Syrian cabinet resigns amid unrest
Associated Press
Published: 29.03.11, 15:02
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1. Reminds me of Mubarak firing his PM
Yonatan Frimer ,   Tsfat, Israel   (03.29.11)
This sure smells like what happened in egypt when Mubarak fired his PM and cabinet a few weeks before he stepped down. It's as if the dictators are deaf to chants against their name.
2. a country with a president, or a president with a country?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (03.29.11)
either way, syria will be a terror-supporting basket case that is at war with every other nation in the middle east.
3. Really? so what?
Salma ,   Palestine   (03.29.11)
I'm afraid you call this reform! do you mean the next government will not be Bashar al-Assad's government ? then nothing has changed!!! The people must choose the next government and not the "king" Bashar al-Assad.
4. Assad & Reforms
Edward ,   Savannah, USA   (03.29.11)
If we think for a moment that these "reforms" are for a "democracy" like Israel's, keep dreaming!!! What is going to replace Assad is the Muslim Brotherhood and instead of a free demoncratic society open for ALL, there will Sharia Law. None of this will be in Israel's favor!!! Somehow, those in the West have drank too much of Jim Jones' "cool-aid" and are in a stupor!!! But then again, that's the game plan!!!
5. #3; hypocrite! keep your wise comment for your hamas boss
STEPHAN ,   YAFFO   (03.29.11)
6. Netanyahu, you are the pivot point
ג'ון הנביא   (03.29.11)
in this unfolding drama. You know perfectly well that the evil that’s Islamic fascism emanating from Teheran is infecting/ seducing the masses of downtrodden throughout the Middle East. The Mullahs will use the same formula that was used in Iran, Lebanon and Gaza. It worked in those cases and you know it will work again. Once Teheran acquires atomics; the Islamic masses in the Middle East will rally to Iran like moths to a flame. Once Iran has atomics and heart and minds of Moslems everywhere, you know where all their eyes will turn to… ISRAEL. What will you do then? You know what must be done! You also know it must be done by you!
7. "In-tune with his country!"
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.29.11)
The man is a dictator, just like his warped father was. The best thing for Assad to do is to step aside and go back to being a doctor. As a leader, he never cut it. maybe with new leadership, Syria can experience true freedom, at least for a short while, before the psychopaths take over.
8. baby dictator needs a diaper change and a plane ticket out.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.29.11)
9. Careful now.
Johnnymac ,   Ireland   (03.29.11)
Take care that syria or its hizbolla puppets dont attack Israel. No better way of uniting the nation as far as assad would be concerned.
10. Salma - a serous question about choosing your leaders
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (03.29.11)
Salma - how are the Palestinian Arabs going to hold elections? They are already years overdue, and I don't see any signs that anything will change to enable the Palestinian Elections Committee to do their jobs. I would like to see the Palestinians hold elections, but how are you going to do it given the current stalemate between Fatah and Hamas?
11. Salma, Al Manar dont acept my coments.
ROSENVALD ,   BRASIL   (03.29.11)
Wen you go to talbacks, Al Manar ask for the Country,and dont have Israel to choice. I wrote many times from Brasil and Al Manar dont piblished just one coment dat i wrote. You write her every day. What do you think the Ynet forbid your coments like Al Manar did whit me???
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