Teen critically injured in attack on Negev bus
Ilana Curiel
Published: 07.04.11, 18:37
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1. no protest from UN hiprocrites
moshon   (04.07.11)
Ashton, cameron, even obama, goldstone and his rotten chinkin desmond committee have nothing to say about hamas rocket attacks on civilian traffic other than the usual superficial empty words. Yet they pillory israel at every turn to concede to terror, make peace when arabs have been haranguing israel for over 80 years especially since rabin opened up oslo. And that was clear cut. He didn't realize that arabs and peace are incompatible. They fight amongst themselves and kill their daughters for looking at a man they don't approve of. Peres got sucked in and like beilin, is a total failure.Add olmert, livni, ben ami, oz, burg, dekel,ramon, haber and most of haaretz writers as gas chamber jews as that is where they are headed. Know your enemy and stop dreaming. Israel under yaalon, galant and eitam will dismantle hamas in gaza and drive them into the sea. And order will be set in judea and samaria and the whole jordan issue will be revisited. churchill's truncation of 80% of palestine and its handover to the arabs is null, and illegal
2. empty structures
paulo ,   brazil   (04.07.11)
Please stop spending fuel bombing empty structures for the sake of I don't know what!
3. my prayers with the 16 year old boy,
ghostq   (04.07.11)
sigh, keep hoping for the best.
4. it looked like military bus
observer ,   Egypt   (04.07.11)
5. Israel is playing with crap
John ,   Cast Lead II   (04.07.11)
Instead of going to an all out operation, you use tweezers and try to fish the terrorists out. Cast Lead gave you a decent year afterwards, you could have gained more if you had finished the operation completely, not half way there. This vile attack is one of the outcomes of not finishing the job.
6.  Iron Dome thought It's Shabbat-Holiday!
Salma ,   Palestine   (04.07.11)
today is Thursday, right ?!
7. How Can That Be????
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (04.07.11)
All the anti-Israel writers think these are just bottle rockets, like firecrackers. Incapable of doing any harm, you know the Arabs are fooling around. The Israeli's needn't worry about these minor explosions, right?
8. if only the israelis were america and the
Jackson ,   Middle Earth   (04.07.11)
palestinians were vietnam, then they could napalm the joint!!!!
9. If the bus was hit by an anti-tank missle
seadog1946 ,   ArthurKill, NJ   (04.07.11)
then the bus was incredibly armored or the missile was a dud. I hope the injured kid makes it.
10. Tit for tat?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.07.11)
Okay. Two can play this game, and Hamas really won't like the outcome, but being congenitally stupid, they are fated to learn the hard way. They fire at one of Israel's buses? Let's fire at one of theirs. I'm perfectly serious. It has to get costly for Hamas -- make their attacks on Israel very, very painful for that terrorist rabble. Sooner or later, they will stop, or the civilian population of Gaza will be so enraged, they will find a new leadership. Gaza is not immune from the wave of rebellion spreading through the Arab world; if enough passengers on buses in Gaza die as a result of Israeli retaliation for terrorist attacks upon Israel, they will find new leadership. It sounds harsh; it sounds cruel, but in the long run, everyone benefits. Especially the Gazans.
11. 20 tunnels
real vision ,   usa   (04.07.11)
how about blowing up 20 tunnels per day and 20 hamas police stations per day. It is time to deliver a MESSAGE to hamas and the rest of the islamic trash that keeps firing rockets and endangers israeli and gazan people
12. to Salma #6
denon ,   boston, usa   (04.07.11)
Happy, aren't you - you hit a bus with 16 year boy and probably other women and children passengers. Good for you,time to go hand out sweets to other animals. Iron Dome might have been on a Holiday but IAF is probably not, so don't buy those green bananas Salma, who knows ...
13. #4 you should 'observe' some more.
14. Thank you, Mr. Goldstone
Beth ,   Raanana   (04.07.11)
This is the report you should have written!
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (04.07.11)
Israel just hit the Gaza strip with Attack Helicopters, machine gunning mortar positions in Gaza. Hate to say it, but I was right. Look for escalation. Go Israel, kick butt!!!!
16. Salma no 6
JUDAH THE LION   (04.07.11)
Very soon you will cry out for the UN,EU Red Cross,UNHR,and the rest,when Israel will give Gaza big present. Go Israel Go Go LION OF JUDAH GO all the way
17. 4 observer
JUDAH THE LION   (04.07.11)
Soon we will hear your cry
18. israel wants this to happen !!
100% sure   (04.07.11)
israel will never survive without the occupation , israeli jews will turn on each other if the palestinians leave the picture ...
19. Well, finally the PA's are hitting real targets instead of
Edithann ,   USA   (04.07.11)
just practicing....Seems the scheme is working and the 'spider is indeed, walking into the nest'! Now lets see, how many Palestinians died last week? TATA .
20. burn in HELL Mr. Goldstone
Moshe ,   Israel   (04.07.11)
21. @12 No, I'm not happy
Salma ,   Palestine   (04.07.11)
IAF is busy trying to do something in Sudan : (
22. Hamas rocket hits bus in Israel
judith ,   rishon, israel   (04.07.11)
It is time, past time, to end the attacks from Gaza. Israel must destroy all the terrorists in Gaza, one way or another
23. refuah shelaima to Daniel Aryeh ben Tamar
Ken ,   Bet Shemesh   (04.07.11)
LION OF ZION   (04.07.11)
25. ??? ,...
split ,   US   (04.07.11)
"It's intolerable that, in a sovereign state, children are murdered and hurt every day," - On who's side ? ,...
26. @21 Salma
denon ,   boston, usa   (04.07.11)
Oh, you mean IAF is killing your buddies who wanted to bring chemical weapons to Gaza to use that against Jewish children? Don't worry, it is just one plane - if that, there are reports that ground team helped those two to achieve martyrdom. The rest of Israel's might is available for you
27. Palestinians want this to happen !!
101% sure   (04.07.11)
Palestine will never survive without the occupation , palestinian muslims will turn on each other if the israelis leave the picture ... oh wait, they already did.
28. #6. Shame on you Salma
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (04.07.11)
Never thought you would stoop so low Sammy
29. Time for Courage
Neva Agen ,   U.S.A.   (04.07.11)
The country needs leaders. They are there so why not elect them. I wonder why Ynet allows a person like Selma to even post. Doesn't make sense to me..Glee over children being maimed., stabbed to death. That isn't freedom of's freedom of hate and venom.
30. @ no 10
David ,   Israel   (04.07.11)
Sarah you are sick in the head if you think blowing up a bus loads of Arab children will benefit Israel. Hamas might think like that but Israelis don't, at least not sane Israelis. You have a problem Sarah, get some help for your sick mind.
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