Bill: Ban money transfers from Israel to Gaza
Roni Sofer
Published: 30.03.11, 17:05
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1. Pretty absurd, isn't it?
Mark ,   USA   (03.30.11)
Israel sends funds to Gaza and the arabs buy more missiles with which to attack Israel...isn't something wrong with this thinking?
2. time to act tougher, indicate no access to harbors,
ralph   (03.30.11)
no links, no more workers, we'll get polish, thai workers etc etc.
3. Doesn't go far enough
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.30.11)
On the very next attack announce that it took out the powerline from Israel and it will take a week to repair. Second attack a month, third a year. Then start on the water. Let Egypt supply them.
4. The thing is...
Daniel ,   UK   (03.30.11)
I too as a proud Jew AND as an Israeli citizen hate to see funds emanating from Israel being transfered over to the Gaza strip however, Israel has international obligations and must tread the line carefully.
5. bite the hand which feed them
observer ,   Egypt   (03.30.11)
the world will find direct way of transfer of funds bypassing Israel and saving enormous commission. The EU money paid to Israel IN ADVANCE for water and electricity will be lost. Gaza is going to have 100% from Egypt. Haven't you heard about yesterday's Egypt-Hamas approach & brokering national unity.
6. Is it masochism?
Jennie ,   US/Israel   (03.30.11)
We know, that since the first so-called pali refugee camps in Gaza in 1973, way before they proclaimed themselves a pali nation, Israel is assisting their most vicious enemies with humanitarian aid of many kinds. But sending them money is beyond reason, logic and comprehension...Why do we have to be masochists to such horrible extent ? How humiliating !! AND WHY ? The whole world is pouring heavy fundings to them...With all those billions, they could have been as rich as the Emirates, if on ly they didn't use all of that $$$ for digging tunnels,buying weapons and missiles to kills Us,investing billions in propaganda against Israel and Jews around the world and making abbas, chaniye and other chief terrorists multi millioners... It is the first time, that I feel embarrasant for the Israeli Government...
7. bite the hand which feed them
observer ,   Egypt   (03.30.11)
the world will find direct way of transfer of funds bypassing Israel and saving enormous commission. The EU money paid to Israel IN ADVANCE for water and electricity will be lost. Gaza is going to have 100% from Egypt. Haven't you heard about yesterday's Egypt-Hamas approach & brokering national unity.
8. Wire transfers
KRAIG RICHARD ,   Shelburne VT USA   (03.30.11)
I Hear you. This is so much like our taxes here in the US being wire transfered to Israel where funds are used to inflict collateral civilian damage inside a refuge camp. Similar also US interest wiring monies to Israel spent sponsoring settlement expansion. What a coincidence.
9. cut transfer of money
cut the crap ,   newport beach ca usa   (03.30.11)
10. Talking about terrorism ,...
split ,   US   (03.30.11)
"It cannot be that Israel will continue to pay the price of terror along its southern border" In the last 10 days Israel has killed 14 people in Gaza, including five kids and wounded 48 - How many Israelis including children, lost their life during the time ??? ,... As a matter of fact Israelis are not giving, they're transfering a part of the taxes collected by them that should be collected by Palestinians.
11. Number 8
M.Gerald fried ,   Skokie. Illinois.   (03.30.11)
As usual of all countries America gives money to we have an antisemetic picking on Israel. Billions spent on Iraq war,Egypt, liba no fly zone, afganistan war an other countries. Lets focus on Israel where the money given is spent inside USA producing jobs for USA workers
12. What goes around comes around.
Observer ,   USA   (03.30.11)
All Israelis want to do is punish the Palestinians for not being content with an outdoor prison. Those Israelis should consider what their position would be if they were in the Palestinians situation. Give the Palestinians their freedom, and if they continue to fire rockets into Israel, then I would agree with all the talkbacks.
13. Israel Funding Terror
Edward ,   Savannah, USA   (03.30.11)
My question would be WHY did it take so long for this type of Bill to happen!!!??? This should have been done YEARS AGO, and then maybe there would have been no terror or Operation Cast Lead. I know the Arabs are pretty dense but even they know the value of money and how it can be used to control even them!!!
14. That's some deal Israel has going on with Gaza!
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.30.11)
In many ways, the Israeli government makes the famously dumb population of fictional Chelm look brilliant. We send Gaza food, money and material. They send us rockets, bombs and terrorists. That's some deal Israel has going on with Gaza. Israel voted for a sensible right wing coalition but we're getting the lunacy of Labor, Meretz and Kadima.
