New olim seek work in public sector
Sivan Raviv
Published: 24.03.11, 14:40
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1. most don't speak Hebrew....
no name ,   Israel   (03.24.11)
and really think that English is enough. they need to take an example from Stanley Fisher (Nagid HaBank) central bank director, They need to learn the language and then they will succeed!
2. #1, yeap because Fischer is such a failure
Danny   (03.24.11)
Israeli economy has only had one of the highest growth rates in the world during his tenure despite a massive recession in Israel's two largest markets. As for speaking hebrew, it would be nice if MOFA could speak anything except hebrew.
3. at 1
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (03.25.11)
Maybe it will be better to learn how to manipulate people and advance ones agenda at the expense of other people before learning hebrew.
4. At 3
vatik ,   Jerusalem   (03.25.11)
May-be it would be better to admit that most of you new olim are self centered people who think you are here in order to save Israel and make it a better place May-be it would be better if you realized that Israel is a very difficult place in which to live and work in. May-be it would be better if you admitted that your employment chances in your countries of origin are nill and that you are economic refugees Or may-be it would be better if you learned Hebrew! I'm just saying
5. @Danny maybe it would be nice of the MOFA
Israel ,   Israeli   (03.25.11)
spoke more than just Hebrew and English! But truly one of the reasons that Fisher has done so well is because he learned Hebrew and not just because before he came here he was a top economist! In other words Fisher had more than a university diploma when he got here...he had real teudot! (certificates) and real tried professional abilities. This article and correct me if I am wrong is about a bunch of wannabee kids not about real professionals!
6. They can't find job in their own countries.
sasha ,   bilbao, basque   (03.25.11)
Most of these people are coming because they do not find good jobs in their respective countries. They decalare themselves as ardent zionists and think this is good enough. Now, the age of ardent zionism has gone, the society is built and suffers from the ills of the developed society. Let them compete on equal terms with Israeli graduates (not too many better universities in Canada/US than T-A, HUJI, or Technion) as everybody does in the developed world, or let them start in D(z)imoná, Ofakim, Sderot , Netivot, or Yerúkham if they are so ardent and want "betterment" of the country.
7. #3, #1
Zvi ,   Israel   (03.25.11)
Maybe - it would be better if you stopped blocking us from finding jobs because of your protexia. Maybe - it would be better if you gave us a chance to improve our Hebrew by letting us work in a Hebrew-speaking environment rather than degrading us and making us work jobs far below what we are capable of. Or maybe - you can stop being a shmuck and remember the idealism YOU HAD when YOU made aliyah and be a bit sympathetic if not empathetic to the ordeals Olim go through.
8. Sasha, you are missing the point
American Sabrah ,   Givas Shmilkeh   (03.25.11)
I don't know which faction of olim you represent but I can speak for most Olim who made Aliyah for zionistic and idealistic purposes. We didn't come here solely to escape from the economic crisis abroad. We feel just as much connected here as anyone else. Unfortunately, we have been shunned and discriminated against because of our status. People complain that our Hebrew is not up to par but no one will give us a chance to improve it. Protexia is another factor we lack as well. That kind of attitude is not very encouraging for those who want to make Aliyah.We are willing to compete but not against this unwarranted favoritism, contempt and prejudice against Olim like me who can make a difference if given the chance.Most of us are not as useless and spoiled as you think.Don't judge us for you have no knowledge about our credentials!
9. Olim Hadashim
leah amdur ,   Jerusalem Israel   (03.25.11)
There are many professions olim can enter without speaking Hebrew. Computers, special ed, medicine. Special ed students only receive 1 hour of speech therapy a week not 40 hours which they need, so most of them cannot speak. The State can't afford Social workers. Their are not enough doctors. The doctors will soon be on strike. Olim start your own businesses many of you have the skills to succeed without Hebrew. To gain experience volunteer to work for nothing and learn Hebrew and see how things are done here.
10. #7 we didn't have what you have:
Vatik ,   Jerusalem   (03.25.11)
1. we didn't have Nefesh b'Nefesh getting articles for us in the paper or assisting us with Job interviews In this case your connection with Nefesh b'Nefesh qualifies as PROTEXIA 2. work at your Hebrew instead of putting yourself in comfortable little groups of English speaking Islands. In Jerusalem the little Bitza group is particularly infamous for this. Demanding English speaking kindergartens for their kids! Really! 3. You immigrate you start at the what were you thinking? That we were here waiting for you to save us? 4. Every single immigrant goes through a trial by fire period get over it and get through the fire period! 5. Blame your mommies and daddies if they hadn't insisted on getting you educations in which you never had to face reality why didn't you stay in those cushie comfy rebelled you wanted to prove them wrong. Ok so go out there and prove mommie and daddy wrong. Toughen up and get to work! I am not here to give you a free ride! no one gave me one...and if I am going to go through the trouble of finding anyone a free ride I'll do that for my own children! Get over yourselves and don't ask me to thank you or take care of you because you are an your bets and take your chances or go home!
11. New Olim seek work
michele ,   givatayim   (03.26.11)
Some welcome we are getting from all those talkbacks ! we came to Israel because it is our country as much as it is yours. your aggressive behaviour will not make it easy for us to integrate,so the support we get from those olim groups are important .
12. Ha! Ha! Ha! How ironic!
Mirqa ,   Tsfat, Israel   (03.26.11)
Republican Jewish voters who complain about big government and want to slash spending in the US (except military aid to Israel, of course) want to move here and get cushy govt. jobs from the Likud and its right wing allies. Very funny.
13. #4 Vatik
Logic ,   Israel   (03.26.11)
For college grads in the USA, the unemployment rate is less than 5%, as opposed to over 10% for the general population. Most of these Olim appear to be educated and would not have a hard time getting a job in the current American economy. Also, just because it seems you went through a harsh immigration process doesn't mean that everyone else should have to suffer as well. All it means is that there's room to improve the aliyah and job finding process for this niche group. Over time they will learn Hebrew and in the meantime there should be a way to help them find work in a field where they can contribute and not feel remorse for coming here. By the way, Nefesh b' Nefesh claims a very high retention rate (close to 100%), while other Western olim who didn't have them gave up a long time ago and went back to North America.
14. so like this...
Israeli ,   right here   (03.26.11)
the newcomers are whiners the oldtimers are meanspirited But the truth is how is it that all the foreign workers manage without Nefesh b'Nefesh and/or the JAFI (Sachnut) and a few hundred new Jewish immigrants need to have all kinds of special offers just handed to them?
15. BTW Australian olim do not get Nefesh b'Nefesh
telavivit ,   Israel   (03.26.11)
and Russian Immigrants that immigrated before me got a lot more benefits than I got, so before you all complain that new immigrants get Nefesh b'Nefesh - check your facts....
16. funny one - april fool's article?
Tevye   (03.27.11)
you have got to be kidding... you cannot improve Israel by working in public admin, the whole lot of useless shufflebutts needs to be fired as soon as possible, that's the way to free up Israel for productivity... Especially the court administration, it is useless
17. #6 you're wrong
Mike ,   Jerusalem   (04.03.11)
I've met some of these olim and you wouldn't believe the amazing jobs they left to come here and contribute to the Israeli society & economy.
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