Johannesburg University cuts ties with BGU
Published: 24.03.11, 14:47
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1. Funny coming from a country
that stole land and abused the blacks. You'd think they'd have learnt a lesson about racism, guess not.
2. What comes around-goes around
Jonny ,   Cape Town   (03.24.11)
I wouldnt worry to much, this decision will turn around and bite Mr Habib and his friends in the backside one day..Hope they are just as eager to cut ties with USA universities that do work for the US army. Oh no, dont think so - scared of losing their visas and lucrative work opportunities. But anyway, they will always have their clean water. They live off the sweat of others.
3. Johannesburg University cutting ties with BGU
Amy Rose ,   Manchester, UK   (03.24.11)
I feel that this is absolutely ridiculous, why have the SA university cut ties with a university that have been working together for a long time because they can't find a palestinian partner to work with. There is a major situation going on off course it will be difficult to find a palestinian partner willing to work with Israeli's. Shouldn't stop them from carrying on their collaborations.
4. Israeli University partnerships
David ,   New York   (03.24.11)
Why would Israel even want to co-operate with a Sth African or a Palestinian University? They would be diluting their talent without any benefit
5. University of Johannesburg?
Dani ,   Phila, USA   (03.24.11)
I grew up in Joburg and lived there until I was 25. My family are still there. I have never even heard of the University of Johannesburg! If it was UCT or Wits, I'd be concerned, but this must be a really small insignificant "university".
6. UJ vice-chancellor: Professor Adam HABIB - what else...
Flavio ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (03.24.11)
...could anybody expect????? Ya'habibi...
7. Maybe we should boycott BG as well.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (03.24.11)
The place is full of Leftist traitors. All funding should be cut off until the administrators & the Leftist professors are fired. They deserve to be boycotted since so many of their tenured professors support a boycott of the country that pays their salaries. As a matter of fact, many donors have already dropped Ben Gurion. And we shouldn't forget the Leftist professors charged with sexual harrassment with their students, long covered up by the administators.
8. one of the comments:
Anon ,   Johannesburg RSA   (03.24.11)
"a landmark moment in the growing boycott" – nothing new here. Let’s see... no "Muslim" university has ties with Israel except for Universities and educational institutions in the Palestinian Authority territories. UJ, another "Muslim led (Habib and many chancellors & students)" institution has cut ties with this world renowned Israeli University... there is no surprise here... South Africa will lose immensely from these, and I am not talking about water... I am talking about credibility... from Harvard to Oxford, from the US to France... when a religion dictates the rules of engagement (like in most of Arab world) then credibility and especially education suffers. South Africa tagging along to the long drop to the 13th century… I must highlight this point… this will hurt both parties, but mostly us here in Jozi
9. I do not get it. Palestinians refuse to participate and
leo ,   usa   (03.24.11)
this is why ties with Israel have to be cut? Well, South-African dopes, you just moved prospects of such cooperation to new level of impossibility.
10. South Korea downgrades foot & mouth disease UJ upgrades it
Phil ,   Flushing,USA   (03.24.11)
Until the super friendly government of Obama came into power Professor Habib wasn't allowed into the US of A the last few years for his political views . It is a pity that Israel bashing takes a front seat to projects that can truly help his country, but that is what blind hatred does. It consumes the ignorant!
11. Very Ironic
David ,   USA   (03.24.11)
There were no Palestinian universities prior to 1967. They were all built during the "occupation". I wonder how much the University of South Africa did to advance the project in the first place.
12. BGU sowed the seeds of Boycotts
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (03.24.11)
BGU sowed the seeds of Boycotts and anti Israel criticism in the world and now is a victim of their own making. Now is BGU's time to fight back and make amends tell the University of Jo Berg to take a hike and BDU stop support of Pro BDS academics
13. Oooo Nooo!
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.24.11)
Bad news comes in threes . Johannesburg University, Thank you from the bottom of my heart : )
14. Johannesburg University cuts ties with BGU
Spencer ,   Israel   (03.24.11)
I wouldn't lose too much sleep over the SA universitiy's decision. It's their loss. They need BGU. It's not the other way round. It's funny thought to read their reasons for the severing of ties because BGU is prepared to cooperate with the palistinians. It's the palestinians who don't want to cooperate with BGU.
