UN chief: End occupation, divide Jerusalem
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 30.03.11, 00:02
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1. BS : Muslims have Mecca - Get out of Jerusalem
Scott   (03.30.11)
2. What other two countries
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (03.30.11)
Share the same capital?
3. Bugs Bunny put it best....
Malone ,   Hfx   (03.30.11)
..."wadda maroon".
4. OK here is your cue
Rachel ,   US   (03.30.11)
To announce 10000 home to be built in Jerusalem. Prove to the world Jerusalem will not be divided. If you are too afraid to do that, then go home.
5. Ban Must Be Delusional
Aharon   (03.30.11)
The current city of Jerusalem will never be divided. The arabs can rename Ramallah or Amman East Jerusalem and have that as their capital. The ongoing plight of the "palestinian" refugees is because of the UN (UNRWA), not Israel. The "palestinians" haven't actually done that much, recently, towards creating an independent state, only criticize Israel. Although, I guess today that's all you need to do to be a legitimate country. Why doesn't he criticize the rocket attacks from Gaza or the bombing in Jerusalem. Also, halting military operations = more terrorism = Ban has no brain.
6. End the Ki-moon occupation
Amihai ,   Yesha   (03.30.11)
End the Ki-moon occupation, divide his heart. If he loves that so much, let's help him to try it himself.
7. Ban Ki Moon
tzatz ,   Toronto   (03.30.11)
Jerusalem must remain undivided … whatever the mechanism that finally ends the Arab/Israeli conflict … prior to 1948 … Jerusalem was UNDIVIDED … the fact that it became divided was the result of war. Just as Berlin was left divided by war … an unnatural act … Jerusalem must remain UNDIVIDED going forward. It is the historic capital of the Jewish State … never has it been otherwise.
8. Jerusalem for the Jews
Sheldon Waxman ,   South Haven, USA   (03.30.11)
According to the Prophet Zeccariah, the division of Jerusalem brings the Messiah.
9. Sure!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.30.11)
Just as soon as South Korea divides Seoul and gives one-half to the North Koreans, okay? I'm sure Moon will really love his new "dear leader."
10. Confused...
Norah ,   LA, USA   (03.30.11)
I guess the attack on Israel in 1967 was moral and politically justified? I guess Trans Jordan was not a legitimate and independent state for the "palestinians"? Revisionist history yet again and spineless leaders who keep strengthening terrorism. The G-d of Israel will-one day soon-show what He thinks of "dividing Jerusalem". You are prayed for Israel.
11. To all 6 commentators
Harold ,   USA   (03.30.11)
Moon is completly right. Israel has to go back to its 1967 borders. Period.
12. More nonsense from "Ban Ki Annan"
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (03.30.11)
It didn't take long for Ban Ki Moon to "get with the program", adopting hostility toward Israel's rights little different from his predecessor Kofi Annan. As to the notion of dividing Jerusalem, I challenge him to name a single city in history that has served simultaneously as the capital of two distinct states. It's no wonder he says "A way must be found" because, well, it's never been done before. Yet he wants Israel to be the first to try such a scheme and suffer the consequences. Once again the UN proves it does more harm than good. It's long past time to shut it down.
13. Reject and blame
John ,   USA   (03.30.11)
Where are you Ehud Barak? Why don't you phone Ban Ki Moon RIGHT NOW and tell him who rejected splitting Jerusalem in 2000? Why must Israel always be blamed for the Palestinian refusal to make peace?
14. Garbage
Lila ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.30.11)
The UN is cordially invited to kiss our collective butts. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, of the Jewish nation, and will forever remain so!
15. so basically Israel is evil and palestine is good
david ,   uk/rsa   (03.30.11)
16. Never be divided, ever.
Oleh of 2 years ,   Haifa / London   (03.30.11)
17. He is right...
Xav ,   France   (03.30.11)
But let's first divide Seoul between North and South Korea. North has "inalienable and legitimate rights" over this area. North Korea has also made as many efforts as the palestinians "to maintain security in areas under their control" after all!!! They deserve it then under the same logic. South Korea like Israel should take further steps to improve economic and security conditions by reducing obstacles to North Korea's peaceful trade with Iran and the rest of the world also. To Israel: please leave next time palestinian's Victoria ship! It was really unfair for the israelis to stop this ship! U. N. fair!
18. Libya is a good place for Palestine
Eddie ,   london UK   (03.30.11)
Libya is a large country, with only 6 million people. There is plenty of space and also an existing oil infrastructure. A piece of land can be given to the Palestinians to build their own country. Their kassam missiles will nto reach Israel, and peace can be achieved, full and final peace. Jerusalem is not an Arab city.
