Facebook sued over Intifada page
Published: 02.04.11, 16:39
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1. It's about time
Karl ,   Santa Cruz   (04.02.11)
It's about time websites start getting sued for not responding quickly enough to stop this hate material from being put online. Youtube is another one that should be sued for all the jihadi material they have on there and not taking it down after long repeated attempts to do so.
2. Facebook
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (04.02.11)
Mr. Zuckerberg "felt intimidated" by somebody writing the "billion of muslim" will boycott the network. Mr. Zuckerberg has no dignity at all and thinking in his revenue instead of protecting his business against unnecesary violence. My page on Facebook called for boycott until Monday. Thank G-OD somebody was smarter and sue this gentleman.
3. Jewish Attorneys Stand To Make A Fortune On This One
World Citizen ,   the world   (04.02.11)
Think of the years it will take to wind its way through the various appeals. Fortunately for Zuckerberg they have this thing called the 1st Amendment in the USA.
4. OMG, this is SO embarrassing!!
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (04.02.11)
What a pathetic bunch of litigious losers. It's this kind of behavior that gives us a bad name. They are NOT speaking in my name. I hope the case makes it to trial; I hope these jerks lose; and I hope they end up having to pay tens of thousands in legal costs.
5. Anybody can sue and lose in court. Why write about an idiot?
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.02.11)
6. #3; World Cit., Not a Pure Right
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (04.02.11)
You can't scream "fire" in movie theater for obvious reasons, it would do harm to others in the panic that ensued. So first WC, grow a brain, like the scarecrow in the Wizard Of Oz you live in a fantasy land. Second, As Morris Dees proved in court, by suing the Klan, he won $7 million dollars and bankrupted that particular group for inciting violence that led to the lynching of a Black Man...I believe in stop your gloating moron. You can't advocate murder, bigotry, prejudice against Jewish people, simply for being Jewish, and not be held responsible, that is as it should be. Now if the site started out as a peaceful protest site, and morphed into a violent site, and then removed as Zuckerman claims, he has zero worries, and your right. I didn't follow the site so I really don't know. But if the site became one that advocated violence against Jews and Israel, and Zuckerman wrote a post defending this, then under pressure removed it, well then, he has major worries.
UNCLE JOE ,   USA   (04.02.11)
8. #6 Mark
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (04.02.11)
Facebook started the Intifada page pacefully. The administrator of the Initfada page claimed that "if Facebook removes the page, billions of muslim will boycott Facebook" (it is a mild intimidatory signature and a small incitation). After, most followers commented that on May 15, 2011 all arabs were invited to invade Israel and to kill Jewish whereever they find it. Now the problem got worst on the Facebook. There were also siste pages inciting in killing Jewish, death to Zionist, detah ot Israel, etc. My understanding is billion of muslims and millions of arab do not share that idea. Few radical groups are using Facebook for provocation. This is why Mr. Klyman said ENOUGH. If there is a settlement of money or not is not relevant but what is relevant that the network should be more carefully in those page of hate. Yahoo, AP, Reuter, CNN, BBC are posting news biased. This is why the Israeli goverment is controling how the news are written. Mr Zuckerberg needs to control what is placed in his network. On top of this there is a polcy that Facebook says against hate incintement
UNCLE JOE ,   USA   (04.02.11)
10. # 7 - I think that we should check his kneecaps ;) ,...
split ,   US   (04.02.11)
11. on #5, michael
joel ,   usa   (04.02.11)
any idiot would allow facebook to call for murders being posted; but a rightminded person would complain since facebook would an accomplice to such acts?
12. I dont find it embarassing at all #4 Facebook
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (04.02.11)
has more non-islamic members as most of the Arab countries woin't even let their people have aInter-net, the other half are illiterate because they are not allowed to go to school. I am more ashamed of the founder of Facebook for his ignorance, and I bet he will want a good Jewish burial when they decide to start on him too!
13. #3 pinky and the brain did you try to take over the world ag
rachel ,   usa   (04.02.11)
14. ...but not as embarrassing as Sunni Saudi soldiers in Manama
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (04.02.11)
Shooting and killing Shia majority has become a sport of theirs. We would rather have Iran rule us than the Wahabi entity.
15. Since when Intifada is not violent?
Yossef   (04.02.11)
I mus have missed something...
