Canada: Gaza rocket strikes 'criminal'
Published: 25.03.11, 21:09
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1. PM Harper is Israel's only North American friend
Charles ,   Paris, FRANCE   (03.25.11)
2012 can't come fast enough so that the U.S. can dump Obama.
2. #1 Harper is gone.
Harper was just thrown out this afternoon in a non-confidence motion. He is the first Prime Minister in the history of the British Commenwealth to be held in comptempt of parliament. Does the State of Israel really need a friend like that?
3. # 1
five ,   canada   (03.25.11)
Agreed. Obama does not represent the will of the american people. he represents, wright, faurakand and their ilk. Proud to be canadian. our government at least has the balls to tell it like it is instead of jumping on the bandwagon of wrong makes right..
4. Stephen Harper will be PM again after the next election
West Coast Canuck   (03.25.11)
He's been an amazingly good prime minister. While other countries are going bankrupt, Canada is doing very well, thank you. He's an economist after all. To the opposition Liberals, may I remind them that when in government they were up to their ears in financial scandals and corruption and that's why they were kicked out in favor of the Conservatives. The Liberals rank very low no matter what value you test them on. We Canadians of every political stripe are proud of our Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He brought dignity and good government back and he will be re-elected.
5. Harper is gone and will win again
Barmtl ,   Montreal   (03.25.11)
True Harper just lost a non confidence vote and we are going to elections in a month and a half. Harper is pretty much guaranteed to win again! and will be around to stand up for Israel!
6. #2
AD ,   Toronto, Canada   (03.25.11)
Harper is a good PM. He'll be re-elected again and perhaps this time with a majority. And yes, Israel needs and is proud to have a friend like that!!!
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (03.25.11)
The world is catching on, doesn't matter about the no confidence vote, it was unrelated to his condemnation of the murder attacks on civilians in Israel. In the next ,which is coming soon, Hamas will have nobody to stop Israel. What? Do tou think anybody would dare set up a "No Fly" zone against Israel? First, it's never been done in the past, second, what country could fight Israeli pilots and win? Only one, the USA, and they will never do it, period. People worldwide see Hamas and their ilk for what they truly are, murderers. Not resistance fighters, not oppressed, not demonstrating for freedom (they already have it in Gaza), your just thugs who want to kill innocent civilian? You keep telling the world you want to destroy Israel, and guess what? They believe Hamas wants exactly that. Your done, through, Kaput! The "youtube video's smuggled out of Gaza all show Hamas beating, shooting, killing their own people. Hamas IS what all the people in the region want gone.Brutal dictators who allow NO freedom for their people. Did everybody see the video of Hamas killing a wedding party just for singing at the wedding? I did, and have that video. Hamas has become exactly what the Arab people want to be free of. The Arabs won't come to your aid, the Western Governments are sick of it, and want no more involvement. Especially from people who hate us, and celebrated 9/11. Nobody is buying the euphemism "resistance" anymore it's called terrorism. They know it's just simple treachery, that you use on your own people, as "human shields", and they think it's deviant, perverted, child abuse in it's most cynical form. The world just witnessed Gaddafi use kids as human shields" in his last speech, just a couple of days ago. It repulsed the civilized world. Hamas, you don't have many friends left. Your days are numbered. How does it taste?
8. From #1 - Thanks for the correction
Charles ,   Paris, FRANCE   (03.25.11)
Sorry about the error -- don't often see what's going on across the ocean, at least north of the U.S. I'll pay more attention!
9. Harper
David Engel ,   Montreal, Canada   (03.25.11)
Funny, Jewish people had always voted Liberal in the past while successive Conservative governments were the only ones to really support Israel. I had voted Liberal for years until I realized the Liberal's are not Israel's friend at all and Harper has done a great job. Harper will be back with a majority and Canada will still support Israel. Montrealer and Conservative
10. Unfortunately many Canadians would say otherwise.
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.25.11)
11. Harper is the Canadian version of George Bush
Jeff Lapointe ,   Canada   (03.25.11)
Canada government defeated in non-confidence vote.Right we do not need an Israeli government in Canada and a PM who care more about Israeli interest more than Canadian.No room for conservative ideologist in free liberal Canada.Harper should have gone long time ago ,he is the Canadian version of George Bush.American flashed George Bush into the toilet and we still waiting .it is about time.
12. Hoping for Harper to lead a majority government
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (03.25.11)
Until the recent "no confidence" vote, Harper and his conservatives headed a coalition government. Israel of course knows how dysfunctional they can be. Here's hoping that in the coming election he will emerge with a majority party and dispense with the need for a coalition partner that prevents him from tackling such matters as immigration and the "Human Rights" Council.
13. block by block
real vision ,   usa   (03.25.11)
It is time israel destroyed block by block those areas closest to Israel
14. Harper up 26 Percent For Majority
JKipper ,   Canada   (03.26.11)
Harpers a shoe in for Canada so fear not our Israeli freinds and Brothers. Muslims loose evry turn of the corner as we see your true intent. Every Nations people with a democracy have the Majority to overcome the Muslim intent as in progress by the sounds of it. Muslims abuse of our generosity and moral aptitude will no longer be trampled and the rules of the game is changing. The People Have Spoken and Israel is our freind and brothern
15. # 13
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.26.11)
I like your way of thinking!!
16. funny thing about the picture
israel   (03.26.11)
the sweatshirts they're wearing are standard issue IDF sweatshirts. if they kill all of the israelis, who will make their sweatshirts??!! friggin' jackasses...
