Intifada Facebook page removed, re-launched
Nitzan Sadan
Published: 29.03.11, 19:05
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1. o 4 goodness sakes so what!
like the right wingers of the world don't have a few pages of their own on facebook!
2. I actually like it
bob ,   canada   (03.29.11)
I wish that all fanatics and lunatics to have a virtual revolution in facebook. This is absolutely fresh and save prospective, to give to every brain dead person suffering acute case of verbal diarrea the stage to speak out and conduct virtuall revolutions from the safety of their houses. May be we should create a computer game ' Intifada" and to distribute it for discounted price, to let lunatics and petty sadists to play and win.
3. I'm sure this is transpired at Facebook behind closed doors:
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (03.29.11)
Mark Zukerberg's corporate layers sat him down and explained to him what the legal expression "knew or should have known" means in the context of a multi-billion dollar liability lawsuit. Intifada means violent actions, including suicide and bus bombings, to destabilize and overthrow Israeli government policies, and to kill Israeli civilians for political reasons ("jihad"). This not only violates Facebook's stated policies but several US laws. Imagine hundreds or thousands of Intifada 3 victims and their families, plus Israeli corporations, each coming at Facebook for massive multi-million dollar civil actions. I'm sure the decision to pull the Intifada page was coupled with extracting a pledge from Israeli officials not to hold Facebook liable for the posting of the Intifada page to date. They finally got what they wanted, and pulled the Intifada page. Billionaire Zuckerberg wants to stay a billionaire, and didn't get to be a billionaire by being an idiot.
4. So what is the name of the new page- must kill that one too.
Eran ,   Singapore   (03.29.11)
5. most of messages in the group are israelis insulting
ivan ,   haifa   (03.29.11)
6. Intifada is coming with OR without Facebook favor
WestBanker ,   WestBank   (03.29.11)
We do not need Facebook support to set up our own liberty .... its already coming!!!!!!!!!
7. About Time, No Free Speech Issue
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (03.29.11)
As Morris Dees proved here (USA) in court when suing Klan type groups, that you can be responsible for inciting people to violence. He came up to what was referred to as an "Innovative legal strategy" and "used this legal strategy to hold the Klan accountable for the acts of its members" As we see here: "In 1981, Dees successfully sued the Ku Klux Klan and won a $7 million judgment for the mother of Michael Donald, a black lynching victim in Alabama." (The source of the above quotes and info is Wikipedia) You see words mean things, and nobody...including Facebook...has a legal or ethical responsibility to print and spread hate speech and promote obvious propaganda. That same logic has been repudiated for newspapers that accepted Ads which promoted hatred. It's a tired and old excuse. It's just the Arabs abusing free speech to promote their vile message of hatred. If they all boycott Facebook (unlikely) it will be a better place for it. If they put up another Facebook page take it down quicker this time. If some entrepreneurial Muslim wants to start their own Facebook fine. It will be seen for what it is, just another neo-Nazi or Ku Klux Klan type hate site that has a limited audience. No reputable company would advertise on Nazi any site and the same will be true with any site they attempt to start. That's not to say they won't make money. there are 1.2 Billion Muslims in the world. So there will always be a built in audience for their well known type of hatred.
8. #3 interesting
jorge stern ,   mexico   (03.29.11)
although im glad to see the page removed, we will have to see if Facebook will get sued over Freedom of expression denied.
9. no 8 freedom of expression? where? in the arabs countries
which arab countries are you refering to that promote freedome of expression, would it be saudi arabia, or yemen, or lebannon?
10. If There Is Talk
Brazen   (03.29.11)
about a third intafada And These Animals Get Whats Comming to them ONCE AND FOR ALL, PLEASE don't go crying to the world about big bad Israel if arabs don't like it LEAVE. you are afforded rights, citizenship, jobs, education and what ever you touch turns to HUDDA. By your own hand and your own actions calamity follows you? Why we all ask?
11. My comment was to to #6
Zionist citizen ,   Jerusalem   (03.29.11)
12. Ivan #5 how do you know?
Eran ,   Singapore   (03.29.11)
13. Intifada #6: Repeating
shrinkDave ,   Miami   (03.29.11)
the same thing over and over and expecting different results is nothing short of delusional. If you want Israel, come and get it. You want Jerusalem, come and take it. You want all the Jews out, just do it. But instead, you're busy abusing your own people and lying to yourself. God forbid you should do something right. Not going to happen.
14. Buffons
Eran ,   Singapore   (03.29.11)
Arabs dont keep their promises, they claimed in the removed page that they will boycott Facebook forever. It took them half a day to launch a new page. To them, forever means half a day! Buffons.
15. Jorge-8, I doubt it
Eran ,   Singapore   (03.29.11)
16. Free speech, but no spreading hatred!
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Cherry Hill, NJ USA   (03.29.11)
There is no absolute freedom of speech. Just as you cannot go into a crowded theater and scream Fire! you cannot post hate filled messages on reliable online sites. Calling for the murder and killing of any people should be illegal and it is shocking that Facebook had to be threatened in order to do the right thing. Those who blame Israel for all the world's ills have only hatred in their heart. It is not Israel that caused Ghadaffi to brutalize and murder thousands of his citizens, or the leaders of Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia to brutally massacre thousands of theirs. Egypt is a dictatorship and that also has nothing to do with Israel and Iran's thugocracy of the mullahs and the terrorist group Hezbollah controlling Lebanon also has nothing to do with Israel or the Jews. What the liberals do no understand is that a Two State solution, while necessary, will not end the deep hatred Muslims feel towards the Jewish people. It's not because of Israel that textbooks in Saudi Arabia's elementary schools call the Jews "monkeys and pigs." What Facebook allowed was having the same rhetoric that appears on Al Queda websites and they should be ashamed they allowed any postings calling for the murder of any group or individual.
