Netanyahu: Israel ready to react with 'great force'
Published: 25.03.11, 13:28
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1. gates peace talks
Iraj   (03.25.11)
bush, rice, now gates pushes peace talks for what-palestinians are not a nation and never were. They behave like primitive animals and are known as a thorn in the side of other arabs. They complain incessantly and live on handouts. Hamas is the edge of the arab sword behind the back, abbas is the velvet glove on the sword. Coming wars will destroy most of them. go to jordan now before its too late.
2. attacks
colin   (03.25.11)
Bibi says Israel will act with great force !!Did Bibi get permission from barak and owamma to say these words or is it as always a batch of lies,untruths and falsehoods?????
3. translation
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (03.25.11)
What Netanyahu said was "Israel is ready to react with great force, but won't as long as I and Barak are in power. Instead, we will do our best to establish a new Arab state in Israel even though we know that the voters are against it and it is a danger for Israel"
4. Gates is pathethic
Frank ,   Canada   (03.25.11)
He is acting as an Arab spokeperson.
Orao. ,   Srbia.   (03.25.11)
Following bouts of terror and rocket attacks, prime miniter says: 'Any civilized society will not tolerate such wanton attacks on its civilians' THE ISRAELI PM HAS THE LAST YEARS IN OFFICE DONE JUST THAT, FOLLOWING HIS MASTER. The prime minister said he had received a "very warm" phone call from US President Barack Obama on Thursday expressing his condolences over the latest attacks. SAID THE PUPPET ABOUT HIS MASTER - ?. Gates, a former CIA director with years of experience in Washington, said US-Israel security ties were as strong as they had ever been at a time when the region is in "turmoil." But he suggested Israel should tread carefully or risk derailing the course of popular unrest sweeping Arab and Muslim countries in the Middle East. DOES THIS BULLY THINK ISRAEL DO NOT KNOW HOW TO ACT -? THIS SUGGESTS JUST THE ABOVE, A MASTER SPEAK TO HIS SERVANT. Orao.Srbia.
6. It's time to sit down and negociate with Abbas!
Jeremy ,   UK   (03.25.11)
just kidding bomb these a**-holes
7. Restraint?
Max ,   Washington DC   (03.25.11)
Those that council restraint in reponding to continued bombardments from terorists are not the ones being terrorized nor suffering civilian murders and other atrocities!
8. bouts of terror?
observer   (03.25.11)
Israel said that Itamar & Jerusalem events were terror, but it has never recognized those as Palestinian. Neither has Israel demanded to recognize a Palestinian faction or even a Palestinian person as responsible. was it to make Palestinians have the sense of guilt in preparation for waging war on Gaza? or has PA not felt so guilty enough for concessions during future talk?
9. All talk and no action until it will hit Tel Aviv
The only response with DESTRUCTION MINISTER Ehud Barak the pusillanimous spineless coward and DESTROYER OF JEWISH HOMES & LIVELIHOOD will be "perhaps" to destroy some empty fields and tunnels. LOL! What leaders!
10. Gaza Rockets
dusty ,   Israel   (03.25.11)
THE ULTIMAT ANSWER!!! Why should we risk our Soldier’s live? Why should we send in Bombers? Much cheaper, more effective, For every rocket or missile fired at Israel indiscriminately, Return TWO FOR EVERY ONE indiscriminately,
11. Need to be smart
GOOD ,   USA/IL   (03.25.11)
Israel should target the head of the snake and start eliminating Hamas and PLO heads for every terror attack. The IDF getting into Gaza is exactly what the "Palestinians" want - they want Israel to kill "civilians" so they can rally the Arab world around them and divert attention from the "Democratic" demonstrations around the Arab world. Israel shouldn't fall into the trap. Just start getting rid of the heads of terror in a surgical, smart way.
12. #8 Blind Observer
GOOD ,   USA/IL   (03.25.11)
Your bigotry and hate toward Israel is oozing off of your post. So you are blaming Israel for Killing an entire Jewish family and planting a bomb in a bus station to get concessions out of the "Palestinians". Is Israel also lobbing missiles on itself to make the "Palestinians" look bad? Also, just to remind you that the "Palestinians" celebrated the brutal murder of the Fogel family in the streets of Gaza.
13. Stop this peace BS already.
USA   (03.25.11)
Effin sick and tired of peace, peace. The only way to bring peace, is to BRING peace after you anhilate your enemy and liberate your lands from his occupation. And whoever has a different method to bring peace isn't really interested in peace, but in something else.
14. US Hypocrisy
Rich ,   Malaga, Spain   (03.25.11)
The US urges restraint. But look at 9/11. Not a single piece of military hardware from any sovereign nation was used to crash planes into a couple buildings. And it results in 2 wars! And half the globe being coerced into "anti-terrorism" laws and human rights issues. Yet Israel, for all their faults, is being attacked on a daily / weekly basis. Time and again - and they continue to give aid to those attacking them. Isreal is in serious need of the PR team behind 9/11. That wouldn't be tolerated ANYWHERE else on earth. Let alone a "western'ised society"
15. Israeli Restraint
Edward ,   Savannah, USA   (03.25.11)
That means another empty building will be bombed by the IDF, more checkpoints will be dismantled, more terrorists will be released from Israeli prisons, and not a word will be spoken about Shalit. Bibi and his brother Barak are a joke and a very sad blot on the nation of Israel. How many more people will have to die before those two clowns are kicked out of office and some REAL Jews get in power that WILL protect their people and tell the world where to get off!!!???
