Book: Ghandi left his wife for Jewish bodybuilder
Published: 28.03.11, 12:30
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1. Ghandi hated gays, stopped sex with wife
Golan ,   Modiin   (03.28.11)
he also refused to allow his kids to get an education, and looked the other way while muslim extremists murdered Hindus. He had a death wish and wanted to be martyred saying "If I dye of old age I am a charlatan." He was abusive towards his wife and refused to have sex with her because in his belief sex is only to make children. He also forbade her to eat eggs or drink milk (something allowed to Hindus) when she was sick and needed the protein. He was a horrible man and I read all this in a biography that was anything but "expose." He sounds like our De Haan. a sick man with a twisted mind who was poison to the world... and was lucky to have gotten shot because everyone remembers him for being shot and not his evil.
2. Example of zionist hatred & defamation of a peace promoter
christianpalestinian ,   las vegas   (03.28.11)
The great Ghandhi had spoken out on numerous occassions against the british occupation of India as well as the european jewish occupation of palestine. This is why he is being attacked.
3. Gandhi was a great leader but
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.28.11)
the man remains a man. this is the difference between men and women, Men fall in love through sex; Women fall in sex through love.
4. Gandhi was also anti-Israel
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (03.28.11)
5. a reporters "healthy" what?
destraction ,   world   (03.28.11)
I dont know if its true or not- but healthy is not the word
7. Anyone professing Love for Mankind is a fraud by default!!
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.28.11)
8. Ghandi cult
Schmidlap ,   Toronto, Canada   (03.28.11)
Ghandi is merely an annointed high preist of the human rights cult who pagan leftists revere as their god- like idol. It was only a matter of time before this bogus confidence scheme was exposed.
9. #3 stop writing nonsense , what would you know about love ?
rachel ,   usa   (03.28.11)
10. #3you only know hate!!!!
rachel ,   usa   (03.28.11)
11. enema ghandi
apetizing ,   guy   (03.28.11)
Reportedly his actions have delayed the british pulling out of India and his actions were so costly that he had to rely on milionaire's funding, to feed the huge crowd. He also praised the effect of clysters and applied them oftenly to himself and to his young female fans.
12. Shocking. Like Thomas Jefferson owning slaves I guess. Truth
Wow ,   Shocked   (03.28.11)
is a friend only of Truth, not subjective persons. The laws of the universe apply to all, saint sinner and all combinations of both, even Ghandi.
13. n word
xangofeather ,   usa   (03.28.11)
Dariah, that word is so vile, it has no equivalent in anti-Semitism. I don't know you, but I assume you have no compassion for an entire continent of people.
14. #3 Sadly, you are right
men have no shame.
15. Ghandi
h.s.cohen ,   New York City U.S.A.   (03.28.11)
New York Times-New York Slime
17. dariah
david ,   Royal Oak michigan   (03.28.11)
what a remarkable display of racism. Ynet, why would you countenance such filth being published?
18. Never trust a Hindu in a loincloth
Cameron ,   USA   (03.28.11)
19. One has to question the judgment of a man who married the
Rivkah   (03.28.11)
most venomous woman he ever met. Was he a masochist? Did he cause his wife to become venomous? What did he do to upset a woman so terribly? Sharing her husband with other men sexually would certainly be upsetting. Well, at least he didn't "necklace" people like South Africa's Nelson Mandela did: put burning tires around their necks to kill people who were bound.
20. to nr. 6.
cosmopolitist ,   world/planet earth   (03.28.11)
having read your talkback it seems that almost the entire worldpopulation is antisemite, except ......but i can tell you this using the word "nigger" is an insult to blacks/negroes and is pure racism/hate-mongering/hate-crime just as (inciting to) jews-hate is forbidden/crime. apartheid-south-africa was a disgrace/shame/insult/crime to the world and one of the worst, most repressive dictatorships, as was hitler-germany. it was only a fine country for the white-elite, only a democracy for the whites, but it was a dictatorship/tyranny for the big majority of the south-african people. thanks to the efforts of nelson mandela et al.south-africa did not have a civil war and there was a peacefull transition to a democratic country for equality of all races.
21. #3 glad you are reading the Zionist press, loser
frank ,   usa   (03.28.11)
23. Who Cares?
Tsvi ,   Ashdod   (03.28.11)
24. Muslims and Hindus have anal homosexual sex
Rivkah   (03.28.11)
with boys and adult males as a lifestyle. In Afganistan, little boys are indentured to adult males for sex. That is shocking to U.S. troops who should be policing the U.S. borders, not the opium poppy fields of Afganistan. The cultures of Hindus and Muslims are an abomination to YHWH and the West should leave those countries and send all Hindus and Muslims in the West back to Hindu and Muslim nations. They do not mix and never will successfully. Even in India, the Muslims and Hindus had to be separated to keep them from killing each other. After they have killed as many Christians and Jews as they can, they will turn on each other. Unless the Jewish Messiah comes quickly, there won't be anyone left alive on earth after the coming wars and famines and pestilences and earth changes.
25. #24 - call me.
Ron Jeremy ,   USA   (03.28.11)
26. To Salma bashers
Yossef   (03.28.11)
Well, for once she didn't put Israel between quotes, she didn't say nothing against Israel. Why are you so angry ? May be what she says is interesting, let's think about, maybe it's true maybe it's false. I think it's false, well... hmmm... I don't know. BTW attacking Salma for no reason weakens your arguments when you argue with her on a serious subject.
27. to # 24 Rivkah
Rayan ,   US   (03.28.11)
Rivkah …For your disgraceful misunderstanding and hatred about other religion and people of the world ...eventually we left with only 6 million ...any mesiah dint help us to increase our number even the grand fertility of religious young Jews woman. ..while see the Hindus..... they proliferate to ~ 1 billion just by preaching peace. Muslims and Hindus they don’t kill each other..they live peacefully...except one two incident indicted by hate crime by people like you...and you will still perform Mikbah in this 21 st century ..will never allow a new Christian church to raise its head in Israel but still will cry for Christian ..and still you will be astonished and dig details about the anal sex by Afgan elders with Afghan kids....may be this elders are Americans not Afgan Mollah...after all you hear the story through American media ..u have to hear through Wiki leaks to know what are the actual news...
28. Rivkah @ #19
Moragh   (03.28.11)
What you say is true Rivkah, nevertheless, Mandela's ex-wife Winnie Mandela was the perpetrator of the 'necklacing' murders and One could even watch the horrifying murders on the TV News etc. Winnie was truly a bad news "lady".
29. To 23 Tsvi # but your Govt care
Rami ,   Israel   (03.28.11)
True ...but your Govt care ..that’s why Israeli Govt didnt allow to broadcast the movie "Gandhi" by Richard Attleborow two years ago in fear that it may excite Palestinian and Arab Israeli for freedom see your seemingly mighty strong country how much fear a weak naked man looking wrapped with a one piece cloth just because he preach peace. !!!! remember also Winston Churchill was scared of him ... this non violence path is much stronger than Katusha, Grad or Nuclear Missile or Arrow or Marvaka..or IDF or Hizbollah or Hamas or Gadaffi or pentagon or RAF...and its proven ....see in South Africa or India ..everywhere it is proven....
30. #2 but the author IS NOT JEWISH!!!!!
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