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Poll: 46% in favor of 'price tag'
Published: 28.03.11, 14:19
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1. The true face of Israel....
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (03.28.11)
Israeli soldiers evict illegal Israeli 'settlers' and an almost majority of Israelis advocate, accept and even applaud violent actions against Palestinians. By the way, don't excuse such activities by Itamar. Such activities preceded those murders and we still have no idea as to the identity of the perpetrators. Among both the government and apparently the majority of Israelis, none loudly denounce such 'price-tag' operations. The perpetrators of which are rarely arrested, and even more rarely prosecuted, convicted and given heavy prison sentences. The only cosequence of such criminal actibities is Israelis whining about how they are 'misunderstood' and the whole world is 'antisemitic' for even broaching the subject and pointing out the hypocrisy and racism underlying such opinions.
2. Uh... What!?
Miriam ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.28.11)
Well according to this, the people who would actually listen to the Rabbis are the ones who don't think they have the power to stop it....
3. WSell, about time,something for rabbis to do.Get busy fellas
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.28.11)
4. Kristallnacht on the native Palestinians
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.29.11)
"Never again" is happening again.
5. 46% of Israeli support Jewish terrorism!
Moise   (03.29.11)
You can't blame the Palestinians who support the same phenomenon. What's the difference? Nothing, absolutely nothing.
6. #1
Chris ,   Naptown   (03.29.11)
"almost majority" hold on a sec.... isn't that a *minority*??
7. #4 they are foreigners who invaded
Golan ,   Modiin   (03.29.11)
not native. And I am against violence against them. However your word choices seem to justify violence against Jews whom you consider to be colonialists (colony of what? Israel is our motherland.)
8. Sometimes "price tag" is the only answer.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.29.11)
What are Israelis to do when they vote for a right wing patriotic government and get lunatic leftist policies like building freezes and the Two State Final Solution? When the Supreme Court almost invariably takes the side of Israel's enemies? When Israel's government makes little or no response to murderous anti-Jewish terror. Sometimes "price tag" is the only answer. I wish German Jews had used "price tag" action against the Nazis in the 1920's. The Holocaust may have been averted or atleast reduced in scope. American Jewish gangsters stopped public Nazi rallies, in the U.S., by brutally beating Nazis in the pre WW II years.
9. Elokeinu
Pinhas Bayit ,   Bet HaKerem   (03.29.11)
Elokeinu Is not smiling down upon us today or in any of these days. Elokeinu hides in shame from us for what we are doing and what we have become. We daily traduce the Mitzvot and Elokeinu has left us to our fate.
10. Ynet. Israel has an entire world twisting half-truths to
make her look evil. Why would you CHOOSE this approach and aid and assist those seeking our destruction? To my estimation, it does NOT make you look fair minded...but rather weak minded. It does all of Israel harm. It is truly either an error in judgement or self abuse...either way the damage to ALL of US is the same.
11. Maybe Price Tag is virtuous?
sk ,   USA   (03.29.11)
Let's see ... those who most know Torah also support Price Tag. I gather then that Price Tag is the appropriate Jewish response, which means, the virtuous response.
12. Another way to look at it: % 54 is against it..
nobody ,   nowhere   (03.30.11)
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