46% of Israeli teens: Revoke Arabs' rights
Tomer Velmer
Published: 31.03.11, 09:09
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1. Cant blame Israeli kids
David ,   USA   (03.31.11)
I am fairly right wing American. Being in Israel and surrounded by murderous Medieval thugs, terrorist and killers. Any sane person would become tough and non-trusting. With wimpy Obama as president . IT seems the Jews can only count on themselves. Dont worry OBama is gone in 2 yrs.
2. This is the result of 60 years of wars and hate...
Big Levi   (03.31.11)
And this is why peace or some sort of cease fire and agreement is necessary ASAP
3. Emphasize the Contributions
EM ,   Raanana   (03.31.11)
We better change the way we educate our children (ourselves)- and FAST. We should be emphasizing the contributions by Arab doctors, teachers, pharmacists, policemen, shopkeepers, etc who live and work in Israel and FOR Israel. The Israeli Arab hotel manager in Prague who refused to remove an Israeli flag from the entrance when pressured by an Iranian diplomat who was holding a function at the venue ... should be set as an example for all Israelis.
4. RADICAL ATHEIST LEFTISTS are not patriotic!
Period!   (03.31.11)
they are the enemy!
5. It should be described as rational.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (03.31.11)
The sad truth is that NOT thinking this way is irrational, just denial, having your head in the sand, so to speak.
6. This is the result of...
Jezi ,   Jerusalem   (03.31.11)
. This is the result of 60+ years of left wings goberment
7. Knowing the Arab - Israeli conflict is the bigest danger
Omri ,   Israel   (03.31.11)
doesn't tell about a rising radicalism. All it shows is that hatred between secular and religious Jews is decreasing. This has more to do with facebook and other ways the two groups start seeing each other more often and from a younger age. And today being a leftists means being more radical and/or anti-Zionist then it was in the past (because of Cast lead, Marmara, intifada and stuff like that) so if the average leftist from 1990's would somehow pop out of a time machine today - he would be considered having a central-right mined. Or at least a light leaning leftist.
8. survey among Israel's young people
julie ,   Israel   (03.31.11)
calling this kids racists is wrong and misleading and strips them of the most natural human instinct of proctecting oneself from harm. By constantly telling them that their right and proper instincts of not wanting to trust or be with people who have repeatedly called for your destruction and who for your entire life have been brutally murdering your families and friends, is utter insanity. These young people have more sense than the peres generation of blind-deaf-dumb decision-making (usually with their own bank accounts and popularity in mind). Bravo to the teens of Israel. Stay alert and don't listen to the blather about"democracy" It only works among like-minded people and as you well know, kids, the Arabs mind works differently.
9. #3 "the wonderful Israeli Arabs"
Julie ,   Israel   (03.31.11)
Then we should actually seethese wonderful Arabs of whom you speak, standing up and being counted as Israelis protecting the country from which they have receved a suberb education and a fantastic in fabulous homes, drivng lovely cars and sending their kids to private schools when they are not on even more fabullous vacations. One never hears anything from this group, nothne, shoom devar, kloom
10. #3 EM : You're right
Yossef   (03.31.11)
11. Sad day fo ynet, left and anti-religious
Amihai ,   Yesha   (03.31.11)
The few things which should have been highlighted instead from this poll : -for the israeli youth, religious and seculars are friendly, and does not see each other as ennemy, and happy to be together -after 60 years of trying to erase the jewish identy while forging the israeli one, the young generation doesn't follow this at all -after 20 years of trying to achieve peace at all cost, EVERYTHING they ever saw was only terror, from suicide bombing to rocket firing. And then, they see everyday the arabs democraticly elected at the knesset going on trashing the state and approving the terror... Something else that this poll doesn't tell but should be widely known : the right-leaning teen are far more friendly with young arabs than leftist, which try to ignore them.
12. the left promised the world and didn't deliver
zionist forever   (03.31.11)
The left dominated both political and civilian life throughout the 90s and their way was the only way and if you were not a die hard supporter of the peace process you were a radical who didn't want peace. Just like in the arab world this is the generation thats been brought up with the internet and they ask more questions. In the old days there was the right who were sold by the left as being anti peace and then there was the pro peace process left who were going to solve the problems. Now more people say why is your way going to work best other than the fact you and Arafat promised it would. When it comes to the idea of a strong leader these people have seen Peres & Barak who were weak and pathetic. Then there was Sharon who for all his faults was a strong leader whose will was as big as his belly and even George Bush had a hard time saying no to him. Then we got Olmert and a weak Bibi who started talking tough but eventually crumbled when Obama put on the squeeze. These people have seen the difference between strong and weak leadership and they prefer the strong ones. They have seen the Israeli arabs showing support for the terrorists and arab MKS like Bishra run off to help Hizbollah during a war. They don't want the arabs and its a situation the arabs created for themselves. There is also the economic issue and up until the early - mid 2000s ( mostly thanks to Bibi as finance minister ) the economy has been revolutionized and now socialism is dying. The left and socialism go well together. I think the best thing about this report is that it shows that the Israeli public are not willing to follow blindly forever and eventually will start asking questions of am I backing the right side.
13. #2 Big Levi
March 31 2011   (03.31.11)
I agree that the absolute truth should be spoken clearly to TRY and settle once and for all the terrible conditions between Arabs and Jews, as also non-Jews. The answer is as clear as the nose on your face, namely, since DAY ONE God gave the Jews his most beloved land to occupy and keep forever. Knowing arabs like I do, I know how thick their heads are. One simply cannot get the message and the truth through to them. In everything they think they know better. I wouldn't entertain one of them, no, not for all the tea in China. They are a bitter race of people because they know that they are total losers. They really are 'thick up top'.
