Comptroller announces probe into 'Bibi tours' scandal
Aviad Glickman
Published: 31.03.11, 17:42
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1. What do you mean "if he did not mean it?'
Rachel ,   US   (03.31.11)
Ruby you got played.
2. Have anybody claimed that Netanyahu is an angel ??????
to many stupid Israelies Katsaf was one!! lol
3. And don't forget those Cohiba cigars!
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (03.31.11)
Anybody remember that the first time Bibi was in office he and his buddies burned up a large amount of tax money on Cuban cigars?
4. Rivlin himselfis out of the country more than he is in it...
Moshe ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.31.11)
Who funds all of HIS trips? And if they are paid for by the government, what do the taxpayers get for his globetrotting?
5. I smell a leftist plot to screw Netanyahu.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.31.11)
I'm no fan of Netanyahu and believe Likud should have replaced him, as leader, long ago. However, something smells very bad about how the leftist judiciary goes after relatively patriotic leaders. Lieberman has been "under investigation" for 12 years. Ridiculous. No legitimate legal investigation lasts 12 years. Religious Likudnik Katsav was just convicted in a secret trial with all the hallmarks of a legal lynching. I smell a leftist plot to screw Netanyahu. Don't be surprised if these allegations lead to a very long "investigation" of Netanyahu. Lieberman style.
6. 5. Leftist scent
Baruch Jamili ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (03.31.11)
You are SOOOOO RIGHT which is why you can only smell leftists. Which is a shame because if you were able to disentangle your metaphors, you'd realise that you can't smell someone being screwed but you can SEE them. And I honestly wish we could all witness Bibi being screwed by the left, but there's just one tiny little significant detail missing and its one that all Red Necks ignore - THAT WE DO NOT HAVE A LEFT IN ISRAEL ANYMORE WORTHY OF THE NAME. What we have are a lot of paranoid red necks shouting incoherently incapable of correct metaphors or grammar or spelling or thinking. Good at shouting tho' - can we offer you some throat sweets or something, your poor throat must be very raw from all that YELLING!? Poor thing.
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