Israel's next war
Yoel Meltzer
Published: 07.04.11, 00:04
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1. Israel's Next War
Boris Yasdnilkov ,   Fernandina Beach, US   (04.07.11)
Most likely will be the last war and through it all, Israel will prevail.
2. well thought out. i just hope your wrong...
michael   (04.07.11)
3. "Israel has nukes: no way Israel or the Us let her fall
EZ ,   US   (04.07.11)
The writer did a brilliant job up until "sensing Israels iminent downfall, several Arab countries will get involved.". That's where thing got lost: the west and the UN are fully aware that Israel will not allow (nor would the US/NATO) Israel to be at risk militarily since the terrorists could inherit nukes and there is no way it would be allowed. And you'd better believe there are only two scenarios to make sure that never happens: US bombing raids on such countries and their obliteration or Israels use of nukes against them. Once Arab nations sensed Israel actually had a nuclear arsenal, they never again attempted an invasion. Aside from that, the Gaza crossing would never be opened up to Egypt during a war. Israel would obliterate the outdated Egyptian army handily before their troops could arrive there in any significant number. The Sinai campaigns are fresh in their memory and they know if they lose it again, they'll never get it back. Quite opposite to the predictions here, the end that would result in our 2nd war of Independence would be one final mass exodus of pals to Nordan, Syria and egypt, Israel winning the Sinai, keeping the Golan and gaining all of historic Israel back. While we would be condemned for it, the world would have to accept it since the aggression would likely be started by the pals, not Israel. War is war and the outcomes aren't always everyones favorite. But oh well. If the pals declare a state: they're doomed. If they don't, they become Israeli. Done deal.
4. Israel knows how to defend itself...
Yaakov ,   Boston, USA   (04.07.11)
There is no way that Israel will sit and watch the Palestinians take unilateral stances without serious consequences.
5. Israel needs to get in front of this
BH ,   Iowa   (04.07.11)
Israel needs to take out Hezbullah now, then Hamas before the PA arms and it becomes a multi-front war. Better to pick them off one by one first.
6. Reasonable scenario - but main factor missing.........
Jaacov Baumann   (04.07.11)
I'm afraid this scenario is quite realistic.....I think the scenario has ended half way and has to be continued : If UN does the mistake and uses force against Israel, its forces ( like all of Israels enemies in the end ) will be totally defeated and destroyed by HIM who said : ''Dont you fear, Israel, because I am with you'' and further HE said : '' He who curses Israel will be cursed!'' Therefore :'' Israel, your GUARDIAN never sleeps nor slumbers !'' HE brought you out of Egypt, HE gave you victory in all the past wars ! HE is is eternally comitted to you because HE said so ! Put your trust in HIM because HE is trustworthy !
7. what is the solution ?
king kong   (04.07.11)
8. We have only ourselves to blame.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (04.07.11)
This is a direct result of our own stupidity, our crappy politicians who incessantly babbled about ''peace'' & made one concession after the other. And, we the public, fell for all the BS (at least, many did.).
9. I beg your pardon but
Ypip ,   Canada   (04.07.11)
Israel has been awake since Moses
10. Israel will not commit national suicide
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (04.07.11)
Yes, this worst case scenario is very much in line with the Palestinians wet dream. But no Israeli government could accept these terms and expect to survive. If the world has reached such a morally corrupt stage that they threaten military intervention to "enforce" creation of a nascent state of Palestine, they deserves what befalls them. If it comes to it, I hope Israel has a leadership prepared to call the world's bluff. The Quartet is playing with fire. If Israel falls, they're next.
11. Yogi Berra said "It's hard to make predictions...
Robert ,   USA   (04.07.11)
... especially about the future" Funny, but actually, this is a good opinion piece, and likely many parts of these detailed predictions will come true... but then, who could have predicted what's happening now throughout the mideast?
Rich ,   Raanana, Israel   (04.07.11)
Yoel.... Fantastic article and perfectly well written....but of course I hope these events do not come to frution.....Jews and their Leaders need to WAKE UP - and FAST !!!
13. Israel's next war
Sohd Tsva'i ,   Yisrael   (04.07.11)
The article says that the PA state "could" trigger a war. The correct wording is "Will" trigger a war. If granted a state, very shortly afterward they will initiate a war.. As for wake up, the missiles already in storage in the Gaza strip CAN reach as far as north Tel-Aviv.
