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Bob Dylan to perform in Israel
Or Barnea
Published: 24.03.11, 07:45
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1. By now, he can only croak like frog..../
Steven Gilbert ,   Teaneck   (03.24.11)
the affected Woody Guthrie-like voice is gone. So is the great song writing talent.
2. Back to roots, great to see.
Yaawqove ,   Israel   (03.24.11)
3. Happy Birthday Bob
Jay ,   Hollywood, USA   (03.24.11)
Welcome Home Boichik
4. He is he Jewish these days?
dorothy friend ,   tel aviv, Israel   (03.24.11)
Doesn't make a difference to me, stopped following him ages ago, but just wondering.
5. to #1: wrong, wrong, wrong
yehuda ,   israel   (03.24.11)
Obviously, you haven't been listening to his latest output. The man is a genius. Was and is.
6. to 1 and 4
Barney ,   USA   (03.24.11)
don't know what qualifies #1 to be a critic. his voice is definitely strained but his brain is in full gear and his songwriting is brilliant. hearing and seeing him is still a rush. the best songwriter of all time. i saw picture of him at the Kotel with tallis and tefillin with son at Bar Mitzvah after his experimental xtian stage. So yes add him to the long list of productive, talented, brilliant Jews and Happy Birthday and many more!
7. who need him hear after what he said
8. Get Your Facts Right
Paul Robert Thomas ,   Holon, Israel   (03.25.11)
Wish you would get your facts right - how can Mr Dylan be landing in Israel 'several days' before his Ramat Gan concert when he will be performing in London 2 days before????
9. who has his back?
Stella ,   S.F. CA   (03.25.11)
Israel better put out their big bucks to protect this American-Jew. Bombs hit south of Tel Aviv today. i betcha Bob will NOT be able to play, due to unsafe conditions, now that Israel killing machine is aimed again at the Palestinians in the Gaza
10. #9 No logic there
Phil ,   Ireland   (03.28.11)
If Bob Dylan's life is to be in danger, it will because of Palestinian terrorists and not Israel's defence operations.
11. Dylan is back..........
Jonathan ,   Netanya Israel   (06.19.11)
I saw him in Croatia last year .....and he was absolutely brilliant. Much better than the boosha of a concert at Sultan's Pool in the 80's. Worth seeing!!!!
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