14. Julie
EM ,   Raanana   (03.31.11)
You should drive through Lod, Ramle, or burst your sterotypic bubble about Israeli Arabs. And when (if) you do..keep in mind that some of those 'lovely cars' might belong to Jews too. It might surprise you that Israeli Arabs (in addition to Beduin and Druzim) volunteer to serve in the IDF or perform equivalent service roles. But serving in the IDF is not the only way to be counted as a good citizen; voting, being part of the government and paying taxes are also basic responsibiliies. And while you might not like who they vote for, and probably believe they don't pay taxes..that's your bigotry blinding you..and not their failure to 'stand up and be counted"
15. How is 42% a majority?
Yonatan Frimer ,   Tzfat, Israel   (03.31.11)
The article mentions number is the 40% range and calls them "a majority" not sure what kind of math these quacks are using, but you need at least 51% to call something a majority, also, if this was an accurate and scientific survey, it would require to provide you the margin of error...which is also lacking.
16. Israeli Arabs can be a great asset or threat, depending on
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (03.31.11)
how they are treated. Yes there are some, likely on both sides that will always see violence as the only option to getting their way.
17. good news ! they are wise
18. What Arabs are doing to change this perception?
leo ,   usa   (03.31.11)
19. The Results completely Predictable
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (03.31.11)
We now have a generation of Jewish teens who have seen nothing but hatred from the Arabs directed at them. So what would expect? Just like the last 60 years of hate propaganda by the Arabs have created several generations of Arabs who hate Jewish people. So now the young Jewish teens believe that the Arabs want to kill them, and after all, that's what they (the Arabs) say they want? So why would you be surprised, that this new generation believes the Arab, when they say it. Remember this is where the new Jewish leadership will come from, and won't be as forgiving as their father's and grandfather's. So time is NOT on the Arab side for peace. Because in 20-25 more years these will be the new political leaders, the new Generals and majors in the army making battle decisions. At the end of the day, it's the Israel military that has shown remarkable restraint. They have a superior force, that they intentionally have held back. But that time is coming to an end. So wake up boys, your time is coming to an end. The gloves will be coming off soon, are you ready for that? Remember Israel's Air Force could level your towns without sending in a single soldier, up till now they have resisted it. But soon those days will be gone, and as you can see, the world will be pretty slow in responding. What will happen in 1 month of Israeli all out attacks to your people?
20. Obama gone in 2 years # 1 says.
March 31. 2011   (03.31.11)
Are you sure bout that. I'd love to believe he WILL be gone in 2 years, but I think that same boy Obie has something else in mind, and as sure as hell Obie knows how to "fiddle the books". America just might be in for the biggest shock of their lives. I've got a wretched gut feeling that he intends to 'stick around a while longer' and surely knows how to do it. Obe has an agenda and the americans had better brace up for the pending shock. Better still if the Americans get him out now. I am certain he has a horrible surprise in store.
21. Sad and not surprising
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (03.31.11)
We both Israeli-Jews and Israeli-Arabs are distaned to live together is this wonderful place called Israel, no one is going anywhere and no one wants to Israel to be a racist country. Radicals exist on both sides, however the leadership on both sides can do much more to stop incitments and promote coexistance.
22. "new study examining Jewish and Arab Israeli teens opinion"
where are the results of the Israeli Arab teen's poll ? did you "left" it out for a particular reason ?
23. Makes sense
T ,   Israel   (03.31.11)
Most Israeli Arabs are friendly to Jews but many here in Israel could be labeled as traitors. Its either they are Israeli first or Arab first.
24. University of Haifa 2009
Thomas ,   US   (03.31.11)
Raed Salah of the Islamic Movement was invited to give a speech by the Arab Student Union, two years after he was arrested for accusing of Jews of using Christian blood to make matzah. What made Salah's speech notable was that Jewish students were forbidden to attend. That Salah is said to have encouraged the Arabs to become suicide bombers was nothing notable of course. Why no remarks or poll results about Arab racism against Jews which we know exists? Why do Arabs in Israel think they should be immune from backlash when their leaders say these things?
25. Re: "Obie's" Big Surprise (#20)
Adam ,   US   (03.31.11)
Is this a joke?
26. To: No. 21
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.31.11)
Care to share? What do you think of Naqba Day and the proposed "Third Intifada?"
27. to take back or withdraw
Ypip ,   Canada   (03.31.11)
rescind or repeal based on overwhelming evidence of the facts.
28. Incitement - Where is Bibi now?
John Hauptman ,   Ames, IA USA   (03.31.11)
29. completely predictable
kal ,   belfast   (04.01.11)
The situation is sad but completely understandable. but to think Israel can continue for another 20-25years without resolving this conflict is fantasy. look beyond the boarders of Israel and see what is happening in the neighbourhood. Look at the steady decline of Israel's sponsors. the time for finding a permanent solution for Israel is now, Israel should grasp it now before its too late. Patriotic arrogance combined with ignorance is not the solution.
30. #29 kal, NOT REALLY
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (04.01.11)
Understand one thing, Israel can now, and could have at anytime, for the last 30 years annihilated any country around it. Only their remarkable (and Humane) restraint has stopped that! That won't change in the next 25 years. So it doesn't matter what happens around Israel does it, kal? They live or die at Israel's whim! Add to that, the new generation doesn't look like they'll be as forgiving, do they? Case Closed!!
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