Goldstone retraction to lessen judicial risk for IDF officers
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 03.04.11, 22:34
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1. Doubt the Leftists would stop attacking Israel due to this
William ,   Israel   (04.04.11)
Even if Goldstone rescinded his report, even if the UN declared it debunked and threw it in the trash, there are still elements that will continue on the trajectory of condemning Israel as a war criminal and bring case after case in various courts around the world to prosecute them. They don't need facts to create their case, which is good because Goldstone remarked that his report didn't really have any facts backing up his claims against Israel. Further, the reports conclusion only stated there "may" have been war crimes committed and additional investigation is required. If groups can take this report - devoid of facts and baseless accusations - and call for the arrest and indictment of Israeli soldiers, then would rescinding the report really make a difference?? Getting it to court is one thing, getting the court to accept it is quite another. So far, quite a few cases were brought to courts all around the world and each one was thrown out without one arrest of an Israeli.
2. IDF Officers NEVER off the hook
Israeli 2   (04.04.11)
If it is not Goldstone, it is the Rolling Stone or the Britsih Throne....some Clone or Bone
3. who's less at risk
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (04.04.11)
Goldstone was paid to make a report that took away the Jew's right for self defense. His report can be summed up as "Any Jewish action to defend against Hamas genocide is a war crime". The unintended consequence was that the people he declared to be war criminals were the ones that Obama wants to rule Israel: Olmert, Barak and Livni. Having caused Israel enough damage, Goldstone withdraws his report to aid Obama's regime change in Israel.
4. The famous Goldstone,
dotty, ,   gilgil, kenya   (04.04.11)
This man is not fit to be a judge. Now you can imagine how many innocent people have been sent jail !!?
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