15. Journalist David Bedein has done an investigation
Canadian Otter   (03.30.11)
Israeli business is engaged in a $5 BILLION trade with both the PA and Gaza. Someone should be looking into that too. Listen to David Bedein's show "Israeli Allows Arab Incitement" on Israel National Radio. He explains how the state collects fees from airwaves rented to the PA that are then used to incite violence and terror. And how industry and the Kibbutzim sell products to both the PA and Gaza - a trade worth 5 billion US dollars.
16. providing palestinians with shekels cost Israeli taxpayer mo
zionist forever   (03.30.11)
It cost Israeli taxpayers millions of dollars every year to fund the palestinians. Printing money is not cheap especially for polymer notes. We intentionally print more money than we actually need so the palestinans can use the Shekel. Why should taxpayers fund the palestinians. We also need to hand responsibility for palestinian electricity to Egypt and Jordan because again its taxpayers who end up paying the bill. Its subsidized by the Israeli government and the more homes your powering the more power stations you need to spend money building and running. Cut all areas under palestinian control off from the Israeli grid and we won't need to build as many power stations.
17. re. #8 & #9
yosef ,   memphis   (03.30.11)
B"H As a religious Jew I enjoy reading statements like #8 & #9 becasue we thank Hashem every day that we weren't born they bring much simcha to my life.
18. SO simple. Take back the Philadelphi strip, bulldoze the
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (03.30.11)
tunnel areas 100 feet down and put sensors so they can't go under that.
19. Re 8 & 9
Galut ,   Selah   (03.30.11)
I suspect if terrorist rockets were falling on your house and killing your nieghbors - you might be speaking a different message...
20. the paradox
The Ool ,   Oaktown, Ca   (03.30.11)
Isn't it "Funny" how when rockets hit Gaza they kill people or destroy houses; on the other hand, when Gazan rockets hit Israeli soil they hardly do any damage in comparison or they're just duds like the one sitting in that soldier's hands?!
21. Gaza
ayman ,   Florida   (03.30.11)
There seems to be a major disconnect between the letter writers here and reality..Let me help you understand this in a language you can understand. If you son hits your daughter you tell him to stop...if he doesn't you 'ground' him ..if that doesn't work then the real punishment starts. Sometimes you have treat people like infants. I srael pulled out unilaterally from Gaza.. If the Government of Gaza who were democraticall elected behaved like 'normal' people then there wouldn't be any rocket would there? and thus Israel wouldn't find it necessary to they in the end the 'people of Gaza' need to hold their leaders accountable...It's not all that hard to understand...really it's not... Yes..have people been killed in Gaza....absolutely...but whose fault is it?? Israel....?I THINK NOT...It's really time for the Gazans to take responsibility for their govenments actions!
22. to#12
Jennie ,   US/Israel   (03.30.11)
You are anythig, but observant, observer...Unfortunately,Israel is not punishing palis, Just the opposite...A little objective history wouldn't hurt your objectivity, but would do wonders to your clarity...Just go back to about 70 years in the ME hisotry to enlighten yourself on the origins of the so-called palestinians. And they do have their freedom right now, just as they did since they invented themselves. But it is what they choose to do with it is really evident..Outdoor prison? Sure ! Equipped with tunnels for trafficking of weapons, equipped with artillery, all the terror groups with their wide range operations, leaders who do not want and would never recognize the right of Israel to exist under any conditions...Should I say more ?
23. to#8
Jennie ,   US/Israel   (03.30.11)
No, you don't hear me...What you hear is yourself "talking"...What kind of non sense are you trying to spread on this intelligent board, Kraig ? Your taxes are going to Israel ? FYI, the truth is that Israel is receiving loans, which is paid back on time and with interest...There is a lot of Israel's inventions, that is being traded and used by not only US, but the whole world..Too many to mention...As a matter of fact, you wouldn't be able to live a day wiithout most of today's necessities, Israel is giving to the world...So if you can't prove a thing you posting, just DONT ! Repeating the lies of the delinquent loosers, doesn't make you look good....
24. #14 Chaim
Canadian Otter   (03.30.11)
Listen to David Bedein's radio show (my TB 15) or read his reports on his website. He presents facts that put together paint a picture that is very different from what the government feeds the public. It's downright alarming. You'll understand why the Likud voted against annexation. They have powerful supporters that don't want to make waves and upset that nice five billion US dollars trade. No matter what the cost for Israel and the Jews.
25. it's nauseating...
Mark ,   Charlottesville   (03.31.11)
to read how much hate people on this forum have against arabs.
26. Ban $ Transfers from US to Israel
Reacting ,   Maine, USA   (04.01.11)
I agree with the author that 'we must end absurd situation,' but believe the way to end the problem is to end US support of Israel's control over the Occupied Territories. Plus, the US cannot afford such folly.
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