14. The Nuclear Option
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte, USA   (04.07.11)
In the final analysis, Israel holds all the cards. It has 200+ nuclear weapons along with a submarine-based second strike capability. All Israel has to do is announce that if its back is against the wall, it will use its nuclear weapons to utterly destroy its enemies. The world will have no choice but to appease Israel. In the worst case scenario, Israel will have to detonate a nuclear weapon. There is simply nothing the world can do about this. North Korea has been able to hold the whole world hostage with just a few nuclear weapons. Israel, on the hand, can turn her enemies into a wasteland. For those of you who think that radioactive fallout would seriously hurt Israel, recall that the nuclear bombs that fell on Japan did very little harm to Tokyo.
15. correction 1948 world was against us
Golan ,   Modiin   (04.07.11)
the Americans and Soviets "recognized" Israel but only defacto (I think it was de jure for about five minutes) Israel faced an arms embargo and while the Arabs were getting armed at bottom market prices. So please learn history.
16. Yes, we damn sure better be worried about this
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (04.07.11)
Terry from Eilat is correct - we have seen stupid government after stupid government knuckle under to stupid demands. Today, we're left with a ludicrous and totally surreal situation - the Palestinians pretend that settlement construction is keeping them away from the peace talks. Well, we all know that the Pals are just using as an excuse. However, Bibi plays right into their hands by pretending to "allow" west bank construction. What's the reality? There is still a 98% construction freeze in the west bank. De Facto. Truth. That teeny bit of housing that Bibi allowed is simply holding his coalition together, while giving the Pals a clear path to the UN to declare independence. Instead of re-imposing the freeze and demanding that talks resume tomorrow, Bibi simply does nothing. He doesn't even demand a quid-pro-quo that Israel will stop all construction so long as the Pals stop all violent attacks against civilians. Just like he's spun his wheels about Gilad Shalit, he's spinning his wheels about the future of the country. I fear that not only is Meltzer close to being right, but that in the wake of all this the Pals will indeed have a state where they simply continue their war crimes of shooting at Israeli civilians, however the Palestinian state will have the support of the UN and every phony "human rights" groups who gave them permission (and still do) to kill Jews with impunity in order to create something that never existed before - the fictional Arab country called "Palestine".
17. Poor analysis - full of holes
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (04.07.11)
There is categorically no inevitability about war in East Palestine with Israel Legitimising Palestinian aspirations to a homeland in the UN does not follow that it delegitimises Israel nor does it follow that it would it lead to war or violence Much has been acheived on the ground in the last couple of years and no responsible Palestinian politician would want to unravel and destroy any of it So talking must continue
18. RE: Israel's next war
I agree with Yoel, Israelis must wake up, FAST ! It looks like that the Arabs and the Palestinians did their homework the last 20/30 yrs. Israels politician didn't understand that fact, that the arabs advance, the israelis stay in a mod of status quo ! i m afraid that this self proudness/confidece of the israeli mentality will be the reason why israel unfortunately has no future. its hard to say that but i believe israelis must change their attitude through their world. today in the world israel is goliath and the palestinians david. why is that ? well the israeli dont want / are incapable of doing PR for their cause ! why ? maybe israel is fact is not standing behind its own cause ? or they are to proud of needing political help from the outside ? israel has already lost its credits in the entire world. why ? because the israelis anyway say that the entire world is against israel and the jews, so its not changing anything. this is a snobbish and typical israeli answer ! israelis think, they dont need the world, but they are wrong. israel indeed needs friends, which they have not much more left !!! again: ISRAELIS / Israel/ Jewish People in Israel : WAKE UP ! A friendly advise from a israeli/ew in switzerland !
19. to # 6
mendy ,   jlem   (04.07.11)
J. B. Couldn't of said it better. the only big Q now is "How long will it take for the govt to realize this, & understand that this IS the real way thing are going to happen"
20. brilliant
Golan ,   modiin   (04.07.11)
Our enemies are not only the Arabs but the internationalist left who oppose religion and national identity. It is they who lead the anti-Israel (and anti American) "non-violent" movement. Unfortunate for them the Communist/Fascist alliance of the left and Islamists will break up the moment the Islamists turn on the left (which will happen before the left will turn on the Islamists) because the Islamists do not have patience and the Left still has to deal with democratic backlash. After all the Islamists in Europe will revolt over laws against women wearing masks, and the left has been too busy weakening Western economies.
21. I can't believe this site is connected with Yediot
Smith ,   TA, Israel   (04.07.11)
What is this guys qualifications? That he has a Master's degree (from where?!?) and lives in Israel? If that's all it takes to become a MIddle East expert than yalla let the 10,000's of other sophomoric writers publish on this poor excuse for a news outlet. Honestly doesn't this child know Israel has nuclear weapons? And besides, Israel doesn't need to be attacked to be brought to its knees (as this sophomore claims) but rather sanctioned and embargoed. With sanctions and an embargo the entire economy collapses and the IDF has no spare parts, fuel or ammo. End of game. Israel accepts Pal state. But it won't even come to that so let's stop with the Gog ve Magog erotic fantasies
22. Plagarism
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.07.11)
99% of these article can be found in Jewish Prophetic tradition. Positive plagiarism nevertheless, since reiterating the truth is something we can never get enough of. Where is the missing the 1%, it is in the unpredictable twists and turns that make Israel's redemption a mystery to the whole the world, including the constantly misappropriated efforts of Israel's leaders. It's is time to start removing the foreign instigators and declare to Israel what it is and will always be, the place where Divine Truth will make itself known.