16. #3 world...
solomon ,   bklyn   (04.02.11)
"This thing called the first amendment" has limits. As does free speech. One's rights end where another's begin. "You cannot yell fire in a crowded theater" You cannot incite to murder, as Facebook, ynet, (as seen above) and US laws clearly state. Read; you might learn something.
17. #9, #11 Normal people
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.02.11)
Facebook is an open podium for normal people wanting to express themselves. People post what they think, communicate with whomever they want. They can support Israel since Israel deserves a lot of support. And it is OK to criticize Israel when it does things wrongly. Your minds are too closed to understand what most of this world understands freely. Yes, you are on a par with the idiot who sues Facebook. Go ahead, join him/her and lose your shirts also.
18. I hate Facebook And Suckerburg
USA   (04.02.11)
Only bull crap comes out of Facebook
19. Calling for an intifada will hurt the Palestinians the most
ny ,   usa   (04.02.11)
Ironic that the Arabs hate the Jews, yet have no problem using a tech tool invented by a Jew to incite others. They have no viable leaders to look up to, only the impulse to express their anger, impotence and frustration. I wonder what their plans are for AFTER the protests. Yah, that's right; they have no plan. What a sorry bunch of losers!
20. frivolous law will get thrown out!
21. The lawsuit may not go forward...
William ,   Israel   (04.02.11)
but it has certainly been a wakeup call for Facebook and Zuckerberg who insists free speech is all inclusive and Facebook only acts as a mechanism for transition of ideas. Now with this incident, and precedents set in US Congress when Facebook was called to testify there last year, Facebook is forced to realize that indeed they do hold a unique power and with great power comes great responsibility. The lawsuit would most likely fizzle, but Facebook will change its policies and pages like this one which simply prove Arab racism and violence will be terminated immediately. This is Facebook's chance to make it right knowing that if they screw up again many, many more people will be waiting in the wings to take action.
22. Roger your heart out.
Ypip ,   Canada   (04.02.11)
23. How does World Citizen know the lawyers will be Jewish?
Stephen in New York   (04.03.11)
Smug and ignorant World Citizen, clearly a superior being with a name like that living on a higher moral plane. FYI: Freedom of Speech does not include incitement to violence. Such speech inherently has consequences and demands a response.
24. #14 - you might want to speak to Persians before u say that
William ,   Israel   (04.03.11)
many of them would prefer anyone but the murderous, oppressive Mullahs right now. But, you are welcome to head on over to Tehran if it makes you feel better and leave Bahrain to their own devices.
25. #17 - big difference between speaking one's mind...
William ,   Israel   (04.03.11)
and being an accomplice in violence. Facebook used to be just a platform for interaction between people. Spoken wisely, everyone is allowed to express their opinion - no problems there. However, if behavior becomes inciteful then it's a different matter and Facebook, being the platform that allowed it to happen, becomes indirectly guilty of the crime. It's the same rule used to sue bars if a drunk person walks out and kills someone in an auto accident. It's no surprise that throughout Europe corporations are held to a highly rule than in the US, and those who have promoted violence or racism in the past were dealt with harshly.
26. #1
AARON ,   Tel Aviv   (04.03.11)
Time has come to sue a lot of the Israeli Jewish websites !!!
27. Intifada Is Call To Resist Oppression
World Citizen ,   the world   (04.03.11)
All people have a right to resist tyranny. Get out of the West Bank if you do not like a call for Intifada. So forget about saying it ia a call to murder Jews. It is not hate speech as you call it. So the 1st amendment of US constitution is applicable. That Zuckerberg took the facebook page down is proof that he is on the zionist side. That some other Jew should sue him is proof that the stereotypical profile of money grubber is applicable to that individual..
28. #17
mark ,   ca   (04.03.11)
you still don't get it...
29. Facebook was the tool the egyptians used to bring down
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (04.03.11)
the government and others used to bring down other governments so as a communication tool it was effective in bringing down dictators but indeed some protesters did pay with their lives. Other than that, Facebook is such a total waste of time that I would never think of joining or having a page with pictures or having my computer compromised by hackers that get into their mainframes.
30. # 4
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.03.11)
"It's this kind of behaviour that gives us a bad name." You are joking are'nt you ? Living where you do, in Bahrain, you don't have the right to speak for "us." Shame on you.
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