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Rabbi calls for sacrifice on Temple Mount
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 05.04.11, 15:01
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1. sacrifice
peter ,   A'dam NL   (04.05.11)
Isn't Shmuel Eliyahu the same rav that advised against renting appartments to non-jews a while ago? Going back to the Passover sacrifice as he advocates means going back to the period of the 1st temple. I didn't know that religious Zionism was that conservative~archaïc.
2. Supernatural!? That is not what Torah says.
Josh   (04.05.11)
The cruses and the blessings are not from divination, whitchcraft, Rabbinic Pulsa whatever, nor supernatural forces. They are from our G-d. It is a misdirection of the love and understanding to lead people to attribute it to ANY other.
3. I don't look forward to Temple sacrifice
Steve   (04.05.11)
After the law of Moses was written, support for the custom (others say 'cult') on the part of Israel's prophets and kings is dubious at best. Why did Isaiah write that "they will neither hurt nor destroy in my holy mountain" in the kingdom age if God's takes pleasure in the slaughter of animals? Why will the wolf dwell with the lamb and the leopard lie down with the kid in that day if God prefers the shedding of innocent blood? How can bloodshed atone for sin? Isn't this superstition?
4. I doubt Maimonides would have approved
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (04.05.11)
The Rambam writes in the Guide to the Perplexed that the sacrifices outlined in the Torah, like the institution of slavery, were concessions in a world in which both institutions were widespread, though both were surrounded by myriad strictures. Eventually, both would fade away. In the 4rd century, under the rule of the apostate Christian Julian, reconstruction of the Temple began. It ended, according to some reports, in an earthquake that destroyed the partially built structure. One might be forgiven for concluding that He did not want the sacrificial rite restored. If sacrifices were at one time sanctioned as a concession, today - were this scheme carried out - the Jews would be the *only* people still practicing sacrifices. (The Muslim slaughtering of sheep on Eid is the closest to contemporary sacrificing I'm aware of.)
5. I have been sacrificing myself for years
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.05.11)
My method while in Israel was to rip the covers over shelves off at some sections at the Supermarket containing the stuff I wanted and buying even if excluded by the store. Cashiers never paid attention. This law is an abomination, should be repelled. Signed by Shimon Peres, unfortunately. I consider it a discrimination when a store tried to exclude its merchandise from me. The rabbi can practice his ways at his temple or at home and not step on my toes, with all due respect.
6. The "greatest problem" is it's forbidden by all Rabbis
Dovid ,   Los Angeles   (04.05.11)
Here's another nut, contradicting EVERY serious Rabbinical authority, purely for political reasons and pretending it's Torah. Isn't this the same extreme Right wing racist who has made a series of disgraceful announcements that sound like the same things the Jewish People suffered throughout history?
7. Foreseen dangers must be avoided
Roland Seener ,   London England   (04.05.11)
.This incident will put lives at risk.Is it worth it ?As yet,we are still a fragmented disunited people 'Spiritually' Awaiting the portents of history,we must wait till a firm directive is given by the Messiah .So far he hasn't surfaced.So we still have to wait for number twelve of Maimonides 'Principles of Faith to materialise.Which means,'Until K'lal Yisrael is 100% in its desire for his rulings,the answer we should observe is..."Do Nothing" ,and... enjoy your 'Seder Night' with "Shalom".
8. barbaric
Daniel ,   UK   (04.05.11)
I am Jewish and I find this concept just totally barbaric! Say no to animal sacrifice!!
9. The Shekinah (G-d's Presence) still won't be there
Yonee   (04.05.11)
As the Presence didn't return to the rebuilt Temple after the exile nearly 2500 years ago, neither will it return again.
10. All the kookie TB's!!
Yosi ,   Gilo   (04.05.11)
Where do I begin? Every one is either secular or totally ignorant of the Scriptures. Do the words, "an eternal commandment" mean anything to you all? #3, so why does it say in the Neviim that there will be animal sacrifice after Meshiach comes? Do you even understand the reason for sacrifice? #4 sacrifice wasn't a concession, it was a command. Please read up before making falacious statements. #6 It isn't forbidden by all Rabbis and from your last statement, I'd say that you're so far out in left field that I can't hear you. #7 100%? your dreaming or trying to put an impossible benchmark and worst, trying to play G-d with your ruling. #9 So you know what G-d decides and doesn't decide? I know, your to busy to open your Tanach.
11. YES!!! I Want to Fulfill God`s Commandments!!!
Chaim ,   Yerushalayim, Israel   (04.05.11)
Kol Hakavod to Rabbi Eliyahu for taking a clear strong stand on this important issue!!! Chaim
12. #8: You are either
Israeli 2   (04.05.11)
a lost sheep or mistakenly Jewish
13. This rabbi is an idiot (Go ahead and censor me for the truth
Sidney ,   USA   (04.05.11)
No God worthy of respect would punish anybody for not slaughtering a living creature.
