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Islamic Jihad at the service of Iran
Elior Levy
Published: 25.03.11, 09:38
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1. Palestinian Wake up Call...
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (03.25.11)
Everybody knows that Jihad are in the pay of Iran and Hezbollah They are no 'freeedom fighters' just a bunch of a brutal ruthless murderers and thugs whose mantra is violence death and of course money...lots of it Being used a proxy tool by Iran to usurp the cause and make no mistake ...take over Gaza Can you imagine a Palestine with Jihad in control? Probably more than any other group in the world THEY HAVE to be snuffed out
2. I don't buy this article!
Israeli 2   (03.25.11)
Hamas, Al aqsa, Jihad, Fatah they are all the same sneaky dirth-bags to be targeted and eliminated.
3. If this article is accurate...
Rafi ,   US   (03.25.11)
... it is an interesting study in Mid East cynicism. Islamic Jihad would be a fanatic SUNNI Islamic fundamentalist organization - deeply at odds with Shi'ism. It follows the same ideology and groups that are slaughtering Shi'a in Iraq and, most recently, in Pakistan. Yet they are being funded by - and are accepting funding from - a completely Shi'a theocracy and dictatorship in Iran. But for Iran, it's actually a great deal: both their Sunni and Zionist enemies are killing each other.
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