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Dutch consider banning animal slaughter
Associated Press
Published: 11.04.11, 14:32
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1. Muslems agreed to stun animals befor slaughtering.
Moise   (04.11.11)
2. I would like to see.....
all of those who commented about the French Burka law come over here and comment in the same fashion that they did at that article. Then they will realize "oh, wait a minute, not so fast, may-be there is an issue that we have in common and that issue is religious freedom!"
3. Follow the rules ,...
split ,   US   (04.11.11)
If you find an asylum in someone's home don't re-arrange his furniture don't change his traditions and daily routine ,...
4. inconsistent
boris ,   tel aviv   (04.11.11)
This law will make sense, in Holland, New Zealand or elsewhere, only when HUNTING will be prohibited as well.
5. who are these food fascists?
and why are they allowing certain kinds of slaughter...that's hypocritical...if you are banning slaughter of animals using one method then you have to ban slaughter of animals under all methods.
6. Nothing to worry about
as they wouldn't dare start up with Muslims.
7. Holland will only persecute Jews
Steve from Raleigh   (04.11.11)
They would never pass a law to persecute Muslims.
8. Bravo Holland!
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (04.11.11)
All enlightened countries should ban this sadistic and evil tradition that is halal/kosher. Those who refuse to eat meat that hasn't been subjected to horrific torture there's a simple solution for you, become vegetarians.
9. #3 Whose furniture is being re-arranged?
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (04.11.11)
10. #8 you have it completely backward
Z   (04.11.11)
The comment by Temple Grandin indicates that when kosher slaughter is properly performed, the animal does not react at all before losing consciousness. This is in stark contrast to stunning through a blow to the head, which when it (not infrequently) fails, leaves the animal bellowing in severe pain. When you eat meat that is not slaughtered in a proper kosher manner, YOU are the one supporting torture of animals. As for vegetarianism, that is a great choice, but it is the choice of each individual. For you to force vegetarianism on others would be no more right than others forcing vegetarians to eat meat.
11. #8 Intendi Nensak
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (04.11.11)
The meat you eat, do you want to tell you sang lullabye's to it before it was killed ? Vegetarians, are you wearing leather shoes or belt ? How many of the many medicines that you take have been researched in a laboratory at the expense of some poor helpless animals
12. It sounds like Michelle Obama
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (04.11.11)
has opened a branch office in Holland
13. #10
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (04.12.11)
I'm aware of that absolutely absurd claim that it in reality is very humane and pain free to be hanging upside down and bleed to death while some cruel person recite some hocus pocus spell. To prove this, kosher-advocates typically use religious texts as "proof" of how humane it is because god said so. Of course that means nothing, it's just an old myth. Kosher-butchers fail to "properly perform" it just as frequently as real butchers who use stunning, and the result is horrific beyond belief. I'm not forcing anyone to be a vegetarian. I'm just saying that it's good that the authorities are preventing people from torturing animals just because some silly religious reason. If you refuse to eat normal meat, then you can go without and its your own choice to do so. Next step should be to ban import of kosher meat, though that's probably some years ahead of us still.
14. #11
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (04.12.11)
No, of course i didn't sing a lullaby to it. But at least i didn't force the butcher to put the animal through cruel and unnecessary torture. I'm not a vegetarian, i eat meat, i just don't see why it's necessary to make the slaughter even more painful than it has to be. Regarding medical research i think there should be tighter regulation there too, i'm sure they too often make it more painful than it has to be.
15. Dina malchuta dina
Evan ,   Kent, OH   (04.12.11)
Dina malchuta dina...the law of the land is the law. This is a perfect opportunity to re-examine the treatment of animals in Judaism. It should be paramount but instead is pushed aside for petty and insignificant issues.
16. #14 Intendi
Devorah   (04.12.11)
I will not put a dog in this fight regarding kosher meat. You have your opinion, and I have mine, and there is no point in going around in circles. However, I would like to mention the cosmetics/skin care/body care/hair care industry worldwide because that is where some of the worst animal cruelty occurs in addition to accessories such as blow dryers, razors, etc., but you probably know that already. Of course, we want to look pretty, smell pretty and feel pretty, and there are many superior products that come from companies that don't test on animals.
17. #14 Intedi Nemsak
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (04.12.11)
What a cop out If you order the meat, it was your desire for it that caused the butcher to pick up the knife and cut the throat or hit it in the head with a stun gun or hammer You remind me of the criminal who gave his gun to another criminal, watched while he pulled the triggers and said he was just looking on You were an accessory before the fact, which makes you as guilty as he that performed the act, and would be held equally accountable to the actual perpetrator You haven’t answered, your shoes & belt, what are they made of ? Medical research, if your that offended by the way they treat the animals, show it, stop using the products that are dervied from animal research
18. #13
John ,   Boulder   (04.12.11)
Apparently you did not read the article. A University of Colorado animal welfare expert published a paper stating that the animal undergoes no suffering when killed according to Jewish law.
19. #14 Intendi
Devorah   (04.12.11)
Now that we have had our girl talk, I would like to address something else. Please do not come to a Jewish site such as Ynet and blaspheme the G-d of Israel nor the instructions He gave on ANY subject. What you have done is disrespect pur G-d, who we are and what we are, and your ignorant behaviour is not appreciated.
