Poll: 60% of Egyptians support peace with Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 07.04.11, 14:32
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1. ""we would be kidding ourselves" ...
seadog1946 ,   ArthurKill, NJ   (04.07.11)
if they didn't recognize Israel as a state." Ah, but do they recognize Israel as the Sovereign and Democratic Nation-State of the Jewish People?
2. Not a useful poll
Daniel ,   UK   (04.07.11)
When will these people learn that phone polls are not a good way to measure public opinion in Egypt, where 34% of the population is illiterate and the median wage is $2,000 a year? Egypt's population is 80 million and it has 10.8 million phone lines ( How representative do you think that sample is?
3. Explanation
Moshe ,   Netanya   (04.07.11)
At the moment, Egyptians do not want the war. But in a few months, when they think that they can kill more Jews, they will support war on Jews. Remember, In the East like in the West people like and support the strongest. Always. (Brits and French supported rebels when they thought they would win; Obama supported revolution in Egypt when he thought that they will win over Mubarak, etc, etc, etc, etc.
4. Why so many Egyptians favor peace with Israel
Clear Thinker ,   Haifa, Israel   (04.07.11)
Maybe the reason that 60% of Egyptians favor peace with Israel if a Palestinian state is established is that in this case, the new Palestinian state would do the work of destroying Israel.
6. as long??? you mean they want to anull
ghostq   (04.07.11)
the peace agreement they signed on... oh I know they r willing to pay for palis bank establishment... oh no dough... than y on earth Israel signed agreement with someone who isn't willing to follow the agreement and ready to anull it as pleased, stupid, if that the case than Israel should make an offer, only if Egypt will stop killing Ethiopians or afrikans than it will continu the peace agreement, no use to sign any agreement with arabs, they r not stable.
7. Results should be welcomed.. not dismissed
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (04.07.11)
Instead of dismissing the results as invalid just because its against everything you were lead to believe over the years, you should read it with open mind. Egyptian election is coming in few months and we will all see how accurate this survey is.
8. Egyptians are one of the most peaceful people on earth,
Salma ,   Palestine   (04.07.11)
but NOOOO way , Palestinian state is the key to peace : )
9. Another Arab state??
sk   (04.07.11)
Today's so called Palestinians are 100% Arab. Arab nations already encompass over 99.998% of Middle East land (and the rich oil reserves) from N. Africa to the ME. Boundaries of Arab nations surrrounding Israel and Israel itself were delineated by the the League of Nations pre-1948. This matter is all said and done. Another Arab nation is not going to bring peace to the region. This is not about land --- with 99.998% of Middle East land, Arabs have no clue on what to do with so much land to resolve their own "land" aspirations. It's all about a tiny democratic non-Islamic nation smack right in the middle of a sea of intolerant, hate-filled bigoted genocidal people ruled by just as bigoted a religion, the so called "relgion of peace" or more appropriately, the "religion of death!"
10. #1 you want him to say that everytime
aiman ,   jersey   (04.07.11)
Israel is mentioned
11. to #5 marco usually conditions comes
ghostq   (04.07.11)
before or during delegation over agreement NOT after you sign the agreement. once you signed it it is done. any changes after the signing is as good as declaring war. duhhhhhhh
12. #8 Salma
Marco ,   Spain   (04.07.11)
A Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. All of Gaza with a complete freedom of movement guaranteed to the Palestinian people. All of the west bank 100% free of all settlements. There is no such thing as legal settlements. All settlements are ILLEGAL. Right of return to ALL displaced Palestinians. Compensation for crimes against humanity committed by the criminal state of Israel against the Palestinians. Compensation for every house, school or hospital and/or infrastructure demolished over the past 60 years. If the Germans are still paying compensations to Jews, so Israel should be doing the same with the Palestinians. Last but not least, the creation of a fully independent Palestinian state. If Israel is militarized, so should Palestine be. The alternative to that is the creation of another Hezbollah prototype in Palestine. God bless Palestine and the Palestinian people. They have suffered enough and the whole world stands guilty for crimes committed against the Palestinian people....
13. Salma one of the most intoxicating one!
STEPHAN ,   YAFFO   (04.07.11)
dont buy the lies of that jew hater!!
14. #1; seapoodle, So What?
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (04.07.11)
You say that as if it's a bad thing? Of the 192 nations in the UN, 57 are Muslim. So one state for the Jewish people hardly seems unreasonable, I'm glad you agree. seapoodle, have inadvertently stumbled upon the truth. Now your getting it. Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish state, thanks.
15. this most certainly is good news...
Rafi ,   US   (04.07.11)
... and is in sync with the initiative announced a few days ago by former Defense Ministers, IDF Chiefs of Staff, heads of Mossad and Shin Bet, etc. A path for peace has been laid in a new Middle East. But will Israel go down it? According to the right-wing: No way! ...not if it means giving up most of the West Bank settlements. Which is exactly why Yigal Amir murdered PM Rabin - and Oslo - 16 yrs ago. The same peace could have been achieved 16 yrs ago without the deaths of hundreds in between. But surely all those settlements were (and are) worth the predictable cost in blood and treasure! And this why the right wing will do everything in its power now to denigrate polls such as this, all those who advocate for peace, former IDF chiefs of staff, Diaspora Jewry, Obama, reality, etc, etc. No peace in the Mid East will ever be perfect (it's not Scandanavia). But you can be damn sure that Israel will not have anything resembling peace under current circumstances while settlement activity proceeds. Even if the Palestinians don't cause immediate problems, much of the rest of the world will - e.g. the isolation of Israel as an "apartheid state", etc. The right wing makes it clear: Massada full steam ahead!
