Gaza: IDF attacks rocket launchers; 2 killed
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 27.03.11, 11:04
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1. "not terrorists"
Mohamad ,   Jabaliya Camp   (03.27.11)
Not true, they were normal people.
2. IDF attacks rockets launchers
LION OF ZION   (03.27.11)
3. Liars!, killed in street not in vehicle, here is the proof
observer ,   Egypt   (03.27.11)
how can Israel's air force select two men of a cluster of 5 men in a car to kill. Israel has not been so precise in telling the truth.
4. @1 normal people that fire rockets and missles.
The pilots that targeted them are also normal people.
5. # 1
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (03.27.11)
Of, course, for you, terrorists are normal people.
6. Hey Hamas, "Israel" broke your unilateral ceasefire!!
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.27.11)
"Israel's" political “elite” does not want peace..... very clear, we don't need further proof.
7. isreal is now responsible for any escalation of violence
shadi- Gaza ,   gaza strip   (03.27.11)
yesterday Gaza militans groups agreed to abide by a ceasfire if israel halts its attaks on Gaza , but todays' killings prove israel is uninterested in cease fire ....... May be the killings are for provoking gaza militans to fire rockets in order to practically test the effectiveness of Iron dome system
8. Shady Gazan
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (03.27.11)
(as if there is any other kind) There was no formal agreement to a ceasefire. Israelis know what a farce it is, expecting Hamas, IJ and your other bands of terrorists to keep their word.
9. TO SALMA #6
John ,   NYC   (03.27.11)
Chupame la pija....check it out on the dictionary. Why dont you go to live in IRAN...with your "brothers". If you come to NYC, let me know, and I will invite you a drink :)
10. 3 & 6
Jeremy ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.27.11)
3. You said here is the proof.. I must have missed the proof? What are you talking about? Where there 5 people and only 3 were injured? I'm confused, not being sarcastic. 6. Salma, I hate to tell you but ceasefire means that both sides have to stop firing. Cease=to stop, to discontinue .. There is no ceasefire when rockets continue to come into Israel. And even if the "elite" don't want peace the rest of us do so the "elite" will have to get over it!
11. @ Salma #6---- IGNORANT
Alex ,   Berlin, Germany   (03.27.11)
Salma dear... why should Israel respect a unilateral cease fire declared by a terrorist that has as goal to destroy Israel? It would be stupid to do anything that Hammas says. If Israel would respect the cease fire, they would use it (as they did in the past) to get more weapons and get strong! So... no dear Salma... Hammas is no one to talk to... they are ASSASINS and cowards hidding behind brain washed children and innocent people! SHAME ON YOU SALMA!
12. shadi no 7
LION OF ZION   (03.27.11)
Hamas wants ceasefire to re-organise their tactics.Hamas have broken ceasefire many times. NO ceasefire, No Ceasefire,carry on Israel fllaten Gaza & Hamas
13. do you speak english in Gaza ????
14. #7 Lying "national" sport of Hamas & PA
Menachem ,   Israel   (03.27.11)
Your terrorist buddies in Gaza attacked Israeli civilians and now your aggressors whine because Israel's defends itself and hits back. You should thank allah for the fact that Israel hasn't bombed Gaza into a parking lot for camels. You guys need to get your heads examined.
15. Salma and Shadi
Gabriel ,   Jerusalem   (03.27.11)
Girls, please... I hope you have also conspiracy theories for Hamas and Iran too... Not just Mosad and the Protocols of Zion - as you seem to be raised to believe... I admire your militancy, but I'm afraid you're being manipulated to defend terror. Do you understand what does the terror and continuous self-low-esteem do to your people?
16. what came first...
seadog1946 ,   InTransit, USA   (03.27.11)
the bottle-rocket/mortar-shell from gaza or the extra-judicial assassination from israel?
17. @11 Shame on you, Salma.
Peace Lily   (03.27.11)
Salma has no shame.
18. #1
aaron ,   sweden   (03.27.11)
Read the article Islamic jihad addmitted that they were members of their military wing. Nice try
19. Salma,go to Jordan,the palestinian Country,
ROSENVALD ,   BRASIL   (03.27.11)
20. to#1
Jennie ,   US/Israel   (03.27.11)
Well, mohamad, The only comforting thing is there to say, that when you people playing with fire, don't cry when you get burned...If I were you, I would complain to your leaders..Stop the kassmas, the murdering of our children, the targeting of the innocent civilians..And give us back Gilad Shalit !...Do you just expect us to turn the other "cheek", when you planting bombs in our town's squares,schools, buses,etc..? You are so delusional, that you think we would just sit and wait until you finish your devils job? I believe there could be some "normal" people among your palis...Israel doesn't target them and you know it...Your leaders are big heros, but now they are hiding behind your backs...What else is new...
