Terror in J'lem? 'Palestinian strike,' Reuters says
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 25.03.11, 00:50
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1. I needed a good laugh
Arie ,   BaGolan   (03.25.11)
Reuters claims they have a policy of "honesty." That explains their self-admitted fabrication (multiple times) during the 2006 War in Lebanon and their self-admitted fabrications during Cast Lead. When first called out on their lies, Reuters referred to the comments as "journalistic license." Only when Jews are attacked does the left wing neo-nazi media find a "sense of honor and truth."
2. And BBC's Reporting..
Seth R ,   Boston, MA   (03.25.11)
They referred to it as a "Palestinian militant attack."
3. ynetnews should not expect everyone...
Persian CAT   (03.25.11)
to get "news" from the Israeli government on wholesale. The world is not buying Israeli BS any more.
4. As objective in reporting as in their famous doctored photos
ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (03.25.11)
Unti the police finish investigations we dont really know who the responsible. Anc cannot even classify it as terrorist. Let's have savlanut and calm in this hour. Talk and dialogue is the best answer...
6. Reuters is correct & YNet should listen and learn
Kim ,   Australia   (03.25.11)
7. #3 Well, they are terrorist attacks. Call a dog by its name.
PersianCack ,   Uran   (03.25.11)
8. They are right ... Palestinians are NOT terrorists!
WestBanker ,   WestBank   (03.25.11)
Ans till now whom behind the action is not know ... so stop criticizing other media for their tolerant coverages!
9. Reuters
Tony ,   Teaneck, USA   (03.25.11)
Is owned by Arabs. They need to be removed from Israel.
10. reuters rites
dave ,   toronto   (03.25.11)
Reuters is right! Call these terrorist attacks by their name then- they are Palestinian attacks. What good neighbours! Let's start counting Palestinian attacks on Jewish people. So far today, 5 Palestinian attacks on Jews; one protective response. Dave bToronto
11. of course Reuters
ilan   (03.25.11)
"It is not up to Reuters to say who carried out an attack. We always need to quote the authorities,'' I do not agree with this . remember how a knife was made hidden in a picture from the turkish marmara gaza flottilla. Any excuse the foreign media come with its just unbelivebal that they realy think we are such fools who will trust them. The jews were alone in every parts of the world for two thousands year and yet hated and killed , still we manage to survive. Today we have a country and still hated and killed but in a diffrent way of that before so it shows that change has been made. but still hated and killed. everything else dosent matter! No other country in the world would accept the situation we have been in since independence. I repeat: No country in the world!! But its diffrent with israel. because israel dosent have the right to defence itself!
12. Reuters Reports
zbrk ,   Eshkolot   (03.25.11)
Because, this week, "It is not up to Reuters to say who carried out an attack," Reuter's reported that "Police said it was a 'terrorist attack' – Israel's term for a Palestinian strike." Next week, Reuters will describe the same event by saying "Something happened to some Jews in some place that some Jews actually think is in some country that they "claim" they own--Jews use the term Israel to describe that place."
13. Reuters
David ,   New York   (03.25.11)
I also like the 'after 7 years' which is an attempt to downplay the attack
14. Not a new story. Reuters is superbly politically correct
Stephen in New York   (03.25.11)
It’s been Reuters, policy for a long time not to use the word terrorism. Reuters is superbly politically correct, you see, on the grounds that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. As far as Reuters is concerned, there is no such thing as "terrorism."
15. Al-Reuters the same as Al-Jazeera.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (03.25.11)
It's right up there with all the other mainstream media, biased, left-wing, anti-Israel, & anti-American. Let's not forget sloppy, unprofessional, & lazy either. Our own media is not much better & if you consider Haaretz, maybe worse. The mainstream media doesn't report news, it spews propaganda..
16. Al Reuters is almost telling the truth
Frank ,   Canada   (03.25.11)
These repulsive Arab squatters see the murder of civilians as a "strike".
17. Um, Ricardo......
Keats ,   Syracuse, NY   (03.25.11)
do you follow the news at all? Respectfully, what a totally ignorant comment. A BUS BLEW UP BECAUSE OF A BOMB. Why don't you go sit and look up Terrorist or Terrorism in the encyclopedia. Reading the last 10 years of archived Israeli newspapers might help you understand who the Palestinians are and the history of terrorism in this part of the world.
