Gaddafi promotes entire army
Published: 25.03.11, 20:48
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1. Herr Qadaffy what about the mercenaries?
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.25.11)
Are they too going to be promoted? Or haven't they murdered enough civilians yet?
2. Desperate Times...
Avi ,   USA   (03.25.11) for desperate measures. Next, he'll be promising a house and a car to any soldier of his rag-tag group of thugs that kills an American or a European. Give it up, you monster. You're going down in Libya, and down in history as a cruel, crazy, and weird dictator. You and Kim Yong-Il will be sharing a room in hell, soon.
3. gaddafi
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (03.25.11)
what a complete , nutter , this man and his family , are serial killers they enjoy it , i think the coaltion are hell bent , on wipeing him from the face of the earth, even if he surfvies is all he will be left with is a bombed out third world country ,
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (03.25.11)
What a madman says, but, right now , I'm taking bets, Gaddafi will stay in power. Why? Because the coalition started with no endgame plan. It's a shame.
5. #4 Gadhafi will stay in power because
Yossef   (03.25.11)
the imperialist coalition is fighting for oil and not for freedom. Where is the "freedom coalition" in Syria, in Yemen, in Barhain ? Oops sorry, in Barhain there is the "SA freedom coalition". US, France, UK, plz don't insult our intelligence with this sudden love for freedom in Libya.
6. promotions before the collapse
Cameron ,   USA   (03.26.11)
Ya gotta love it. Ya know, I heard a few nights ago on a financial channel, that The Joker is estimated to have close to 150 billion in gold bullion socked away in Tripoli. No one can loot, and bleed a country dry like an Arab.
7. Gaddafi is a tyrant
But he is not as bad as the Saudis. and #1, what mercenaries? You mean the ones that the CIA and MI6 told you about? I am sure they are a trustworthy source. I certainly believe them when they say that the massive air bombardment caused no civilian deaths. Would they lie to us?
8. If It Looks Like
Brazen   (03.26.11)
a wack job, talks like a wack job, is it a wack job? He always appears crazy? Like a fox? how else has this wack job, manglomaniac, shmata wearing with a matching hat (kippa) stay in power? G-D (Hashem) Only Knows ?
9. I think that #4 is right....
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (03.26.11)
The international forces are as clueless as Libya's opposition. No one knows what's going on. This mission is doomed.
10. Batista did that just before Castro entered Havana.
Scott ,   USA   (03.26.11)
Fat lot of good it did him. By the way, did the Mad Colonel promote himself to Mad General?
11. Yossef, you realist you
Cameron ,   USA   (03.26.11)
12. "Yippee I'm a general now"
Li ,   USA   (03.26.11)
"General Abdul, do you have a match?" "No, general Mustafa, I'm not old enough to smoke." "Oh, that's too bad general. Do you know how to load this gun?" "General Mustafa that is a shovel not a gun."
13. Oil in Bosnia and Kosovo?
Frankie Littlehammer ,   New Herstal, TX, USA   (03.26.11)
People have already forgotten that in Bosnia and Kosovo the West came to the rescue of the descendants of Turkish settlers and collaborators with the occupying Turkish army living on land stolen from the Serbs.
14. #5: Yossef, Your Right, and Wrong
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (03.26.11)
The coalition went in, to stop Arabs from murdering Arabs. That's what you guys do best, right. The world was watching, and, you begged us to come in. But frankly, were sick of it. Mainly because your a bunch of ungrateful bastards. You see, if we help you, we get accused of "imperialism", if we don't help you, then were racist, and letting you die because your Muslim. So who wants to go into a no win situation, get it? You see Yossef, just look at what you wrote. But as far as Oil goes, yea your right. That's important to the world economy, certainly your culture of death mentality isn't worth saving, right. The fact is, 9 out of every 10 conflicts in the world your (Muslims) responsible for, and involved in. So in a world that consumes 83 million barrels of oil a day, why let one million barrels a day go off the market. If you look around, you guys rarely choose "freedom" anyways, and we'll see how many of these regional riots turn into a new government that is free and democratic? I have my doubts. So go ahead and cry were only there for the Oil, and, you might be right, because there is nothing in your culture we want save. All I've ever seen is your constant hate, towards anybody that isn't like you.
15. The modern Nero fiddler, Gaddafi
jo   (03.26.11)
Now that is what I call leadership; rewading his glorious troops by promoting them to Generals for their courageous, heroics at mastering the fine art of slaughtering their " beloved brothers ", an islamic specialty enduring 1400 years of steady and constant bloodletting. The leader of this rag-tag army of cannibals, could do no less than awarding himself the well deserved title of " Admiral " of the Libyan Empire. Allah would be proud of you. A medal for Tony Blair ?.
16. #14 You are mistaken
Yossef   (03.26.11)
You are mistaken, I am a Jew, although Sephardic, but israeli :-)
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