.
12. Who cares?
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.23.11)
One Arab dictator is as bad as another. I sure hope that they kill a lot of each other.
13. Saddam vs Gaddafi
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.23.11)
It is a mistake to equate Gaddafi with Saddam. Saddam committed four acts of genocide: against the Kurds, Israel, Persians and Sunni "swamp Arabs". His war crimes include using gas weapons against Kurdish and Persians civilians. He was ousted when he threatened to take over Saudi Arabia, an act that would critically damage American interests. Gaddafi is an unpleasant dictator, but never committed genocide. His current "crimes" are in response to a violent armed uprising, apparently organized by the British. Remember, just three weeks ago Libya was peaceful and Gaddafi was shaking hands and kissing Blair and Sarkozy. Apart from being a war crime, Obama's war against Libya stinks. And #2: after Obama tried to murder him, and succeeded murdering his son, how can you blame Gaddafi for another Lockerbie?
14. A people is responsible for it's own future
Moshe ,   Canada   (03.23.11)
A people is responsible for it's own future. If they start killing each other afterwards - that's their own fault and nothing for you to worry about. If they become a terrorist state then the west should stop them by bombing the country extensively if they carry out terrorist attacks. Israel stopped the firing of ketushas from lebanon and majorly reduced the number of shells and qassams from gaza using exactly this method.
15. it is so amazing to watch Israelis quake re:Arab spring
Deborah ,   Wichita, KS   (03.23.11)
You're correct; Arab public opinion does not support your occupation, illegal wars on Lebanon, Palestine, and your internal racism against your own Palestinian citizens. You COULD always pull out your settlers. No? I didn't think so. Have fun.
16. "Israeli Occupation"
cyla stern ,   WOODMERE, USA   (03.24.11)
There is no such " Item" as Israeli Occupation. Read history and the Bible and you will see that the last 2000 year Jews were praying every day "NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM". This microscopic piece of land belong to Jewish people and this will remain forever.
17. #15
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.24.11)
only one problem with your letter, it is totally wrong. Can you tell me one Israeli war with Lebanon that Israel started? You are right, none! Lebanon started them all. Which war in "Palestine" was illegal? You are right, none! All of Israel's war were defensive and hence legal. What racism against Israeli Arabs? You mean the Israeli Arabs who would rather be Israeli than Arab citizens?
18. Sarna is wrong
Brod ,   USA   (03.24.11)
Sarna wants to keep Gaddafi so he can continue to export Islamist-Jihadist terrorism around the world by sponsoring Islamist-Jihadist terrorism in the region and in Southeast Asia? The fact is Gaddafi and Islamist-Jihadist terrorism are one and the same.
19. Libya Situation
Gene Graczyk ,   Santa Rosa, CA USA   (03.25.11)
Iraq was a test case in how leaders can lie their countries into war, as Bush and Cheney so well proved. Each country that is going through this painful exercise is unique in its domestic make-up, strategic importance to other countries and its readiness to make meaningful change permanent. Israel is in a headlong rush towards its own domestic upheaval with a splintered government, endemic corruption at the highest levels and a self-destructive foreign policy that will lead inevitably to a painful isolation. If you are counting on Sarah Palin to rescue you, you are welcome to her. She fits far better into Israeli politics and ambitions than American ideals and realities.
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