Gov't approves new banknotes images
Yair Hasson
Published: 10.04.11, 14:35
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1. Lets represent 21st century zionism on our money not poets
zionist forever   (04.10.11)
Isn't it time we stopped commemorating individuals be they politicians or playwrights? How about something that represents Israel. In the 50s they had fictional individuals like a scientist, a fisherman and a manual worker. These pople represented the zionists who were going to build this new state. In the 50s they also had a set of notes with landscapes of different parts of Israel. Something that would also be nice for now. Jerusalem today, Tel Aviv, the Galilee all would be great symbols of 21st century Israel. Why not today either have landscapes or fictional people who represent Israel today like the designers of the Offek satellites or people who sit at their computer terminals developing the hi-tec stuff Israel has become famous for today? These are the things that Israel does well today. Why not have some symbols of 21st century zionism not dead poets. Poets didn't build this country its the people who were sitting at their computers and putting satellites into space. If they were going to put real people on these notes then were were the likes of Ilan Ramon? Surely he deserved a mention much more than a dead poet.? Lets stop with the politicians and poets etc and show something that represents Israel and zionism on its currency.
2. Great way to put poetry into money!
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.10.11)
3. bank notes
av ,   (04.10.11)
did not see the notes but i am sure no sepharadi in .even gevirol or yehoda halevy .yoseph caro are not good enough
4. 3They need no publicity....
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.10.11)
Gevirol,yehuda Halevy,Yosef Caro are well known.We can t say the same of the money poets.I never heard about them,till now.
5. to zionist forever
Chad ,   Tel Aviv   (04.10.11)
every time I read one of your long-winded comments, i just want to yell, when will the guy shut up already?
6. 5
zionist forever   (04.10.11)
7. #3 I was thinking alike
Yossef   (04.11.11)
But maybe we need to bring first poets or writers instead of finding them in the past ? Where are our bright sephardim today ? Give me some names. I know some in my field (academic) but not that famous. And BTW how many sephardi jews got the Nobel ? Our golden age stayed behind, with our "cousins" :-))
8. new monopoly money (end)
Jonathan ,   Safed ISrael   (04.11.11)
9. Sephardi or Ashkenazi: We're all Israeli
Falafelis ,   Montreal, Canada   (04.11.11)
What does it matter if we're Sephardi or Ashkenazi? We should all consider ourselves to be Israelis first, and not let the fact that we're from different places stop us from respecting each other
10. Some Impressive Sephardim
Zvi   (04.11.11)
Nobel Laureates include Baruj Benacerraf (medicine, US) and Claude Cohen-Tannoudji (physics, France). There are well-known singers, professors and entrepreneurs as well. Politicians and soldiers, too. Don't be bigots.
11. To Ora from Jerus
S.R. ,   Eli, shomron   (04.11.11)
U r obviously an ola, didnt go to school here and religious-NOT to have heard of alterman and goldberg is really really a big cultural hole u need to fill. Alterman is no less poetic or jewish then Ha'levi:):) Both r available in translations in many many languages-thank god:)
12. 11 Didn t receive on"a silver plate'
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.11.11)
Israeli modern culture ,with my Israeli citizenship. Big hole,indeed.
13. #10 Oops ! Yeap...
Yossef   (04.11.11)
I forgot Cohen-Tanoudji and I so learned Quantum Mechanics in his two impressive volumes, how could I forgot him ?! There are some other good physicists from sephardic descent, to cite one Raymond Stora (but not Nobel) with an impressive career as physicist, and there are some good mathematician too. But if we look at the list of great poets, writers and scientists, we must admit, unfortunately, that there are few sephardim with respect to ashkenazim. It is just a count. (I didn't know Baruj Benacerraf, just read his biography now). My words here are not to bash sephardim (I am sephardi and a scientist too) but to try to understand why ? What I notice in the story of my family, is that my ancestors had the same standard than their cousin arabs, in algeria, they was far from the askala and the renew of the jewish era in center Europa. Maybe this explain that. I'm not claiming that sephardim are dumber than ashkenazim, but yes, there is a difference. Israel is here to reduce the gap and to give to every jew : mizrachi, etyopi, marocai, algier, etc etc the same access to culture and the same chance. It is not the case if we remind the School Emanuel affair. We have to work on that. That's what I say.
14. 13Yossef Best way to reduce gap...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.11.11)
is intermarriage.From my four ashkenazy children three are happily married with sefarad .
15. # 9
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.11.11)
Agreed. Very well said.
16. #14 Ora, I'm too old now to marry again
Yossef   (04.12.11)
:-)) [And, actuallay, one marriage is enough as experience ;)]
17. 16 Yossef And i heard ,the best...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.12.11)
way to get a men to do something,is to suggest ,that may be he is to old to do so.Isn t that so?
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