Roman Jews visit Itamar, support Fogel family
Menachem Gantz
Published: 31.03.11, 11:27
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1. there are other children who are surviving victims of terror
so why is that only these are getting money from the Jews of Rome?
2. Roman Jews
Kenny ,   India   (03.31.11)
How about some cash for the victims of Israeli terrorism?
3. #1 and #2
Daniel Rossi ,   Great Neck   (03.31.11)
#1- goes to show you that you can NEVER satisfy a Jew. They'll always find something to kvetch about. #2- There is no such thing as Israeli terrorism. If you are really an Indian, you should know that from your own history- fighting Islamofascism is what we are forced into, not a choice. And just so that you know, Mooslims that blow themselves up, by choice, killing innocent civilians, by choice, get blood money from Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Hamas, Jizzbollah and on and on.
4. @2 what u didn't get ur check from Iran yet?
EBR   (03.31.11)
they are the ones who are killing you!
5. #3 Daniel
Brazen   (03.31.11)
LOL jizbullah, I LOVE THAT!!! May I have your permission to use that one?
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