19. ban ban
av ,   (03.30.11)
go to Japan to help and dont came back you silly man
20. yes!
CJ ,   Oklahoma, US   (03.30.11)
I second that!
21. An advice.
Jules   (03.30.11)
Mr. Ban Ki-moon, get a life: try to resolve the Libyan war problem first.
PHO UO ,   USA   (03.30.11)
23. Divide Jerusalem?
Boris Yasdnilkov ,   Fernandina Beach, US   (03.30.11)
Sounds to me like Ki-Moon dreamed this up on a full moon at which he was howling.
24. #11 Harold
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (03.30.11)
You are deluded. The 1967 so-called borders were an armistice line, not legal international borders. It's where the fighting stopped after 6 Arab nations attacked us in 1948 - AND LOST. I think we should divide Washington up and give half to the blacks, or maybe to the Mexicans.
25. Divide Jerusalem,is this guy tripping.
Kevin Mumford ,   London UK   (03.30.11)
This Banky Moon is a on a mushroom trip,then he comes up with these idiotic statements.The palestinans can have the UK as a state,they already run the place.And they won't need to divide London,as they own and run London too.
26. leave the un
BILL ,   can   (03.30.11)
its no place for apartheid nations
27. Nevi'im: the world will stand against children of Israel
EZ ,   US   (03.30.11)
Well folks! Guess they were right, Cause this just takes the cake! Maybe Israel should vote to divide Bans dining room table! It's official; the world stands against the Jews; the Jews will be forced to fight back; WW3 in the making. You cant say we didn't try to "appease" the world. Our hands are clean and the world will pay dearly for turning against us. Let it go as it may. Chai Yisrael.
Orao ,   Srbia.   (03.30.11)
ISRAEL Jerusalem The Hinge Pin Rev Heather Butler Revivalist/Psalmist Hidden Treasures Ministries Intl Jerusalem is the Hinge Pin, and belongs to the Lord, Israel does not belong to another! woe to those who divide Jerusalem , who cry out for division. Their own governments will be filled with unrest and heads will fall. Go back, go back to the book of Psalms look again, remind yourselves of my covenants. Psalm 111 and Deut 10:12 Psalm 96 :9 He has given food and provision to those who reverently and worshipfully fear Him, He will remember His covenant forever and imprint it on His mind. He has declared and shown to His people the power of His works in giving them the heritage of the nations of Canaan. The works of His hands are absolute truth and justice faithful and right, and all His decrees and precepts are sure, fixed and established and trustworthy. They stand fast and are established for ever and ever and are done in absolute faith and uprightness. The reverent fear and worship of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and skill. These are not just words written in a book, these are commands and promises that will not be broken. They are active words that have brought life and fruitfulness to those who lived them out, but destruction to those who defied them reducing the fruitful place once again to a barren wasteland. A prophet of truth is being prepared for Israel who will speak with a voice unshaken and unmoved by leaders of nations, a prophet who will dare to speak as Elijah did, who leads Israel into repentance and out of bondage away from ways that were not Godly. Israel the lord calls you back and draws you to himself once again. The Messiah will come as a warrior king, fierce in His love of you. You have gone your own way and left the pathway of truth, turn back to the ancient foundations that were laid before the beginning and established and rooted for all time. Turn to the Lord in this hour and He will turn to you. You Rabbis and Teachers of the law prepare yourselves for the drawing back of the veil. Israel is not shamed, rather Israel has learned much about the enemy that terrorizes and intimidates. The one true G-d calls you, those already chosen by Him for victory. This is not a time of defeat, but a time to recognise what it will take to defeat the enemies of Israel In the future Call upon the Lord whilst He will be found. This is key to you, call upon His name, call out to the one bruised for your transgressions the Messiah the One true G-d. He will thunder from the heavens and come to your aid. Your stones are ever before Him, crying at the wall, He will deliver you. Orao.Srbia.
29. One city - under GOD - INDIVISIBLE
steve ,   petach tikva   (03.30.11)
As the head of the world's biggest farce organization that pretends to promote peace, Mr. Moon should spend all his energy trying to make abetter name for the UN. With announcements like this latest on Jerusalem, he is not even trying to seem evenhanded or unbiased. Why am I not surprised?
30. Yawn...
Lobo ,   USA/Israel   (03.30.11)
Ban shows (once again) that the United Nations is a joke. Jerusalem is 100% Israeli, just as Seoul is 100% South Korean...
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