17. Fool! Do you need an Iranian gov in Canada then, eh?
What a suicidal fool. In your racism and hatred against the Jews and Israel, you're selling your country to the Muslims. Our sweet revenge will be seeing you raped by a gang of Muslims, just like in EU. Let's see you brag about "free" and "liberal" Canada when your Muslim "friends" feed you to the snakes. Alive.
18. Only Canada has guts......
rachel ,   usa   (03.26.11)
19. hopefuly gone for good
J ,   isr   (03.26.11)
while Steve's foreign minister has some truth in what he said about hte happy to see him leave as he is a threat to canada's multicultural society. we don't want a liberman type guy running canada.
GATES TRIAL BALLOON…LETS THROW ISRAEL UNDER THE BUS & ALL WILL BE WELL WITH THE WORLD Rashid Khalidi has prevailed within the Obama administration as he claimed he would, and as I warned he might. He is dedicated to the destruction of Israel. He makes no bones about it in his public statements and he brags about his access to the White House where he has been one of Obama’s most frequent visitors. In these efforts he has been supported by Brezinski and Scowcroft and others in the “foreign policy establishment” who have long been regarded as “pronounced enemies of Israel.” In spite of public statements and selectively leaked statements, Mahmoud Abbas,Salem Fayyad and the rest of the PA have not budged from their demands: (minimum )the West Bank and East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights to be 100% Jew free; full right of return for Palestinian refugees and their descendents to what is now “called Israel”. Equal rights for Palestinians within Israel, etc. etc. and thus,tomorrow all of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, etc. Does Gates, Clinton, or even Obama really believe that throwing Israel under the bus will help achieve a moderate pro-Western government in Egypt? Resolve the problems in Libya? Insure a stable Iraq? Moderate Hezbollah and preserve the Christians in Lebanon? Lead to a democracy in Syria? Moderate Iran’s anti-western stance and curtail their nuclear program? The willingness, again, of the United States and Europe to sacrifice the Jews to try to buy peace for themselves must be resisted clearly and forcefully by a United Jewish community. I call on the Jewish press to help mobilize this needed unity. Because “if we don’t hang together, we will surely hang separately.”
21. #14 moron, Harper wasn't defeated for muslims
Mark Wilbert ,   Canada   (03.26.11)
it was a contempt feeling among the majority of MP which is a contempt feeling among the majority of Canadian as well.True Canadian not a governament made off american and Israeli neoconservative puppets ministers . We got that idoit out of the office and you ...go have a sleep!
22. #2, and #11 - and all other Jew Haters
shmeelshiya ,   Principled, Canada   (03.26.11)
#2...the first in history, etc., because the Liberals, who never could use the word "terrorist" to describe Hezbollah terrorists, the Liberals just happen to be the first to use the words "in contempt" as part of their no confidence motion. The Liberals forced this election to oust their loser leader, who will, no doubt, be shmiced in the next election. Then the Liberals will elect another leader. It won't be you, because you're too stupid. #11 - Bush wasn't great, but having Reverand Jeremiah Wright and George Soros as President of the United States, which is what the world has now, is even worse. You don't like that Harper and his Canadian government unequivocally support Israel. You can't tell the difference between those who fire rockets from behind women and children, and those who defend themselves from those rockets. We know who and what you are, ie., Jew hating trash. I'm guessing you onced marched with Hezbollah, along with your PQ friends. I proudly stand and march with David Engel, from Montreal, and all the other good hearted talkback posters on this site. Shabbat Shalom
23. A poem:
Ypip ,   Canada   (03.26.11)
Although what our eyes see And does not frighten A Lemur will catch the banana.
24. #1 Harper is gone
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (03.26.11)
It's nothing shameful to be held in contempt by a Liberal Party that gave us the Sponsorship Scandal and a rump party that counts those notoriously anti Israeli members Svend Robinson and Libby Davies among its best.
25. NDP, Liberal parties forcing unnecessary election in Canada
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (03.26.11)
It will be unnecessary and costly to us, the Canadian taxpayers. Most of us are not happy with another costly election, we will vote Conservative.
26. Attacks on military targets semi-legal but not at civilians
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (03.26.11)
If Hamas is aiming at military targets and due to inaccurate nature of rockets or mortars hits civilians then it may not be criminal but any attack aimed directly at civilians is a terrorist act and highly criminal. Peace is always the best option all around but comes with a price for both sides, so usually the option of last resort, since winning and achieving all goals is human nature.
27. #7 egypt fought your pilots and beet in 1973
masrawy ,   egypt   (03.26.11)
Egypt and syria embarrassed the israeli army in 1973 the only people with enough courage and wit to stand up to the terrorism of israel and guess what arabs have 22 countries
28. #11 yeah i live in canada how you you people take his
masrawy ,   egypt   (03.26.11)
29. #26 - Hamas aims at civilian centers
William ,   Israel   (03.26.11)
in the opposite direction of IDF bases. Does that tell you something? Hamas knows exactly where the IDF are and operate, which is why they avoid them. Hizbullah did the same thing in 2006. They knew, through spies like Bishara, where the IDF bases were and targeted civilian centers instead. Just because these idiots don't have eyes in the air (planes) doesn't mean they don't have "eyes" on the ground. They know what they're aiming for - and say so with vigor.
30. #27 - You did? Then how did you lose so much land?
William ,   Israel   (03.26.11)
Funny, only Egypt and Syria can turn a massive ass-kicking into a triumphant act. There is nothing courageous about attacking a population when they are fasting, praying and sleeping. But then again, the only way your ilk could get an upper hand is if you attacked Jews at this moment. Had you launched the illegal war a day earlier, Cairo and Damascus would have been trashed and we'd be home for dinner.
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