Goldstone to visit Israel in July
Nahum Barnea
Published: 05.04.11, 14:23
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31. Invitation
Aaron Judah ,   Melbourne Australia   (04.06.11)
I understand how every one is furious of his up coming visit,so am i,but just think for a moment how much good it will be for us for him to realise the huge mistake he made. It will open his eyes and will know how we are suffering from every day kassam threat,stabbing,bomb threat's and so on. Let's see his reaction's after his visit.
32. 23 Shadi
Ronny Judah ,   Melbourne Australia   (04.06.11)
Shadi, how stupid of you not to realise that your suffering in Gaza is because your coward Hamas terrorest hide behind your back while fighting.They take away all the help received from overseas for themselves and make you suffer but still people like you with no brains and common sence never get it.
33. Eli Yishai the Knesset clown
Avi ,   Israel   (04.06.11)
El i Yishai clearly demonstrates that politics and religion do not mix. After he shrugged off his responsibility for the carmel fire he then turned his hand at child catching and deporting 5 year olds, one wonders whats next and low and behold we have our answer.Have to ask ourselves what is this smoke screen covering up?
34. Dan Gillerman was there too
Kass ,   Mumbai, India   (04.10.11)
Did you read the story? Dan Gillerman was a party to the telephone call that Yishay made to Goldstone. Doesn't that make it Kosher and wise?
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