15. Tutu and his friends dishonest
bob ,   potomac, MD USA   (03.24.11)
Desmond Tutu and his anti-Isarel friends in RSA are totally dishonest. They know full well that the apartheid regime survived as long as it did thanks to oil shipments form the Islamic world--but they never utterred a peep --but continually, to this day, have bated Israel. See, for example, articles that appered in the 1980s: Middle East Review, Fall 1986, page 38--and The New Republic, Feb. 10, 1986, page 10.
16. Ignorant people
Ethan ,   Eilat   (03.24.11)
BGU has excellent programs including Jews and Arabs such as the Arava institute at Ketura.
17. Jo'burg loss. Their are plenty of partners for Israel
JO   (03.24.11)
with Israel's high standing it is not a problem. Let JU find a Palestinian partner and go with it.
18. Who cares?
VK ,   NYC US   (03.24.11)
Who cares? Next will be Somaly University or University of West Sahara. What kind of science in these institution if couple of years ago official government policy was that AIDS not an infectious disease?
19. 3rd rate Instituation
aardo ,   n/a   (03.24.11)
Who cares: The University of Johannesburg has been a 3rd rate institution for a number of years already. Many of the established international recruiters as well as the larger multinationals have had no choice but to try and avoid their graduates due to low standards. South Africans are increasingly left with limited choices (i.e. University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch) and the "wealthy" are increasingly seeking a more internationally recognized qualifications in Europe and Australia.
20. South African intolerance of apartheid
Kraig Richard ,   Shelburne VT USA   (03.24.11)
Why should any one find that South African intolerance of apartheid is objectionable behavior?
21. Professor Habib - Thrown out of the USA!
Aardo ,   n/a   (03.24.11)
Some 2 years ago Professor Habib was refused entry to the USA due due to his anti western views and contacts with known radicals. I rest my case!!
22. What a misfortune
Andrea ,   RSA   (03.24.11)
Such a shame that politics is first instead of academical excellence. Here small SA people goes again and thinks that wayward measures can still work. Look at Libya, Egypt etc - people are not unaware anymore and it is something OF THE PAST. Please wake up and realize we are informed and can not be fooled by such hypocrisy. And thankfully the world out there is not stupid.
23. No water?, let them drink sake
jo   (03.24.11)
there is a surplus of the stuff right now, with all the health problems. To Phil # 10 from the US. It consumes the ignorant ? How come Obama hasn't been consumed ?
24. Why complain?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.24.11)
Senior Ben Gurion professor Neve Gordon demanded such a boycott and the Ben Gurion Administration supported him. They should all be celebrating this great success. Mabrook.
25. Salma - #19
Kate ,   London, UK   (03.24.11)
Spoken like the true child of a culture that has not progressed since the Middle Ages.
26. SA universities are Mickey Mouse and Sourth Africa
carlos ,   San Diego U.S.A.   (03.24.11)
is a completely corrupt country.,. They are supporting the scum of the earth who kill babies. They are envious , they are racists, yes racist! they don't know what is free speach
27. What can one expect...
Gwen ,   Tel Aviv   (03.24.11)
from a University that was created to incorporate third rate apartheid era institutions, or from people who still murder and mutiliate babies for medicine, for heaven's sake, but talk of Israeli abuse of human rights, not to mention rape being the national sport there... Let their water stink and their academic record sink even lower than it already is. The academic institutions there are well below world standards and it's a country sinking in its own mire of corruption, crime and reverse racism. So should we care? Hardly.
28. Ben Gurion and UJ
JGrosman ,   USA   (03.24.11)
If youo look up the school rattings you find that all the Israel schools are in the top 500 then look at the South Afaican schools and you will see none. Look at the top 1000, none there either. You have to go out to 5000 to find one. The ask why Professor Habib is not allowed into the US. If I was the University of Johannesburg I would have tried to keep this out of the news and hide my head.
29. Interesting, isn't it, that BGU, the home
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (03.24.11)
of academicians who tell the world how unjust their native land (Israel) is, demonize Israel in foreign quarters and even advocate boycotting Israel and all Israeli institutions (see for a complete descriptor of anti-Israeli polemics and articles by Israeli professors) including the hated Neve Gordon have finally had their wishes met. I take some delight in that. BGU must come to terms with the fact that their professors were, and are, a large cause of the boycotting of their own employer (BGU).
30. Why Prof Habib is not allowed into the US? Think
Eran ,   Singapore   (03.24.11)
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