20. How about banning all animal slaughter
K ,   US   (04.12.11)
I am sure this is good old Anti-Jewish laws with the help of Anti-Muslim laws because the Muslims even though they think they are superior are the new Jews in Europe But how about banning all animal slaughter, why is some animal slaughter ok but religious animal slaughter is not ok
21. An Hollandie feeling ashamed
Rik ,   Holland   (04.12.11)
They also permit anti semetism. This is only an extension. Bastards.
22. #15 Evan "Dina DeMalchuta Dina" #14 Intedi
Dovid ,   Israel   (04.12.11)
Mm-hmm, RABBI Evan, quit taking things out of context. It is well known that the principle of Dina DeMalchusa Dina is only when the aforementioned Malchusa or Kingdom dosen't contradict the Torah. If it does, then Yidden (Jews) must fight the decree. Please learn, then talk. Good day, Dovid (learned person) PS: Any questions I'll be ready to answer. To #14: Where do you get that info? Al-Jazeera? It is well known that Shechita severs the nerves, instantly killing the animal in question. Though it spasms afterwards, it is only normal. It is not feeling anything. BTW> Mumbo-jumbo? For you it may be, but for religious Jews it isn't. Live and let live, that's the liberal mottto no? Tell a Muslim that Muhammad is not the Prophet to his face, and that we should all ban minarets, which DO inconvenience people. (I wake up 4:30 AM each day because of that) No, you won't? Why? Ah, Muslims will actually respond, almost without exception. That's why, unlike some Jews who will slander their own brethren and support the decree. Hope you get enlightened, Dovid
23. #17
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (04.12.11)
I know it has been slaughtered for me to eat or wear. Or for medical research. I'm perfectly ok with using animal products, that's not what this is about. You just don't seem to realize that it's important for many people that the animal not be subjected to even more horrific treatment than necessary. Kosher slaughter is cruel and serves absolutely no real purpose it's all about hocus pocus beliefs and therefor it should be banned.
24. #18
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (04.12.11)
I read the article and know that one expert in Colorado is of that opinion. The New Zealand study came to another conclusion. Most countries are well aware of how cruel kosher/halal slaughter is but are unwilling to ban it due to freedom of religion laws. Personally i don't think that's a good enough reason to permit such sadistic practices, i'm glad it's banned in my country.
25. Norway: halal is fine. Kosher is not.
Norwegian Citizen ,   Oslo, Norway   (04.12.11)
In the article it says that ritual slaughtering is forbidden in the Scandinavian countries. I have a small correction: In Norway, halal slaughtering is ok, only kosher slaughtering is forbidden. This is because the muslims agreed to either stun or drug (I can't remember which one) the animals before killing them.
26. New Zealand decision reviewed
bob ,   NZ   (04.12.11)
After complaints from its Jewish community NZ reversed its decision regarding compulsory stunning for chicken because chicken cannot be imported, meaning there is no alternative source of supply. The decision on universal compulsory stunning for other animals was temporarily suspended to allow time for a review of the complaint. Halal slaughterers accept stunning in NZ.
27. creatures of God
chana ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (04.12.11)
nowhere in the Torah its forbidden to stun aminals before slaughtering, it was just not possible in those times, animals are as well as men creatures of God, animals loving rabbis should permit it,
28. "freedom of religion? What about the animal who can't speak?
Talula ,   Israel   (04.12.11)
This vile and disgusting slaughter of animals SHOULD be banned from the entire planet. It's sick and it's warped and shows no regard for animal life. Makes me want to puke, as do the people that think it's OK to practice such despicable acts on helpless animals.
29. Kosher bans are anti-semitism - Proof? Hunting is not banned
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (04.12.11)
The only motivation behind laws outlawing Kosher slaughter is anti-Semitism, not animal welfare. The irrefutable proof of this is that none of these countries ban hunting, which obviously causes farmore stress and pain to animals,many of which drag themselves away wounded and die in severe agony. Not to mntion NOrway's sickening practice of whaling, defying world animal rights activists everywhere. However, states that do ban Kosher slaughter can be exclused from their bigotry provided that they pay the entire cost of same-day air-freighting fresh Kosher meat products into their countries in sufficient quantities to satisfy the Jewish communities there, for sale at cost no greater then domestic meat sold to non-Jews. Failing to do that means an attempt to ethnically cleanse Jews, and the US Congress will be pressed to retaliate with diplomatic and trade sanctions - ban on cruise ship dockings in the US, bans on arms sales, bans on USmilitary defense alliances, bans on import of their meat products into the US unless Kosher products are included, etc. . We will think of something to make it not worthwhile - or...they can also ban all forms of hunting, sealing and whaling to prove animal welfare is the true motivation (see how their voters go for that).
30. #28 Talula
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (04.12.11)
Hmm, are you trying to say you never hooped a nosh of a frankfurter, or haven't eaten some kabobs? Are we to assume that you're s strict vegan; you have no shoes made of leather ? You must be joking Surely, by this time you would have been a charter member of PETA, if not, form a branch near you
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