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Israeli singer embraced in Tunisia
Published: 01.04.11, 16:18
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1. Gee Ynet...It sure would be nice if there were
English and Hebrew subtitles so we knew what the hell we were looking at...hmmm
2. Coexistence? Nice idea, don't hold your breath
Beauchard ,   amsterdam   (04.01.11)
3. They try everything just to show how
Israeli 2   (04.02.11)
much we love peace..even if it means renouncing Judaism. Well, this article stinks and the singer is an idiot. That's all.
4. How about a Jewish man and Arab Woman?
yahudi ,   Israel   (04.02.11)
It would be condemned, threats would be issued and the singer would be in hiding for insulting Islam. That is what we are up against a culture of hate and double standards.
5. #4 My thoughts exactly
Tahl   (04.03.11)
Arab men cannot tolerate having their women mix with non-Arab men, yet have no problem whatsoever hitting on our women. If Bezalel had any balls, he would have challenged his Arab viewers with a mixed couple of the opposite kind.
6. #3 Israeli2
Michael ,   Haifa   (04.03.11)
With people like you, we face an eternity of hatred, for you hate everyone whose views don't coincide with yours.
7. bezaleel,tunisia
naim ,   miami florida usa   (01.16.12)
I'm an evangelical christian of Lebanese origin and I believe that as seed of our father Abraham , both jews and arabs must coexist ,that's the will of our Gd and creator
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