Israel tells Facebook: Remove Intifada page
Elior Levy
Published: 23.03.11, 19:28
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1. Third Intifada will be good reason to expell all Arabs.
nero ,   nyc   (03.23.11)
Will be an opportunity for total war and expulsion of Arabs who are not happy.
2. If they want be killed
Pedro ,   Brazil   (03.23.11)
Give them what they want.
3. Nero
Chad ,   Tel Aviv   (03.23.11)
Big words for a small armchair Zionist!! Why don't you leave the comfort of NYC and come to Israel?
4. Facebook boycott
Carsten Schmidt ,   Germany   (03.23.11)
"Muslim world to boycott Facebook" - promise?!
5. arab enemies -we are deluded
a ash ,   tel aviv   (03.23.11)
we know all that our enemies want and represent-jihad--killings and any jew killed if they win --why are we always on the defensive
6. Victory! It has already been deleted.
Daniel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.23.11)
Three new groups with the same name have sprung up, but with much smaller numbers of members.
7. Facebook sanctions needed?
Richard ,   Canada   (03.23.11)
Facebook seems to allow a lot of 'islamic hate groups" and pages.People report them,but they don't so anything,so is it time for 'financial sanctions' ie: Facebook's latest Israel deal.' Lock up the deal,until they remove ALL the offending pages?
8. #6 About time
Line Singer ,   Ã…rhus, Denmark   (03.23.11)
Hopefully they'll all boycott facebook now. Somehow I don't see that happening though...
9. :D
Zerko ,   newyork   (03.23.11)
the talk about closing this group is just a rumor , as they are going to make this
10. What irony!!!
Free ,   Not on this planet   (03.23.11)
Let me see if I got this straight! Nothing negative about Israel and Jews can be said, published, spoken, said. But everything thing negative about others can!!! Your day is coming and all the whining in the world won't help you. Just wait.
11. #6 & 7 - FALSE - Page still exists
JIDF ,   Galut, USA   (03.23.11)
The page still exists: As we, at the Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF) have stated many times, Facebook has continuously sided with Holocaust deniers, antisemites, and Islamic terrorists. However, their "enforcement" of their policies is highly inconsistent, so it's difficult to say whether or not they will delete this page. Either way, it's just one page out of many which are clearly antisemitic and call for violence, as well. We've been on this problem for a very long time.
12. World wide ...
Palestinian   (03.23.11)
13. Make your own page clown!
Sam   (03.23.11)
14. #1 yeah but good will that do israel
Masrawy ,   Egyptian   (03.23.11)
Oh it's not that easy ! Where do you think the Arabs will go? Oh yeah they'll probably go to some of the other 22 ARAB countries that SEROUND Israel Duh
15. No, cuz they won't remove this page
Masrawy ,   Egypt   (03.23.11)
16. Facebook to alienate 300,000,000 Arabs?
Nour ,   One-State   (03.23.11)
And delete a page calling for non-violent uprising against apartheid and injustice? I tell Facebook, just try it, and see how many profiles (and ad income in the ME) you will LOSE.
17. We the jewish people have won evry war
Simon ,   Sunny Isles Beach.   (03.23.11)
against the Enemies of our jewish state.We win by the sacrifice of our brightest and best.We will win the war on facebook as well.
18. A question for FB admins
WestBanker ,   WestBank   (03.23.11)
Could you please tell me the deference between other Arab revolution pages(that is still opened) on the FB and the Palestinian Intifada page (already closed) ??? Why do you act deferent when the acts against Israel???
19. What's that, Nour?
Tahl   (03.23.11)
"non-violent uprising" ? - Wherever have you seen that being said in this group? Are we talking about hundreds of thousands of Palestinians lighting candles, holding hands, chanting "we shall overcome" and singing kumbaya? Are we talking about a "non-violent" Intifada, just like the first and second Intifada's were "non-violent"?... "apartheid" - I've seen you throw this word around all the time. Do you even know what this word really means? "alienate 300,000,000 Arabs" - Good one! You Palis could only wish that so many Arabs cared about you. The truth is, they don't. Most of them view you as a thorn in the back side. And even those who support you, it would be extremely naive on your part to believe they'd give up facebook for you. Face it, your hand is empty, and we can easily call your bluff.
20. its not taken down
jcha   (03.23.11)
its still there
21. The Page is still alive and kicking
Nour ,   One-State   (03.23.11)
250,000 members so far, in less than 2 weeks. Imagine how many members it will have by Naqba Day?
22. Do some research
Ryan ,   Miami, FL   (03.23.11)
Facebook has closed numerous pages that promote violence and murder regardless of who it is about. Stop thinking America is out to get you, because the beauty of our country is everyone gets screwed equally.
23. Dont judge us ! you dont know whats happening to us !
Ofir ,   Ashkelon Israel   (03.23.11)
you are just saying a lot of non sense you dont know what we are really going through.. ashkelon is a place where hamas launches missiles to. And I want to see all of you just feel it once! then you will see whats happening
24. Swallowed my response to #10, editors?
Tahl   (03.24.11)
25. How about the1calling for 100M Muslims to march to Jerusalem
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (03.24.11)
The ones calling for violence should be removed but the one calling for a massive peaceful march to Jerusalem maybe far more dangerous in some ways. Killing a few unarmed people crossing the borders is one thing but thousands or millions at once would be a massive PR nightmare.
26. It's rather like Joe's garage.
Ypip ,   Canada   (03.24.11)
27. Hopefully Zuckerberg Still Believes In Free Speech
World Citizen ,   the world   (03.24.11)
I can't believe how Israelis openly promote restricting other people's right in your own country and in other countries. Your society is drifting into fascism and no one seems to realize the dangers of it.
28. israel had the chance to do peace
palestinian ,   jerusalem   (03.24.11)
israel had the chance for peace but they through it once they said thye want to build more setlements and denie the palestinian to worship in their holy places. israel nowadays do not present teh jews.. and it will never do.. so they should wake up and do pace with the palestinians and realise either they have pace and have two countries or one country and it will happen for both people
29. Response to #21 Nour
RC ,   USA   (03.24.11)
There is a saying; it is not the same to call on the Devil (al-shay tan) than to see him coming towards you. If the Palestinians insist on and instigate wrath then do not cry for help when it comes, because sooner or later Eloah will let it loose.
30. Sunni FB PG
Ali B ,   SA   (03.24.11)
Wants to obliberate all Shiites, I've joined as their Infidals below dogs Face Book is the Best
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