16. bouts of terror
observer   (03.25.11)
That 1-2 kilos explosive could not have bypassed 400+ roadblocks in the West Bank, nor could it have been smuggled across Gaza's border. Not anymore neutralized, Egypt wont allow a all out war on Gaza. In Itamar the terrorists first ran into a house that was bereft of its inhabitants at that moment. They decided to proceed to the next house of the Fogel family. How could this terrorist act take place in a Jewish settlement that seemed to have been so well protected? Itamar is protected by an electric fence that sets off an alarm even if the shrubs move. It is patrolled by defense ministry civil guards who replaced the IDF but who were trained by the IDF previous to taking this post. The procedure during the night of the massacre was fully followed. The town is equipped with gates, fences, lighting, cameras, security, vehicles and more. Alarm was set off by the fact that the fence was not touched, but as the Itamar security guards did not find a break in the fence — it APPARENTLY had been jumped and jumped again in the return trip OR terrorist used guard uniform, ID badge and fluent Hebrew to walk through Settlement gate; that is impossible for Arabs. Most terrifying than the abominable act is thinking that the terrorists could be from within. Man hunt INSIDE settlement seemed to bring more terror and anger to settlers especially when that stirs the religious fear of fervent settlers of itamar of this "WITHIN". So, they sufficed themselves with the OUTSIDE hunt.
al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.25.11)
Is Israel afraid? Has it not learned from its history? Has it not internalized any lessons from its past? Is Israel weak due to the absence of any ideology which aided in the past? Esau will always hate Jacob=Israel.
18. #10- I'm with ya bro
Israel Watchdog ,   Israel   (03.25.11)
The world has ignored rockets being shot into Israel for what, 9 years now? Well, they can start ignoring our 2 for 1 sale! Indescrimentaly back at ya!
19. Go home Bibi, all you do is talk and talk.
Eran ,   Singapore   (03.25.11)
Leave your place to Liberman. He will teach them a lesson.
20. After haven given it a little thought
Israeli 2   (03.25.11)
I prefer Russian educated leaders for Israel rather than Western educated ones. Bibi is an example of it. All talk - no walk.
21. forgive your enemies
Robert ,   farmington,usa   (03.25.11)
You can only forgive your enemies so many times....Israel has shown more restraint then 10 nations combined , its time to take somebody to the woodshed. may the lord forever bless the state of israel.
22. Natenyahu c'mon wake up!
Samson ,   Lagos,Nigeria   (03.25.11)
If a bomb hits Tel-Aviv today I bet you Natenyahu will order an immediate incurtion of Gaza.Not just an incurtion but taking out Hamas completely and assasinations of Hamas leaders in Syria and else where.As far as Natenyahu is concerned the south is not worth making a move of that sought but show restrain
23. Hit Iran where it hurts most and LEVEL GAZA for once and for
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (03.25.11)
all. FFS how have you let this carry on for so long - you used to be such an admirable nation going to great lengths to protect your citizens ... what the hell changed? Are Israelis no longer important to the leaders of Israel? It's time to clean Gaza out - by bombing it back into the stone age NOW!
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (03.25.11)
Obama has been put into his box. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
Orao. ,   Srbia.   (03.25.11)
26. Go Ahead DO it!
IRAN#1   (03.25.11)
Then you will enjoy the calls for UN sanctions and UN resolutions to enact a UN resolution demanding member states take "the necessary" measures against Israel and it's war machine to protect Palestinian civilians.
27. #26 and partial force for Iran?
observer   (03.25.11)
28. Pros and Cons for Invasion
Concerned Jew   (03.25.11)
Hamas needs to be obliterated before any "peace" dialogue can ensue. There are two logical approaches to Gaza. On the one hand, you could make the case that this is the perfect time to finish the job (Cast Lead 2.0) while the so-called "International Community" is preoccupied with the pan-Arab revolution, particularly Libya. Having said that, if Israel invades Gaza again and fails to destroy Hamas completely, then Arab dictators and exploit the situation to quell protests and divert world attention; or, conversely, the people leading the revolutions can exploit Israel's actions to fire everyone up and further their own agenda (the Brotherhood for example). Whatever logic prevails, we all know that a ground invasion is inevitable in the long-run. But if Israel chooses an invasion, GO ALL THE WAY, quit doing half-assed jobs like in Lebanon and Cast Lead. Everyone will criticize us no matter what, so you might as well go all the way. No more tit for tat.
29. #26 Read #23
Israeli 2   (03.25.11)
Israel WILL do it and when they do, they shall sweep the UN mouse back to its hole. You with them. You will be squeeking where no one can hear you.
30.  Great Force ?
Dan ,   USA   (03.25.11)
Bibi will have the air force rocket two empty buildings rather then one.
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