21. Yes, First the Payback, then the...
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (03.27.11)
Ceasefire. What, did Hamas think they were going ton attack Israel and get in the last punch, Sorry, it doesn't work that way? You drew first blood Israel will tell you when their ready to accept the ceasefire.
22. keep going
mohson   (03.27.11)
benny, russo, keep firing and hit larger clusters of hamas and jihad fighters 20-100. Target them in larger groups and use large israeli missiles to knock out a hamas block at a time consisting of multiple buildings. That is the asymmetric fight that is necessary and will be necessary in the fight up north yet to come. Abbas is put on notice-israel claims jordan valley and 20% of land on the east bank of the jordan(menassah). Many israelis including some mks like barak probably don't realize the entire west bank and part of the east bank was ancient israeli and there was no palestinian entity. Arabs have a right to return from their sources-syria, lebanon, jordan, saudi arabia and egypt and iraq. They can go back there.
23. Poor Salma, Poor Pali's
MG ,   New Jersey, USA   (03.27.11)
These poor Palistinian's and their supporters are so delusinial. They insite their children to hate. Their only value is "kill the Jews". It's been 6 years since Israel dismanteled their settlements in Gaza and just look at all the progress the arabs have made - look at all the roads, hospitals, schools, sewer treatment plants, factories, power generation facilities, etc. - look at all the wonderful infrastructure that Hamas has provided for the people. Oh, I forgot, they did invest in one type of factory - missle factories. With all the money that the arab nations and the international community have given the Pails over the years - you would think that they would all be doing quite well. Oh, I forgot again, that money has to be embezzeled by corrupt leaders, used to buy weapons, used to insite against the jews - used for anything but to build a normal cibil society. Can you imagine what a normal peace loving society could have done with all that money. Can you imagine how bright their children's future could be if not for their cult of death and hatred.
24. Lawsuits against Palestinian orgs
sk ,   USA   (03.27.11)
Does Israeli law allow for suing Palestinian organizations and their leaders and collecting on judgments in favor of Israel and/or its citizens for damages, psychological trauma, etc?
25. Good Job, IDF
GOOD ,   USA/IL   (03.27.11)
Two cockroaches less to worry about. Hope the other three will suffer eternal pain.
26. #10 three Super-Palestinans scaped en mass killing in a car?
observer ,   Egypt   (03.27.11)
27. #3 You totally missed the point - Lessons from Dimona/Tracto
meir elazar   (03.27.11)
"how can Israel's air force select two men of a cluster of 5 men in a car to kill." You totally missed the point. A car with 5 TERRORISTs were transporting a rocket to shoot at Israeli civilians. IDF did NOT target 2 of the five TERRORISTS. They were trying to kill ALL FIVE. Unfortunately three survived but hopefully they will be in enormous pain and suffering from their injuries for a very long time and possibly crippled and missing limbs. In the Dimona Terror attack, the first suicide bomber exploded his suicide vest and injured the second terrorist. The second terrorist opened his shirt and reached to explode his vest when an alert policeman saw him and put 4 bullets directly into his head. In the second Tractor Terror attack in Jerusalem, someone fired 11 bullets into the head of the terrorist. The lessons learned here and from other terrorists attacks are to respond immediately, empty the entire clip into the head of the terrorist, and not show any compassion for terrorists whose only mission is to attack, murder, and maim innocent civilians.
28. GAZA to help increase Israeli Commerce and Revenues
meir elazar   (03.27.11)
PAL logic is totally beyond comprehension. 1. It is okay for PALs to shoot tens of thousand of rockets and mortars at Israeli citizens since they rarely ever hit their targets! 2. It is totally reprehensible that Israel fights back to defend their citizens and kills the TERRORISsT that perpetrate their crimes. 3. It is perfect okay for Gaza terrorists to kidnap journalists and foreign aid workers. 4. It is perfectly okay to murder Fatah and have a military coup in Gaza. 5. It was perfectly okay for Gazan terrorist to murder the 3 Americans who came to grant gifted Gazan children a Fulbright scholarship and then release them after they were caught. 6. In advance of the deployment of Iron Dome which may have a serious impact on the terrorist's ability to fire rockets at Israel, it is perfectly okay to ask for a ceasefire until they find another way to launch terrorist attacks on Israel. I don'[t know exactly how effective the Iron Dome will be but what is certain is that this is the first defense system of its kind. Should the terrorists continue to fire rockets at Israel and help Israel field test their new defense system, this may bring enormous orders and revenues from around the world for such defense systems. The terrorists seem to alway shoot themselves in the foot and find ways to increase the revenues of the Israel Defense Industries. Thank you Gaza for all your support.
29. #23 what can you say but :they are stupid.Some kind of menta
rachel ,   usa   (03.27.11)
mental retardation . they are hateful people ....what else do you expect from that ....
30. #16 seabisket Whats That???
Brazen   (03.27.11)
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