18. #3 - what you call BS is upheld by Intl laws
William ,   Israel   (03.25.11)
Terrorism is defined as targeting civilians to exact a political end. Well, that sounds like the Arabs for the past 100 years. If you dislike the term, go complain to the Intl bodies about the laws, not the countries who abide by them.
19. Reuters had no problem taking Pallys word for attacks
William ,   Israel   (03.25.11)
They freely printed the lie about Gazan civilians in Cast Lead, and called the Jenin operation a "massacre". For claiming to not be interested in placing blame, they sure do a good job when the Arab bloc says "jump".
20. #5 - If its not terrorism, then its a criminal hit
William ,   Israel   (03.25.11)
and based on years of precedent, criminals do not bomb a bus stop full of innocents to get at one opposing criminal. But you know who does place a bag bomb in a civilian area and sets it off with a cellphone? Terrorists do. Who could it be - Israelis or "Palestinians"? Hmm, how many bag bombs have Israelis placed in the past 63 years? None. How many "Palestinians" have placed in the past 63 years? I lost count!
21. and they say the media is pro-israel
gays4israel   (03.25.11)
it makes me sick !
22. Who's partially to blame?
Shalom Hartman   (03.25.11)
Look at how Israel media shoots itself in the foot time after time and you will understand where the international networks get it from
23. The Islamic califate
zichron   (03.25.11)
The whole military faction movement of the arabs of palestine and islamists is to establish the equivelant of islamism or arab nationalism in one continent FOR THE REAL NUT CASES THE WHOLE WORLD.THE JEWS ARE OUTNUMBERED . THEY MUST HIT HARD.
24. ''Chechen rebel says ordered Moscow attacks''
according to the headline from a Ynet article about a suicide bombing in Russia. The word ''terrorist'' does not occur in the Ynet article. The suicide bombers are referred to as ''rebels'' and the bombing is portrayed as an attack by Chechen rebels. So what is Ynet's problem?
25. Gaza attack; not Israel
parry ,   washington, usa   (03.25.11)
But then how/why does Reuters report Israel bombed Gaza; as opposed to a bombing of Gaza? For its not up to Reuters "to decide who carried out an attack"
26. to#3
Jennie ,   US/ISrael   (03.25.11)
Don't we know only too well, who is running the European broadcastings, such as BBC and El Jazeera & their likes?!...No other reply was expected from the EU news agencies and we know well why !...Isn't it pathetic how the world is blind, deaf and brainwashed...Anyone who would care to look at a map, read the basic historical facts about Israel, would understand what is going on....Thanks, persian cat..You just proved my point....You desperately trying to spew your garbage everywhere you can....But very few are buying into your shalow doctrine..Israel is not selling any BS, you poor CAT...What they do sell is modern inventions, too marvelous and numerous to mention, and things you depend on to survive in your daily routine life...Why don't you research that for a change, persian cat ?
27. isn't this the same reuters as of photoshoped pictures which
ralph   (03.25.11)
they swore were accurate!!! eh, can you not hear the angels sing!!!
28. Shame on them....
carlos ,   San Diego U.S.A.   (03.25.11)
Incredibly evil, inept , stupidi and antisemitic Reuters is. They don't deserve to be journalists. If that was not terror then what was it? Ynet readers please write to them. Make them look at the mirror an see how inept they are . How stupid journalists can be ? This is the bottom.
29. That wig wearer, Bob Costas,
Igor ,   NYC USA   (03.25.11)
That wig wearer, Bob Costas, called the Berlin Olympic terrorists "Fedayin' instead of terrorists.
30. "Peegooa"="Palestinian Strike"="Terror Attack"
arik ,   NY NY   (03.25.11)
For some reason when Israel used the Hebrew word "Peegooa" without mentioning "Palestinian" Reuters was able to deduce from it "Israel's term for a Palestinian strike", when in fact "Peegooa" is Israel's term used by a Terror attack. But NO, of course not, Reuters is the one who writes history, they'll choose at will what transpired and how.
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