Obama condemns 'abhorrent violence' of Syrian gov't
Published: 09.04.11, 09:48
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1. Syria is lucky it has no oil....
Chris.B ,   Australia   (04.09.11)
otherwise there would be another "protecting protestors" war for oil. Obamas masters got him to sign off on the Libyan war before there was any sign of trouble .Oh well Looks like America is doomed to become bankrupt.
2. #1, lucky Assad is an enemy of the US
Danny   (04.09.11)
Because Obama bends over for them and is only strict with pro-Western regimes.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (04.09.11)
The Arab league isn't running to the UN for Resolutions, or the UN Human Rights Council for condemnations against Syria. Nobody is running to the ICJ to demand charges be brought against Syria. Where are the boycotts, Divestment groups, Arab groups looking to Arrest visiting Syrian dignitaries in the UK for War Crimes, all the NGO's etc.. You see the double standard rears it's ugly hypocritical head, again. Israel commits NO crimes and gets accused of crimes. Syria commits real crimes, and nothing...or at least very little... is said. What little is said, seems to be only lip service. Where are the Nazi comparisons? Where are all the vile attacks that are routinely made against Israel? Why is there a deafening silence? Really all that's missing this week, is blaming Israel, for Syrian problems.
4. 2 lucky assad has a bum for obama to kiss
5.  Kerry prohibited from visiting!
Claudia ,   Tampa USA   (04.09.11)
And no doubt Pelosi was not far behind in making liberal promices of making Israel leave the Golan, which is historic Hebrew land, not Syrian. Obummer and his crowd are the absolute worst thing for freedom that have been in office in the USA, and we are working tirelessly to get them OUT.
6. Obama's condemnation of Syria!.
Spencer ,   Israel   (04.09.11)
Barak HUSSEIN Obama"s condemnation of Syria is so false. Obama has reinstated diplomatic relations with Syria although Syria is still on the USA list of counties sponsering terrorism. Do you want us to believe you Obama? Then close your embassy, recall your ambassador and cut ALL USA ties with Syria.
7. Syria
Moragh   (04.09.11)
Who said or thinks that Syria is also living out of the pockets of the USA. What Obama would'nt stoop to is very nigh impossible to believe. Obama the muslim has his finger in all the arab's pies. And that's what I call a low class and very shady character! But then, I am usually a very good face reader so I make no further comment, except to say that what I thought of him when he was trying to become Pres. of America was correct. And I leave it to the reader to decide what that comment means!
8. Mr. safety dance
Ypip ,   Canada   (04.09.11)
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