17. #3 - Re: I'm sure this is what transpired @ Facebook
A. Donnovan ,   Quakertown, Pa. USA   (03.29.11)
WRONG, this is what transpired, most assuredly... Mark Zukerberg's corporate layers sat him down & explained: "Look, Mark, we know you're family is Jewish and everything" -- Zuckerberg: "That's quite all right, we're Jewish but just like most Jews in America, we are at least 3rd or even 4th generation non-practicing, non-observant Jews...Not even REFORM Jews so, you don't have to explain, I 'don't DO Jewish'." Atty's: "Well we just think that we'd better take this particular webpage down, save on all the lawsuits & such.. Besides, there's probably a million other pro-palestinian terrorist pages on Facebook the foolish religious Jews (trouble-makers) don't even know about or care to know about since most Jews are totally unaware what a dangerous world this is for them". Mark Zukerberg: I totally understand. Look, here's the crucifix I wear round my neck just in case.... Anyway, we'll just take this page off temporarily and it will just appear again in a few days anyway."
18. Hatred Kills and Destroys
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Cherry Hill, NJ USA   (03.29.11)
I saw a response from a Muslim on another website claiming "We will have a million more sites like that one" and responded to him this way.... Does hatred make a crippled person walk or a sick, elderly man who is dying well again? Does hatred feed a hungry person's stomach or make a disabled child able to lead a normal life? Hatred kills. Any religion that calls for the murder of another people will go down in the ashbin of history. Look at all the advancements Israel and the Jewish people have contributed to the world in science, medicine, technology, literature, and philosophy. Then take some time to list the achievements of all the countries and people who harbor deep hatreds of the Jewish people. You won't be able to list any.
19. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.29.11)
Really? The first two intifadas didn't have the desired outcome, did they? What is coming is Israel's annexation of Judea and Samaria and your repatriation to Jordan. Tick Tock.
20. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.29.11)
Pretty much it, except the conference with counsel would also have pointed out the numerous American laws that were being violated by aiding and abetting terrorists, terrorist organization, and particularly the Homeland Security Act which frowns upon (well, actually, the penalties are considerably more severe than that) using American corporations as a vehicle to facilitate and promote acts of terror. Zuckerberg would be looking at a very lengthy prison term, and at the end of the day, a very large negative bank balance.
21. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.29.11)
But the significant number of U.S. laws being violated in the promotion and facilitation of terrorist activities -- that wouldn't go away.
Denis MacEoin ,   UK   (03.29.11)
You already have your liberty. Make peace, recognize Israel, stop the violence, and don't think an intifada gives you freedom – what's so hard about that? Do that and you can have your own state (free or not, as you prefer) tomorrow. You could have had one in 1948, but preferred violence. Until you face up to facts, nothing is coming but more pain, inflicted on you by yourselves.
23. Goodbye
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (03.29.11)
Like all Arab, Palestinian and Muslim promises they will not keep their word, they will still be on Facebook and not boycott it as they did promise. But just incase they do keep their word I want to say to them GOODBYE. Goodbye to the evil people who slaughtered a family in cold blood including a three month old baby, two siblings and their parents. Goodbye to the evil people who killed a British subject last week in Jerusalem. Goodbye to the evil people who killed eight young boys in cold blood in 2008 in Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva. Goodbye to the evil people who have killed so many innocent Jewish lives. Goodbye to the evil people who don't want peace with Israel. Goodbye to the evil people who go on the streets and dance and hand out sweets when they kill innocent Jewish lives. Goodbye I will not miss you an nor will any Jew and Friends of Israel.
24. third intifda is coming anyways sooner or later
masrawy ,   egypt   (03.29.11)
plus they also have a replacement for this page on another social network
25. Facebook's initial response is very, very troubling.
Tahl   (03.30.11)
The call to launch a third intifada and act violently against Israel, was refered by them as mere expression of opinion. Zuckerberg's concern to his fellow Jews comes much, much further down the list than keeping his robust cashflow. Shame on you, Mark!
26. Facebook is a good reason NOT to have a facebook account.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.30.11)
27. Twenty-fourth intifadeh?
BH ,   Iowa   (03.30.11)
Back like last night's bad burrito.
28. Hey you! Wake up!
Tom ,   USA   (03.30.11)
Freedom of Speech Law has been superseded by "Political Correctness" in the USA. You shall not violate the PC rule or else you will be branded bigot, racist, xenophobic etc. Americans are terrorized and living in fear of being called by names and getting punished for saying un-cool nouns or adverbs... Mark Zuckerberg is an Obamabot Jew, so is Soros, Jstreet, and they are supporting the Jihadist against Israel. Still in doubt? Cannot see the coming storm? Israelis better ready their nukes if they have any for the army of renegade Bolshevik Jews will attack you - via proxies.
29. Freedom of Speech does not include incitement to violence
Stephen in New York   (03.30.11)
Freedom of Speech does not include incitement to violence. Such speech inherently has consequences and demands a response. Warfare by other means. A rose is a rose.
30. They said they would boycott Facebook!
Michelle Nevada   (03.30.11)
They said that, if the page was taken down, all the Muslims would boycott Facebook. I was SO looking forward to it. But, as usual, they don't keep their word on anything!
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