23. BUT..... Someone watches over Israel.
The 11th Man ,   London   (04.07.11)
24. 14
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (04.07.11)
jason what makes you sure that israel useof few nukes on arabs would stop them or international community i see complete lack of understanding the reality by israelis some are so delusional that they claim to be saved by "HİM" with that logic i am afraid what you fear most will be real and nukes i think its not that easy jason as koreans chineese russians indians or pakistanese can easily hand over afew nukes to arabs than its will be the end of it tiny israel can not survive whatever violent mean israel chooses at the end of the day she will have to come realize that either she sit on table to make peace or as jason said last resorts will be in play by both side
25. Anton, #24
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte, USA   (04.07.11)
Anton, I would like nothing bettter than for Israel to make peace with the Palestinains. But you and I know that the Palestinians are much more interested in destroying Israel than in creating their own state; the same problem they have had since the day of Israel's birth. With regard to the nuclear option, it should only be used if the international community attempts to gang up on Israel. Yes, it is true that it only takes one or two nukes to destroy Israel. But because Israel has a submarine-based nuclear second strike capability capable of devastating not only the Middle East but also Europe (even after Israel is destroyed), I stand with my original conclusion. Also, Mecca and Medina would not be spared. Rather than face this ultimate destruction, the world community will have no choice but to back down. If the Palestinians truly want peace, all they have to do is return to the negotiating table.
26. Islamic fascism views democracy 
Illuminati   (04.07.11)
As weak and willing to compromise itself into extinction. The war for the souls of mankind is evolving all over the world. Islamic fascism sees compromise as weakness and can never engage in it, it will only exploit it. The world is at a cross road. One path leads to the 21st century and beyond, the other to the 11 century. Islamic fascism must be crushed out of existence for it is the path of evil. Islamic fascism views democrac
27. Consider this.
Illuminati   (04.07.11)
Islamic nut jobs are more than willing to strap dynamite around their bodies in the hope of killing a few Infidels. They’ll be lined up around the Casbah for the “honor” of strapping weapons of mass destruction around themselves for the chance of killing thousands of Infidels. Why not, they’re just as dead either way, but what martyrdom for the glory of Allah. Think this is far-fetched? Think again!
28. EU via UN not unilateral Palestinian declaration
Daran ,   UK   (04.07.11)
I think the article is deliberately hysterical, however the threat to Israeli interests from UN/res 377 is real enough. I also think the author is wrong to think the call for the formation of a Palestinian state will come from a "unilateral" declaration. Quartet will call for position papers including maps in April, the resulting submissions will form the basis for the 'plan' going forward, 1 to 1 land transfer and divided Jerusalem being already accepted by the EU3. Should Israel gov mistake the gravity of the situation and not submit a credible position paper or refuse to accept divided Jerusalem or straight 'like for like' swaps. Issues like Ariel and other settlements might also prove stumbling bloc for Israel . Then a vote in EU parliament to send the Quartet held Palestinian position paper (with tweeks?) for recognition to the UN hence no 'unilateral' declarations in line with Oslo. As another talkback points out, force is very very unlikely, given Israeli weakness to embargo
29. Has Ben-Yishai forgotten UNSC 242?!?
Jacob Blues ,   New York City, USA   (04.07.11)
The more I read about the plan by the Palestinians to declare a state in September, the more I scratch my head as to why more people aren't pounding the table about UN242. The reality is, that the 20 years of negotiations over the West Bank and Gaza stem from UNSC242, which supercedes any plans by the Palestinians to declare an independent state. UN 242 is basis of the entire 'land for peace' negotiations, and requires that Israel have defensible borders. If the United Nations plans on negating its own resolutions and peace plans, then it needs to have that held up to the bright lights of truth, and force the organization to reflect on the consequences of what it is about to do.
30. Israel can shut Europe down in a day.
Andrew Hamilton ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.07.11)
Who is going to enforce UN military action against Israel? The UN has no military forces and can't do anything even against weak powers without the US - just look at what has happened with Libya once the US withdrew. Israel could shut down Europe in a day - close the Suez canal, bomb their oil and gas pipelines and sink their navies in the Med. The IAF is more powerful than all the European Air forces put together.
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