14. It's just a BBQ! Look @ McDonalds: THATS humane!? LOL!
EZ ,   US   (04.05.11)
The ways the Gentiles slaughter animals is disgraceful and barbaric. The animals live miserable lives too! Read The Animal Farm. Look into FDA allowed practices. A razor sharp long knife severing the NERVES without the animals knowledge is hardly barbaric. Herding them together into a slaughter house while the animals scream Most certainly is. The only people who should be yapping are true vegetarians: everyone else is excluded based on their everyday financial support for beef, chicken, veal, etc: those animals are scared half to death before being killed and hacked up: that, after living a miserable life. Get a clue: half of the swine in industrialized nations live off of the fecies of other swine. Half of the cows are cannibals (uh, mad cow disease anyone). Absurd arguments here...especiall from those in the US: if you're not Israeli, shut up.
15. #9 Yonee
David ,   America   (04.05.11)
How do you know this Yonee? Have you been appointed by the All Mighty as the keeper and dispenser of the Shekinah? The only way that Isra'el will ever prosper is through Torah obedience. I am not talking about Torah She'be'al Peh either! I mean Torah Sh'bi'Khtav! Of course there are always people like you Yonee who will try and instigate disobedience. D'vrim 13 and 18 tells us that, and also how to handle that type of person.
16. Who cares what you think? A Commandment from G-D is a.....
TzVi ,   NY   (04.05.11)
Commandment from G-D.
17. Its actually not forbidden by "all Rabbis" as claimed by you
TzVi ,   NY   (04.05.11)
Rav Bar Haim from Machonshilo (dot) org. explains Korban pessah and why it should be brought even THIS YEAR!. That is why we say "Next year in Jerusalem" why Jerusalem? Because that is where the place to bring the sacrifices are.
18. Completely eaten
avi ,   gaza   (04.05.11)
The korban pesach was COMPLETELY eaten except for the blood, bones etc) There was no waste. Unless you are a vegan, you have no grounds for complaint on this aspect.
19. #10: kookie?
Steve   (04.05.11)
You wrote: "Do you even understand the reason for sacrifice?" Go ahead. Explain the reason for animal sacrifice. Please explain how the animal's (shed) blood on the altar atones for my sin.
20. #1: Renting / selling to non-Jews
Steve   (04.05.11)
While I cautiously support renting property to non-Jewish "friends" of Israel who pledge they will not proselytize. The rabbis' proscription against selling Jewish property to non-Jews is defensible. The land belongs to the Jews in perpetuity. It should not be sold outside the Jewish community. Would you advise a Jew to rent property to a non-Jew who is dedicated to our annihilation?
21. Yes! Let's do it!
Moish ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.05.11)
It's time to stop trying to please a world that has no compassion for us, we might as well start living as Jews and not pretentious secular pseudo-Europeans like shmeretz.
22. all talkbackers so far ignorant entirely
yoni ,   tel aviv   (04.05.11)
so far I have not read one talkback that has a clue as to what pesach offering is. it is not a barbaric act at all. Look down at your shoes and at your thanksgiving dinner table and tell me you dont kill animals bc its barbaric-sure the pesach is a mitzvah unmatched by any other aside for circumcision. It is the cornerstone of Judaism and is the basis of how it is founded. It is the opposite of superstition and idolatry. We sacrifice it -i.e. slaughter it sprinkle the blood on the altar and eat it on the pesach seder night. The real issue is that almost all Jews today have no clue as to anything about the Torah and religion that we are meant to be studying and learning to live. Shut up and go learn you ignoramuses !
23. If he follows Jephthah's example....
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (04.05.11)
..... then he can put his money where his mouth is!
24. Just think about it..
Ester   (04.05.11)
it would be like being back in the times of when the kohanim did it at the beit mikdash... wow.. its would be amazing!!!! i hope it is possible
25. this guy belongs in a insane asylum
chaim.s ,   brooklyn ny   (04.05.11)
for the criminally insane
26. LOL stone age is over buddy...
deutronomy 28 ,   world   (04.05.11)
27. To 10, 11, and 22
Aviel ,   Bend & Jerusalem   (04.05.11)
28. Why do people freak out about a pesach sacrifice?
BJL ,   usa   (04.05.11)
Millions of animals....cow, sheep,chicken and yes, even pigs are slaughtered every day around the world for food. How much better, if you are going to have a food source, elevate the animal spiritually? It may not make sense to the secular person but the sacrifice benefits ALL persons. The animal is consumed and not wasted. So people should relax! It is a blessing for all! Better to eat an animal that has had a blessing rather than been killed just to be a food source.
29. Jewish Nationalism is alive & well. Kol Hakavod Rabbi!
Jake ,   USA   (04.05.11)
30. #13: To begin with did you ask the animal?
Israeli 2   (04.05.11)
You speak of a No god. A "no god" is no good. But Jews do have a God, the God of the universe. Second, we are not anybody. We live by higher standards and values. Much is expected of us. Kosher animals are for Jewish consumption. They may be sacrificed and consumed. At times they must be sacrificed and at all times, when done the Kosher way, they want to be sacrificed. Ask the animal, it would agree with me.
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