16. It appears to me that their revolution left alot behind...
Ypip ,   Canada   (04.07.11)
like women. Though a minority, Salafists are growing in numbers and influence in Egypt. They're quite ruthlessly intimidative. They make the Muslim Brotherhood appear downright moderate. Egypt continues to head down a slippery slope since February.
17. #14 - it's not inadvertent...
seadog1946 ,   ArthurKill, NJ   (04.07.11)
Beebee has been trying to get Abbas to repeat that ridiculous phrase for quite a while now... Abbas won't bite and neither does Egypt, Jordan, USA, etc.
18. #5, Marco in Spain.
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (04.07.11)
Well Marco, I am a Jew living in Israel and without fear. Seems the perfectly natural thing to do.After all, there is no risk of a inquisition here.
Salma ,   Palestine   (04.07.11)
why you want me hate Jews? I don't hate Jews .
20. What are suggesting?
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (04.07.11)
Should Israel surrender territories vital for its safety? Egyptian public oppinion? Who cares! Egyptian leadership? They are going to find an excuse to annul the peace treaty anyway. Peace with arabs?
21. If true, Smart move from the Egyptians
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (04.07.11)
With or without a state of Palestine. There may be, but that is up tot the Arabs. Who always had that option, since 1948, it's been their rejection-ism that was/is the root cause of the problem. Even in today's paper, Hamas is accusing Abbas of turning down a Hamas meeting in Turkey with Khaled Mashaal. Whether that's true or not is anybody's guess. These guys lie so often about everything...just for PR's hard to tell what's true, and what isn't? But this we do know, the Arabs certainly DO NOT HAVE any unified leadership to make a deal. This is indisputable, so Israel at this point in time do NOT have a partner to negotiate with. Even the Arab leaders recognize this FACT! They are trying hard to solve the problem, because of selfish reasons. They want to blame Israel, but they can't right now, can they? So for them to shift the blame back to Israel, Israel must have somebody the talk with. Right now Israel has nobody to talk to. Hamas will say they won't honor any agreement made by Fatah, and that's half the government? But even if there was a unified Arab leadership, all they truly want is to destroy Israel. That's the sad part.
22. #8 Marco, Spain.
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (04.07.11)
Your focus should be on your country where poverty and illeteracy are rampant.
23. Rami of Nazareth #7, read the small print
Jake   (04.07.11)
after removing the rose-tinted specs. 60% of Egyptians support peace with Israel, IF a palestinian state is also established. And if the palestinians launch another intifada/terror war against Israel and a palestinian state is not established, will these 60% of the Egyptians be supporting peace with Israel, or will they be rallying against Israel, together with the other 40%, in solidarity "bil rooh, wa dam!" with their palestinian Arab Moslem brethren? Also, look who is by far the most popular candidate for this Egyptian election: Amr Moussa, a staunch pan-Arab nationalist in the mold of Gamal Abdel Nasser, not Sadat. He is implacably hostile to Israel, and scarcely more commited to peace with Israel than the Moslem Brotherhood itself.
24. what arabs really mean
Jrodstein ,   Basalt, Colorado   (04.07.11)
most Egyptians would support peace accord if palestinian state is also established, which will be to destroy the Jewish state of Israel as stated in the charter of hamass and the p.a.
25. #17; seapoodle, Guess What??
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (04.07.11)
Israel doesn't need anybodies approval. It would be nice to see some fair play in the world, but I've learned not to expect that. Israel is, what it is, and just like Kuwait or the Saudi's, they don't need approval to be Arab Muslim states, Israel doesn't need Arab approval to be a Jewish state, right? After all I've never heard anybody squawk about the Saudi's "Muslim Only" roads. Although I did hear the lie about the Jewish only roads, except that was a lie, Pallywood. As we see HERE: Nothing similar was ever shown in Israel. Why? Because it was Pallywood.
27. 26-marco
Ypip ,   Canada   (04.07.11)
Know we know where you like to hide.
28. The Key To Peace
Amir   (04.07.11)
Is democracy and economic prosperity in the Arab countries. Until that happens, there will not be any peace amongst Arabs nor between Arabs and Israelis.
29. The noose it tightening ..
John Smith ,   Virginia   (04.07.11)
.. fast. Israel's staunchest ally is curled up in bed, depressed and dying in Sharm El Sheikh. In the interest of national, regional and world peace - i suggest Israel take the initiative, before it's too late. Her window of opportunity is narrow.
30. To #10
John ,   Alaska   (04.07.11)
Speaking of this ... Ah, but do they recognize Israel as the Sovereign and Democratic Nation-State of the Jewish People? You said this ... #1 you want him to say that everytime Israel is mentioned To which of course the best answer is ... "No, I want him to say it once in Arabic to the people of Egypt, once in Arabic to the "Palestinian" Arabs, and once to the Arab League."
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